LIVE - Boards in Ireland - Day One

The competition comes to a close on day one, with some incredible action for all fleets.

First off this afternoon the pros headed to Mosseys which produced some truly breathtaking down the line riding, plus some fantastic jumps. It was tight at the top as always, some early exits, but good starboard tack riding sent Horrocks, Cox, Hancock and Skye through to the final. Lots of details below, final results will be announced tonight.

The amateurs, women, masters and youth then hit the water just along the bay, in calmer conditions. While the pros had approx logo high sets coming through, on the main beach it was looking a little lighter with head high sets. Unfortunately the wind dropped off as the masters final got underway, so this along with the double of the pros will be set for tomorrow.

Check out the full run down of the action on the Live ticker below, and we will update you later with more pics, news and feedback from a great day on the water.

 heat board day 1
BWA Ireland at board day 1



Welcome to day one  of the BWA Ireland Championships here in Brandon Bay. After an incredible day of competition in Wales, competitors made the long journey over night to Brandon Bay. Registration started at 12noon, and it looks like competition will get underway in a couple of hours with the forecast for today, Tuesday and Wednesday looking good.

BWA Ireland Registration
BWA Ireland Registration

Stay tuned for all the Live updates as the action gets underway.

  1. sav

    more good commentary…good effort…really wish i was there…

  2. Adrian Jones

    Reporting Live now from Day 2 over here:

  3. Damian

    Where is everyone today then?

    1. ONIT SURF

      If you look here
      they are to the right in the middle. Way way across the other side of the bay.

  4. stevethorp

    any chance you can you move it a bit to the right?
    - about 2 miles should do it :)

    1. ONIT SURF

      HA HA – It would probably need a 2000mm Lens also… Its just for checking conditions in Brandon Bay not the competition particularly. Setting up a live webcast of the comp would be easy enough though if there was interest in in that.



  6. Amy Carter - Editor

    Results for day one. Pros 4th james cox, 3rd Phil horrocks, 2nd Jamie Hancock, 1st John Skye. Amateurs 4th emile kott, 3rd Alfie hart, 2nd niall melon, 1st Ian ross. Ladies 3rd Sofia Gilje, 2nd lucy Robson 1st Debbie Kennedy.

  7. Amy Carter

    End of competition fOr the day

  8. Amy Carter

    Heat abandoned due to dropping wind

  9. Amy Carter

    Masters on the water now. Wind has gone really light

  10. Amy Carter

    Amateurs results we will save for official announcement later

  11. Amy Carter

    Alfie coming back with a good ride too. Just two
    Rides to count in all these heats with no jumps

    1. Dave Horrocks.

      Go Alfie!!

  12. Amy Carter

    Ross with a great wave kott looking good too

  13. Amy Carter

    Final of the amateurs up next with melon hart ross and kott

  14. Amy Carter

    Going through is Debbie in first with lucy in second

  15. Amy Carter

    Another good wave from Debbie she’s looking best so far we reckon

  16. Amy Carter

    Good wave from Lucy followed by great one from debbie

  17. Amy Carter

    Girls hear up next. A straight final for Justyna Emma Lucy Sofia and debbie

  18. Amy Carter

    Right hear. Ross and melon to advance.

  19. Amy Carter

    Conditions a bit calmer down here on the beach break. All
    Riders still getting some good waves

  20. Amy Carter

    Mellon, Jenkins, ross and Brookes in this heat

  21. Amy Carter

    Duncan, profitt, sleigh. And Knox in the judging chairs for the amateurs

  22. Amy Carter

    Great wave from Barrett with the heat coming to a close. Kott and Alfie to advance

  23. Amy Carter

    Alfie looking good as is kott. Some good rides from. Both of them

  24. Amy Carter

    Amateurs sailing just up from dumps at shittys

  25. Amy Carter

    Up now Barrett, kott, Hamilton and hart

  26. Amy Carter

    On third round of the amateurs

  27. Amy Carter

    Back with live reports

  28. Amy Carter

    Back online

  29. Amy Carter

    Sorry guys back online.on the third heat of the amateurs

  30. amy

    final done’ looks tight between skye and horrocks.some good rides in the last set. Results to come soon

