Dan Ellis Reports from PWA Korea

Good winds on the last day in PWA Korea see a shake up on the podium, Dan Ellis reports.

Hot off the press here in Korea, Micah Buzianis has topped the list after a solid fight back at the tail end of the event. It’s his first event win for a while and he looked over the moon.

The young French rider Antoine Questel made a horrible mistake, sailing to the wrong mark while leading his semi final handing Micah the opportunity to take the win. But that said, Questel is a name to watch out for as the PWA slalom season continues. He has shown, mistakes aside, that he’s got the speed and composure to top the rankings.

Micah Buzianis
Micah Buzianis wins in PWA Korea. All images courtesy PWA/JC.

The best news for the UK is, that our very own Ross Williams jumped three spots in the last round and made it to third place on the podium. A great result for Ross who looked sharp all week and laid down a solid foundation to build an assault for the top of the slalom ranking this season.

Ross said: “It’s been a two year hiatus since I’ve been on the PWA slalom podium and it’s good to be back!”

Ross Williams
PWA Korea: Ross Williams finishes third. All images courtesy PWA/JC.

Bjorn had a horrible last couple of rounds getting knocked out after hitting something yesterday and then slicing his foot open today, pushing him down to ninth place. Antoine Albeau also didn’t look his usual self and had to settle for fourth here.

The racing for myself got better and better, and by the last couple of rounds I started to at least feel in the fight. I would defiantly like to race with these guys a little more often, it’s so competitive out there on the course and I miss that. But, I have the Maui Race series to look forward to in a couple of weeks and this has been a great warm up for that. The only difference is then it will be back to racing in shorts in steady 25-35 knot trades!!

Thank you Dan for some great reporting all week. Good luck in Maui and we look forward to the next installment!

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  1. jessie

    how can you guys be allowed to race where there are submerged objects that will make you fall?
    seems a little unsafe and scary!

  2. mark

    Thanks Sean :)

  3. mark

    Dan & Sean, which fins/size are you guys on? Im hearing that Z Fins are all in this year. Any F4′s out there? I think the F4 and Z Fins are the same C3 D2 mould from a few years back!

    1. Sean O'Brien

      Z’s are quite a different foil to the F4 fins. The F4 guys are using the D moulds from Boogie (C3) and from memory they have a bit of scallop in the trailing edge? The Z’s don’t; also the Z’s have a much more swept back leading edge… but it’s all in the LAYUP anyhow!

      Not aware of anyone on F4′s at this event, but definitely there is a staggering number of guys on Z fins this season, who weren’t last year – me included!

  4. amy.carter

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mr O’Brien!

  5. Sean O'Brien

    All I can safely say is… G10 is dead!!

  6. Dan Ellis

    Hey Connor,

    I’m still looking into this, some of the guy’s are a bit secretive about what they’re using, but I’m going to get the full low down before the week is out……



  7. amy.carter

    Hey Connor, will make sure Dan lets us know in his next report…

  8. connor Bainbridge

    Hey Dan
    Just wondering what fins people are using at the moment and what is looking fast?

  9. matt skinner

    Great to see you back on tour Dan, We too are hoping you make that podium!

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