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Boards in Tiree: Day Two

10:21 14th October 2012 by Amy Carter

Today we were teased with some light winds luring the youth and women out for an attempt at competition.

All headed to Balevullin, where we were greeted with light winds from the right and small waves. As the day progressed and the tide moved in the waves built slightly which meant head judge Mark Hoosegood called the women’s and youth’s fleets onto the water for their first rounds.

The youth fleet headed out first in a ‘trial’ heat to test out the conditions, unfortunately by this point the higher tide meant that the waves were now sheltered from the wind behind the headland making it even lighter and trickier.

After eight minutes the youth competition was called off, as from the start the wind was very light but Tris Levie shone, managing to get some great waves in the challenging conditions.

Most of the women got on the water before the heats took place; Justyna Sniady took to the water for the first time since breaking her foot and carefully managed some runs whilst Debbie Kennedy showed why she has won the previous years events with some solid riding. Unfortunately the women’s heats didn’t get underway at all, but on a positive note two more female competitors turned up today to push the numbers up to an incredible 11. Dave White took the opportunity to get all the ladies together for a mini photoshoot on the beach, so watch out for these piccies very soon!

Before the winds picked up Ben Proffitt, Andy ‘Bubble’ Chambers, Phil Horrocks and Chris ‘Muzza’ Murray gave some tuning advice to the other fleets. Light wind days up here are the perfect opportunity for picking up lots of tips on equipment, technique etc, so every day the conditions do not deliver activities like this will be arranged.

Tomorrow, along with images, we will provide a run down of the top tuning tips from the guys involved in the chat and will continue to do this with any other advice offered from the  pros. So, up next we will have further coverage of today’s activities hopefully with some reporting from the windsurfing action too!

Elimination ladders:

Pro ladder

Pro ladder

Amateur ladder

Amateur ladder

Master's Ladder

Master's Ladder

Youth ladder

Youth ladder

Ladies ladder

Ladies ladder

Check out the previous gallery and intro to the day on the page below….

  1. neal

    Be interesting to know more about the amateurs and first timers. Why they are competing, what they got out of it etc. Might encourage more of us to enter next year.

    1. john

      agreed would also like to see a bit of footage of them on the podcast too

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Hi John and Neal,

        Thanks for you feedback, we have some video features planned with the amateurs and other fleets for Boards. So fingers crossed for some good wind, so that we can deliver these! The Boardseeker podcasts will remain fairly similar, focussing on the pros but the other fleets will be the focus on Boards.

2011 winner Ben Proffitt

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