  31. amy

    horrocks and skye both coming up with the big jumps and rides. 2mins to go and the others need to up their game

  32. amy

    jamie looks good in the jumps. And cox with some solid riding

  33. amy

    skye and horrocks look neck and neck

  34. amy

    cox and horrocks amazing rides. Skye putting in some solid jumps. Jamie super high push loop

  35. amy

    final on. Horrocks, jamie, cox and skye. All looking good, will be close

  36. amy

    jamie and skye go through

  37. amy

    hancock and skye go through

  38. amy

    going through is skye and hancock.

  39. amy

    sorry guys internet over here went down’ that was a close one.

  40. Geoff

    Can we get a pic of the conditions please?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      sorry geoff! internet dongle up on the edge of the cliff went down, back at the main event site getting sorted out and ready for the amateurs. Will do my best to get an image of the beach here now, and whitey has A LOT of great images from the pros elimination so will get a couple of those up as soon as we can.

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looks like horrocks and coxy should be going through, correction earlier, hunt landing some good jumps, jones not in the heat as he had to go to work! Hunt out in a good performance but horrocks and coxy go through. Up in the next heat, Skye, Oisin, Mullen and Hancock.

    1. jack

      rob will be cursing that school bus!!

  42. Duncan Adam

    Oh for a web cam feed !!

  43. stevethorp

    Sounds like it’s going off! yeah, go Coxy!

  44. Amy Carter - Editor

    Coxy and horrocks are on fire! Great wave ride from coxy, front and back side turns. Then big Pushie from horrocks

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Simultaneous back loops from hunt and horrocks, both crashed though!

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    Horrocks gets another good scoring wave ride

  47. Amy Carter - Editor

    Great wave ride from cox, horrocks just behind him but his wave not looking quite as good

  48. Amy Carter - Editor

    Horrocks got his kit back, up and riding again

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    Cox, hunt, Horrocks, Jones in this one.
    horrocks just got nailed!
    Hancock and Mullen going through.

  50. Clyde

    Come one Coxy for the final! these are his conditions!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Coxys wave riding is looking pretty damn good!

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hancock still pulling out some good jumps. Pushie and backloops in the bag

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    Couple of big turns, but then the waves falls away

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    Mullen gybes onto a big wave

  54. Amy Carter - Editor

    He does pull out a good stalled forward on the way out though!

  55. Amy Carter - Editor

    Potter on the way in, looking for a wave, but can’t quite find a good one

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    Proffitt and Mullen both on good waves, Mullen falls but proffitt still looking good and rides it all the way in

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hancock also putting in some good wave rides and is looking good in this round. Mullen also looking good, at this stage proffitt and potter need to pull out some better waves to get them through

  58. Amy Carter - Editor

    Huge backloop from Hancock!

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    End of that heat, Skye goes through putting in a great alround performance, him and horrocks looking strongest so far. Along with some brilliant riding from coxy. Going through also is Oisin van Gelderen, co editor of boards print mags, go oisin! In the next heat, Mullen, Hancock proffitt, potter are all up. Back loops from potter and Hancock, and proffitt now, to start of the heat in style.

  60. Amy Carter - Editor

    Chambers and Skye wihpth another solid ride each. Skye looking really strong, especially with his riding

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hunt gets through along with horrocks from the previous heat

    1. Damian

      Thanks for the ladder Amy. It suggests that they’re running two-man heats. Is that right?

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        That was the original plan. But now they are running 4man, as they have done from the start. Sorry the ladder is the same people, some order, but was set out for 2man. Looks like Skye will be throung on this one, very close between everyone else.

