Live - Boards in Ireland - Day Two

Morning everyone and welcome to day two here in Ireland.

The masters are underway out the front of the beach, all the other fleets will be launching after this, and sailing at Mossies again today.

Conditions are looking fairly similar to yesterday, the wind is a little bit more northerly and gusty, and the waves a little smaller, but looking good. So that means more cross shore at Mossies, even better for some down the line riding.

With early exits from Ben Proffitt and Adam Lewis yesterday, they are sure to be coming back strong today.  Skye and Hancock were looking so strong yesterday, they will be hard to beat in the double though.

Stay tuned for the Live updates below…

  1. Deb Merrony

    Yee ha as Raff Would say x

  2. Amy Carter - Editor

    Conditions still calm here in Brandon bay. Still some hope we will get something today, but it’s not looking hopeful at the moment. Many of the guys choosing to head out for a surf or SUP. pic on the BOARDS Instagram

  3. Amy Carter - Editor

    Results for the masters, whitey in 1st with jan sleigh in 2nd. Third and onwards still to be confirmed

    1. adam milne

      Steady work George..RRD obviously works!

    2. Damian

      Thanks for the commentary Amy. Really appreciated. It would be nice to get details of the whole fleet / ladder for the masters. As there was no live coverage of their heat, we’re in the dark as to who is actually there. Would be good if they all got a mention.

      1. Danny Geereedhary

        Hi Damian, I know for a fact that me, Mark Llyod and Davey Edmiston did not go to Ireland.
        When I left Wales on Sunday I know that the two Raf guys were going there (competing in the Masters, Lee Medway and Stuart Tilbury). But that’s about all I know. I would also like to know the ladder for the Masters in Ireland. And Yes, thanks Amy too for the commentary.

        1. Danny Geereedhary

          Sorry, should have added the two bro’s ‘Chris’ and ‘Gerry’ didn’t go either.

      2. Amy Carter - Editor

        Hi Guys, just to confirm I will post all of the results from yesterday on here very soon, including the masters! Sorry for the lack of coverage on their part, we are trying out best with limited resources to provide all of the info. I will let you all know as soon as I can. Please continue to feedback and let us know what else you would like to know and I will try my best to find out!


    Awesome coverage Amy, feel like I’m there………. sooooo wish I was ;-( Miss you guys! Hiding out in the library at work, have fun for me!!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Wish you were here katie!

  5. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sophia “super happy to have won my heat! Got one really nice long wave and a couple of others. Hoping the ind gets up again and that we can plane out! “

    1. Chico

      jiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :-D

    2. lise

      Thank you Amy for your wonderful reporting, so exciting following our daughter Sophia ride the waves. Very moving to see her do so well after breaking her back a few years ago and not able to walk. Well done to all the girls.

    3. Tessa

      Fantastico news sophles, go, go, go, the world is there to grab xxxxxxx

  6. Amy Carter - Editor

    Adam lewis” it’s a bit frustrating, the wind was really light, I wasn’t powered up on my 5.6 and 95. The heat before was a lot of fun though, getting my surf board ready! “

  7. Amy Carter - Editor

    Skye “Muzza was robbed! He was sailing really well. “

  8. Amy Carter - Editor

    Skye “Ben looks like he’s stand out so far. Timo sailing well too, I even saw him fist pump a big air. Got the sup waxed and ready, I wouldn’t be too sad if it dropped now. “

  9. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt “wave selection key in the heat it’s important to just wait for the wave, we’ve got not time in a heat to wait. If you don’t get on a good one there’s not enough wind or power to do much with it”

  10. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bubble “finding the right wave at the moment is really hard, I got on a couple but they faded away “

  11. Amy Carter - Editor

    Next announcement 3pm

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Duncan Coombes “proffitt is looking really strong and coming through well. He’s getting some good vertical turns. He’s coming through the strongest at the moment but Mullen also so far is ripping. Wind looks like it could be coming back through.”

  13. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen and proffitt advance

  14. Amy Carter - Editor

    Ladies results, 1st Sofia, 2nd Emma, 3rd lucy, 4th Justyna, 5th Debbie

  15. Amy Carter - Editor

    Not enough wind means were on hold for now

  16. Amy Carter - Editor

    Amateurs up next, but looks like the postponement will be up

  17. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heat over, despite tricky dropping wind but looks like the heat will still count as all riders scored a few good waves

    1. JLZ

      Who took this one?

