Dan Ellis Reports from PWA Korea

Today Dan Ellis reports on a busy day of tricky racing from Korea.

A long day of racing here in Korea and we have a new name at the top of the leader board.

Antoine Questel is having an amazing world cup and is the fastest guy on the water. He said before the last round that he was really happy to be able to be up against Albeau and Dunkerbeck and beat them for speed.

Questel used that confidence to win the last round and cement his first place ranking, ahead of Micah and Benny Van Der Steen.

Antoine Questel
Antoine Questel takes on Albeau and Dunkerbeck, and comes out on top

Today’s conditions were the same as last nights with 10-18knots coming from the north east, producing rough water and very tricky racing.

One big factor today, was the abundance of submerged objects waiting under the surface to catch you out. In my first heat of the third elimination, I had a massive catapult hitting something at full speed and coming to an instant stop, pretty painful and I have the bump on my heat to prove it.

This was also the downfall of Bjorn in the fourth elimination, second round. I was in this heat as well and coming down the first reach I saw a massive splash as he went over the handle bars just below me.

This was a massive blow to his hopes of repeating his winning ways from Italy and pushed him down to fifth place in the rankings.

Ross Williams
Ross Williams taking the losers final

Just behind him ranked sixth is our very own Ross Williams, who had some decent racing today and got second in the last elimination. He had this to say about it…

“It was really nice to get some good racing done today. I am pretty pleased overall. I know now my gear is working very nice and I feel good. The 7.9 and 8.6 are fitting nicely on the medium board and I am hoping for more racing tomorrow.”

Looking forward to tomorrow I think we’re going to have enough time for two more rounds if the wind plays ball.

Dan’s previous reports can be found on the pages below…
  1. jessie

    how can you guys be allowed to race where there are submerged objects that will make you fall?
    seems a little unsafe and scary!

  2. mark

    Thanks Sean :)

  3. mark

    Dan & Sean, which fins/size are you guys on? Im hearing that Z Fins are all in this year. Any F4′s out there? I think the F4 and Z Fins are the same C3 D2 mould from a few years back!

    1. Sean O'Brien

      Z’s are quite a different foil to the F4 fins. The F4 guys are using the D moulds from Boogie (C3) and from memory they have a bit of scallop in the trailing edge? The Z’s don’t; also the Z’s have a much more swept back leading edge… but it’s all in the LAYUP anyhow!

      Not aware of anyone on F4′s at this event, but definitely there is a staggering number of guys on Z fins this season, who weren’t last year – me included!

  4. amy.carter

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mr O’Brien!

  5. Sean O'Brien

    All I can safely say is… G10 is dead!!

  6. Dan Ellis

    Hey Connor,

    I’m still looking into this, some of the guy’s are a bit secretive about what they’re using, but I’m going to get the full low down before the week is out……



  7. amy.carter

    Hey Connor, will make sure Dan lets us know in his next report…

  8. connor Bainbridge

    Hey Dan
    Just wondering what fins people are using at the moment and what is looking fast?

  9. matt skinner

    Great to see you back on tour Dan, We too are hoping you make that podium!

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