  62. Amy Carter - Editor

    Skye, putting some more good jumps in, landing a push loop too

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    Skye on a brilliant wave. Riding it all the way in with some cold turns

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    Some nice back loops coming through now, Skye pulling one out.

  65. Amy Carter - Editor

    Neal gets a good wave. Skye takes a good wave, with van Gelderen on the wave behind

  66. Amy Carter - Editor

    Some nice forwards from van Gelderen and chambers already

  67. Amy Carter - Editor

    Horrocks takes another strong wave, end of that hea.horrockis through. Looks tight for the other spaces, up next, Skye neal chambers and can Gelderen.

  68. Amy Carter - Editor

    Horrocks looks pretty strong. Hunts jumping going well, but Gayda has the edge on the riding. Horrcocks looks like he could take it at the moment. Muzza takes a great wave, bringing back into contention but still needs some good jumps. Horrocks still smashing it, taking highest scoring wave so far.

  69. Amy Carter - Editor

    Muzza start off a good wave too, but goes down

  70. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nice waves coming through, strong logo high bit more in the sets

  71. Amy Carter - Editor

    Gayda seems to have out in a few good jumps and wave rides too. Horrocks on another wave, ramping up nicely for him

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nice backie from horrocks. His jumping is looking good

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    Last heat over. Cox and jones went through. Next up on this one, gayya, horrocks, Murray and hunt.

    1. Max Rowe

      Dam!!! Adams got some work to do in the double.

  74. Amy Carter - Editor

    All getting some good wave rides. Looking tight between all

  75. Amy Carter - Editor

    Cox on a good wave, but it drops away

  76. Amy Carter - Editor

    Jones, cox, darkin, lewis up next. Heat started

    1. Damian

      Rob Jones presumably? Or is it Rich? Or is it Adrian ;-)

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Sorry, yes rob

  77. Amy Carter - Editor

    End of the first heat. Potter scoring some good wave rides.potter takes it. Got a back loop, good wave scores.

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    Potter back up and in the sailing area

  79. Amy Carter - Editor

    First heat willbe underway in 2 mins.merrony vs potter,but potter is back at the beach, seems to have broken something

  80. Billyboy

    who is be favourite out of the pro’s in *board dtl? Is Timo there?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Yeah timo is here.starboard tack,still the same names up there as usual.

  81. Billyboy

    I though it was against the rules to run a *board tack contest ;). They sound like my dream conditions. I might even have been able to get through a heat on a day like that!

  82. JLZ

    Who’s in the judging panel? Can see the pic of the ladder?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Duncan, Ian and tom Knox are judging today

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    2waves and2jumps to count in each heat

  84. Amy Carter - Editor

    3 pm briefing for everyone else with first possible start for them 4 pm.

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    Rich potter, lewis merrony in the first heat. Then into 4 man after that. First sailors heading onto the water now

  86. Amy Carter - Editor

    4man heats with2 to advance. Pros up first to run through the single. Most rigging around 5-5.2 with 80+ litre boards.

  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    Briefing under way. Heats 20 mins with two min rest inbetween

  88. Amy Carter - Editor

    Everyone is getting rigged and ready. 5women, 12amateurs, and a strong pro fleet.

    1. Damian

      No Masters? Or are they still having their after-lunch nap?

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        There’s a few of them too!

  89. Amy Carter - Editor

    Head judge Duncan Coombes ‘We will try and get the pros underway first, looks like Mosseys will be working well, head to logo high waves coming through, starboard tack, down the line on a great reef break. We will aim for 1.30 first start, so could be underway very soon.’

  90. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looks like a good forecast for today. Most sailors are now registered and the first official announcement will be at 1pm.

  91. Amy Carter -Editor

    Duncan Coombes “looks like we will try and get the pros off first, about 1.30 at Mosseys. The condition are looking good for there, starboard tack, down the line sailing off the reef break. Head to logo high waves coming through, so we’re keen to get started.”


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