Boards in Tiree: Day Two

Welcome to the second day here at the BWA Tiree Wave Classic. After a light wind day yesterday, sailors are ready for the wind, but it looks like it may be another day or two before the competition kicks off. The call for today is to head to Balevullin for 11:00am, more for a gathering rather than competition, but you never know what might happen on Tiree!

Check out the first gallery from the event photographer Dave White, including some awesome shots from the sailing the day before the event where Andy King, Phil Horrocks and Phil Horrocks were out ripping in some very light conditions.

We will continue to keep you updated with event news right here, but what do you want to know? Are you interested in the latest gear set ups from the pros? Do you want to know which amateurs are here and what moves they are working on? Or why all the women here have decided to compete? We want to provide the coverage you want to know, so please let us know in the comments below.

  1. neal

    Be interesting to know more about the amateurs and first timers. Why they are competing, what they got out of it etc. Might encourage more of us to enter next year.

    1. john

      agreed would also like to see a bit of footage of them on the podcast too

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Hi John and Neal,

        Thanks for you feedback, we have some video features planned with the amateurs and other fleets for Boards. So fingers crossed for some good wind, so that we can deliver these! The Boardseeker podcasts will remain fairly similar, focussing on the pros but the other fleets will be the focus on Boards.

2011 winner Ben Proffitt

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