  18. Amy Carter - Editor

    2minutes to go in the heat

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    Timo and proffitt both went for the same wave, Ben dropped off and timo took it, not sure who had the rights there, tricky decision

  20. Amy Carter - Editor

    Wind rapidly dropping

  21. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt gets a good wave, especially in these conditions

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    Wind looking really light now

  23. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis and timo getting some good hits in this heat, as well as a good wave from proffitt

  24. Amy Carter - Editor

    Got the paper, not sure it’s readable though!

  25. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looking tricky to pick up the good waves

  26. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis, mullen, proffitt and hunt in this one

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    Great heat from the ladies, Sofia getting some great waves as did Emma. Lucy working some of the smaller ones. Results to come

  28. Max Rowe

    Any chance of getting an instagram shot of the double elimination ladder Amy???

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hey, sorry I’m up with the judges, not by the elimination ladder.

    2. Amy Carter - Editor

      Put as much as I could up the top

  29. Amy Carter - Editor

    Ladies up now, straight final for all five

  30. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis 1st hunt 2nd. So these two go through, chambers close for third, but hunt took it witha great lat wave.

  31. Amy Carter - Editor

    Correction, heat had another minute to go, red flag up now

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis gets a one pulls a flaka on the wave plus a few good turns

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    Unt gets an epic wave witha few secs til end of heat

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    Rob jones gets a good one

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Photo from the action upon the cliff on my instagram as cannot quite upload to the actual site on the cliff top!

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis and chambers starting off the heat with some nice waves

  37. Amy Carter - Editor

    Up in this heat jones, lewis, chambers, and hunt

  38. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt and Mullen through

  39. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen scores another, then proffitt takes one of the last waves of heat. Heat over

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    Aerial off the back of the wave from muzza

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    With the heats being longer all the guys are managing to get a few decent waves. Another super long ride from proffitt, getting 8 turns

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nice wave from Gelderen, followed by better one from Murray who pulls out an aerial

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    Wind picking up a bit now, sailors looking a bit ore powered up

  44. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen scores a couple of good turns on a decent wave, he made the most of it, but the wave wasn’t coming through as much as he wanted

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Last wave from proffitt looks like best of the heat so far

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    Murray gets a good one too

  47. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt and Mullen both getting a good wave, aerial and nice long fired from proffitt.

  48. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt and Gelderen getting both good waves, gelderens wave a bit smaller but he rides it all the wave. Proffit got some great smacks

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen and Murray both on a wave, but struggling to get some good turns as the waves drop away

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen proffitt, Gelderen and Murray. Up now

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis advances in first with chambers in second

    1. Angi

      Don’t you mean they both advance in first place. They are still man on man heats but just alongside each other to save time, no?

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    Up on the cliff now, great view of the action, lewis getting a big wave. But chambers making more of a slightly smaller one

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    Lewis, chambers, merrony and neal in this one

  54. Amy Carter - Editor

    Correction. We are still running 4 man heats

  55. Amy Carter - Editor

    Master results will be put put later

  56. Damian

    And whilst the focus is understandably on the pros’ double, could you sneak us in a report on the old farts’ fleet?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Sorry, master final was a good one. Whitey looked good, at the moment we can’t publish the results, but will let you know as soon as we can

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    Murray and proffitt through

    1. steve


      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Yes sorry, correction, merrony.

    2. Deb Merrony

      Jules Merrony
      Well done Lewis Merrony!! I wish i was there to cheer you on from the Beach.

  58. Amy Carter - Editor

    After Murray vs proffitt the next heat up will be Gayda and potter, then neal vs lewis, then chambers vs merrony

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    The boys all taking out the big boards and sails, as wind already dropping off. Most pros heading up to check out the conditions in preparation for their heats

    1. Robby

      As a matter of interest you say big boards and sails what size of boards and sails?

      1. steve

        probably 85ltr and 5.3 for some, 90 ish and 5.7 for others at a guess

        1. Robby

          Thanks steve

          1. Amy Carter - Editor

            Sorry just saw this. Yeah 85-95 boards, 5 and upwards for the sails

  60. Amy Carter - Editor

    2waverides, no jumps to ount due to the light winds

  61. Billyboy

    what are they scoring?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      2waves only

  62. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heats increased to 20 mins

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    Up next Murray and proffitt

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    First pros heat between merrony and darkin, merrony going through

    1. Jules Merrony

      Well done Lewis Merrony!! I wish i was there to cheer you on from the Beach.

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