Dan Ellis Reports from PWA Korea

The PWA  is in full swing for 2012, and while the PWA website keeps you up to date with the results and great images, we would like to bring you something different, and exclusive to Boards.

Dan Ellis will be reporting daily, from the Slalom event in Korea providing you not just the results, but the full scoop on how the Brits are doing, the inside info on the equipment that’s really performing and any other beach side gossip.

The event runs from the 5th to the 11th May, but the first report from Dan will be right here tomorrow, as the sailors make their final preparations before the first race day.

We caught up with Dan on his way to Korea, to find out how things are shaping up pre event:

Ellis looking for a podium finish

Name: Dan Ellis

Nicknames: only for those who remember!

Sail number: K 52

DOB: 24/01/1978

Years windsurfing: 24!

Disciplines: Slalom

Home town: London

Current residence: Paia, Maui

Sponsors: Myself, North sails, Mean Line Fins, Bluesmiths

On the PWA tour since, and best result:

Did the UK Brighton world Cup in 1998 then on the tour from 2004-2010. Ranked 8th in slalom 2006. Won a race in 2008 oh and I was the 2007 IFCA Slalom World Champion!

How well prepared are you for Korea?

I feel really prepared, I’ve been working with the North race development team the last year and have a lot of hours on the sails so am really looking forward to lining up against the boy’s after a year off the tour.

Ellis in the Maui Race Series

How do you think you could do?

Well, my aim is the podium!

How are the other Brits going?

I heard on the grape vine that Ross was absolutely flying in Italy, but was unlucky to hit a submerged object in an early round. It looks like it’s just the two of us from the entry list!

Names to watch out for:

The bookies would say Bjorn, but I think Antoine will be out for blood. Also Micah and Finian will have something to prove on their respective new sails after Italy, so it will be as fierce as ever at the top. Hopefully some of the “young” guns like Benny or Gonzo can find a crack in the old guard and continue their rise to the top.

Will Bjorn reign supreme in 2012? The action from Korea 2011 courtesy PWA/JC

Who could bring a surprise result?

Arnon Dagan or Ross Williams.

How are the conditions looking:

Windguru is showing enough wind to kick straight into racing on Saturday, and I can’t wait to put on a wetsuit for the 1st time in two years and hit the course.

Join us for an update from Dan tomorrow, right here on Boards. 

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  1. jessie

    how can you guys be allowed to race where there are submerged objects that will make you fall?
    seems a little unsafe and scary!

  2. mark

    Thanks Sean :)

  3. mark

    Dan & Sean, which fins/size are you guys on? Im hearing that Z Fins are all in this year. Any F4′s out there? I think the F4 and Z Fins are the same C3 D2 mould from a few years back!

    1. Sean O'Brien

      Z’s are quite a different foil to the F4 fins. The F4 guys are using the D moulds from Boogie (C3) and from memory they have a bit of scallop in the trailing edge? The Z’s don’t; also the Z’s have a much more swept back leading edge… but it’s all in the LAYUP anyhow!

      Not aware of anyone on F4′s at this event, but definitely there is a staggering number of guys on Z fins this season, who weren’t last year – me included!

  4. amy.carter

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mr O’Brien!

  5. Sean O'Brien

    All I can safely say is… G10 is dead!!

  6. Dan Ellis

    Hey Connor,

    I’m still looking into this, some of the guy’s are a bit secretive about what they’re using, but I’m going to get the full low down before the week is out……



  7. amy.carter

    Hey Connor, will make sure Dan lets us know in his next report…

  8. connor Bainbridge

    Hey Dan
    Just wondering what fins people are using at the moment and what is looking fast?

  9. matt skinner

    Great to see you back on tour Dan, We too are hoping you make that podium!

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