Dan Ellis Reports from PWA Korea

Dan Ellis has arrived safe and well in Korea, and bar a few hiccups, is set and ready for the first day of racing. In his first report he brings you the low down on who’s pumped and ready for the action, as well as how the pros are setting up. 

“After a relatively easy trip across the Pacific, it turned into a pretty late night by the time we’d taken the bus to Jinha beach and then been allocated our various hotels. Ross, Arnon and myself got shoved in the back of town so the 1st order of business today was getting more suitable accommodation in which to launch are assaults on the world. The hotel situation is a little strange over here with a lot of “love motels”. It’s hard to get a good room that doesn’t have a rock hard, round bed. But after some friendly persuasion we got it sorted, though our new hotel does have a rather strange statue outside.

Peter Volwater ready for the action

It was a beautiful day on the beach to get our kit set up, but with barely a breath of wind.

Late in the afternoon I was tempted out but could only plane in the odd gust, this meant I didn’t get a chance to line up with anyone and test my light wind speed, which would have been nice.

Pete Volwater also got tempted out and is obviously keen to capitalise on his current 4th place world ranking. Pete is one of the hardest working guys on tour and looked pretty serious walking around today! He also has his face on the event poster which is plastered all over town, jumping out in front of a slalom heat, so maybe it’s a sign of a great event ahead for him.

With no sailing to speak of most people took the time to fine tune their pit and get every thing ready.

One of the biggest things I noticed is, there is a much bigger variety of fin brands around. Two seasons ago there was only three fin brands around, now there’s a lot more variety at the top, with six or seven brands on the beach.

Ellis used the light winds to fine tune his pit

Alberto Menegatti and Arnon Dagan, who both race for Z fins, must have had 40 fins out that they were going through, adjusting the rake and getting to fit perfectly in the boxes. I’ll keep you posted on what’s what in the fin department as the racing progresses.

The forecast for tomorrow has backed of a little, but there is still the chance of a sea breeze so hopefully we can kick into racing once registration is done in the morning.”

Head to page two for Dan’s profile and pre event run down.

  1. jessie

    how can you guys be allowed to race where there are submerged objects that will make you fall?
    seems a little unsafe and scary!

  2. mark

    Thanks Sean :)

  3. mark

    Dan & Sean, which fins/size are you guys on? Im hearing that Z Fins are all in this year. Any F4′s out there? I think the F4 and Z Fins are the same C3 D2 mould from a few years back!

    1. Sean O'Brien

      Z’s are quite a different foil to the F4 fins. The F4 guys are using the D moulds from Boogie (C3) and from memory they have a bit of scallop in the trailing edge? The Z’s don’t; also the Z’s have a much more swept back leading edge… but it’s all in the LAYUP anyhow!

      Not aware of anyone on F4′s at this event, but definitely there is a staggering number of guys on Z fins this season, who weren’t last year – me included!

  4. amy.carter

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mr O’Brien!

  5. Sean O'Brien

    All I can safely say is… G10 is dead!!

  6. Dan Ellis

    Hey Connor,

    I’m still looking into this, some of the guy’s are a bit secretive about what they’re using, but I’m going to get the full low down before the week is out……



  7. amy.carter

    Hey Connor, will make sure Dan lets us know in his next report…

  8. connor Bainbridge

    Hey Dan
    Just wondering what fins people are using at the moment and what is looking fast?

  9. matt skinner

    Great to see you back on tour Dan, We too are hoping you make that podium!

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