Dan Ellis Reports from PWA Korea

Still no wind in Korea on Tuesday, but the forecast is looking better for Thursday and Friday. Dan Ellis takes a day off his reporting duties, but promises us something special for tomorrow!

Monday’s Report

With no racing to speak of today, Dan gets the full low down on what fins the top guys and girls are using.

Dan is more than happy to find out whatever you would like to know, just ask him using the comments at the bottom of the post. As Connor Bainbridge did regarding fins, so here you go Connor, this one’s for you!

“Not much to report here today, the wind teased all afternoon staying between five and eight knots. Most of the sailors, including myself, took to the water to plane on and off as the gusts come across the bay.

With no racing to report on I sat down with Kurosh Kiani to get his scoop on the fin situation, as a full time PWA racer the last few years he really knows what’s what and who’s using what when.


Kurosh Kiani tells us the latest fins being used by the pros. Image courtesy PWA/JC.

KK “The world of fins isn’t what it used to be. There is not just one brand making good fins anymore. We are talking more than a handful of brands successfully making fins that are competitive on the racing scene.

Today in the PWA, you will see lots of guys on brands like Z-fins, Vector, Hurricane and Kashy fins in the bigger sizes. But, you will be surprised to see how many guys nowadays show up with fins, they either have made themselves or by some secret agent fin engineer, so the spread is simply too wide to say that there is one dominating brand at the moment.

In the smaller sizes, you will see brands like Vector, Techtonics, Hurricane and Mean Line. I have probably missed out couple brands, but this is what I see mostly on the beach these days.”

Also with us is Sean O’Brien, Aus120, who put the popularity like this,
1) Z-Fins

2) CA Fins / Kashy (tie)

3) Vector

4) mix of Techtonic, Mean Lines, Deboichet, Hurricane

Sean O'Brien in action. Image courtesy PWA/JC.

Personally, I really like the Mean Line fins developed by Kai Hopf on Maui which are CNC G10, I only have these up to 40cm at the moment as we’re waiting to get a new CNC set up, which will do bigger sizes.

It seems most of the guys like molded fins in the 40 + sizes, and then will use both molded and G10 in 40 and below. This might be because carbon is better in the bigger sizes, or because no one has put a lot of development into big G10 fins in the last couple of years.

Where as, there has been massive development from all the above mentioned companies, with the help of top riders on the carbon/molded fins. I‘m pretty excited to put this theory to the test when I get back to Maui!”

See Dan’s previous report on page two…

  1. jessie

    how can you guys be allowed to race where there are submerged objects that will make you fall?
    seems a little unsafe and scary!

  2. mark

    Thanks Sean :)

  3. mark

    Dan & Sean, which fins/size are you guys on? Im hearing that Z Fins are all in this year. Any F4′s out there? I think the F4 and Z Fins are the same C3 D2 mould from a few years back!

    1. Sean O'Brien

      Z’s are quite a different foil to the F4 fins. The F4 guys are using the D moulds from Boogie (C3) and from memory they have a bit of scallop in the trailing edge? The Z’s don’t; also the Z’s have a much more swept back leading edge… but it’s all in the LAYUP anyhow!

      Not aware of anyone on F4′s at this event, but definitely there is a staggering number of guys on Z fins this season, who weren’t last year – me included!

  4. amy.carter

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mr O’Brien!

  5. Sean O'Brien

    All I can safely say is… G10 is dead!!

  6. Dan Ellis

    Hey Connor,

    I’m still looking into this, some of the guy’s are a bit secretive about what they’re using, but I’m going to get the full low down before the week is out……



  7. amy.carter

    Hey Connor, will make sure Dan lets us know in his next report…

  8. connor Bainbridge

    Hey Dan
    Just wondering what fins people are using at the moment and what is looking fast?

  9. matt skinner

    Great to see you back on tour Dan, We too are hoping you make that podium!

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