Boards at the Olympics: Day One

Racing officially starts today at:

12:00 for the RS:X men with two races back to back on the Weymouth Bay West course.


14:00 for the RS:X women with two races back to back on the Weymouth Bay West course.

Map of the sailing zones (click to go to full size image)

Weymouth 2012 sailing areas
Weymouth 2012 sailing areas

The Weymouth Bay West course looks to be a little trickier than the courses further in, with more wind shifts, lifts and headers to deal with.

Boards aims to bring you up to the minute racing information, along with round up reports and interviews at the end of the day. Our live coverage, as ever at events, is reliant on the performance of wireless internet. We are assured that the internet will work in the harbour, but will not know until we get aboard the press boat and onto the harbour. If all goes well we will be able to bring you live information from every stage of the racing, if however technology lets us down we will bring you a full, in depth report once ashore. We will then adapt of coverage from then on in to make sure we can bring you as much information as possible.

Check out ‘The Three to Beat’ in the women’s fleet on the RS:X website, giving a run down of the top competitors in the female fleet and well as ‘Strength Spread Across the Fleet’ in the male fleet.

  1. andy holmes

    desperate to find up to the minute Rs-x info and pics or footage – gave up my own plans to get on the water today when I saw bbc were going to show today’s midday races – couldn’t even find tube footage – come on people, pls post up whatever you have.

  2. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi Guys, sorry for the drop in coverage. Internet gave out on the way in! Just interviewed Bryony, she seems very happy with today. Will have full interview with her typed up and on here very soon.

    1. Jem Hall

      Great work on the coverage and a huge all the best to Bryony and Nick x

  3. Steve Howlett

    Amy thanks for the great covergae – Big shout to the guys representing GB for RS X

  4. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony makes up ground on the second up wind and is currently 6th

  5. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spain still leading followed but the ukraine and Poland

  6. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heading in to catch the women upon their return, but will continue to keep you up to date!

  7. Amy Carter - Editor

    Downwind leg looking tricky, planing but only just in some places

  8. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony approaching mark on port lay line looking around 8th position

  9. Amy Carter - Editor

    She has decent lead over Ukraine and israel in third

  10. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spain round first

  11. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spain and Finland looking top two coming u to the windward mark

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Wien heading upwind. Surprise surprise all sticking to the left hand side if the course

  13. Amy Carter - Editor

    1 minute to the start

  14. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heading up to the windward ark to watch the final race then wi be heading in before the end of the womens race to be in time to hopeful catch an interview or two with them on the way in

  15. Amy Carter - Editor

    From iPad on a very rocky boat is not the easiest! Wind looks a early gusty now, dropping andthen icing u every now and then

    1. Doug

      HI Amy, great job.
      Does anyone know if there will there be television coverage?

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Doug as far as I know the aser radials are the cases covered on tv today I would guess as rsx men are racing on the nothe tomorrow there should be some tv coverage of that

  16. Rod

    From the live weather read it looks like it is 5.8/5.5 wind now for normal sailing (I know that bit of coast and the weather station pretty well).

  17. Richard

    ditto – thanks for the news feed. Especially well done from an iPad!

  18. Rod

    Geat reading. Thanks Amy.

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony finishes 7th

  20. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland fourth

  21. Amy Carter - Editor

    Ukraine third

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spain second

  23. Amy Carter - Editor

    Israel wins

  24. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony still in 7th

  25. Amy Carter - Editor

    One leg ahead of sain in second

  26. Amy Carter - Editor

    Israel with a clear ead

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    First sailors doing down to the slalom finish

  28. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looks like bryony had a tricky upwind and has dropped back to 7th

  29. Amy Carter - Editor

    Israel takes the lead from spain around wind ward mark

  30. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors aboutto reach windward mark

  31. Amy Carter - Editor

    Norway lone sailor heading out on the rght hand side other course on the second up wind

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looks like the wind is a litte more consistent on that side

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    Again all sticking to the left side of the course

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony looking good keeping good speed as she goes upwind

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Coming round leeward mark now

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spanish extending her lead a ittle

  37. Greg King
  38. Billyboy

    bryony in 3rd, only a few seconds behind the leader :)

  39. Amy Carter - Editor

    On the way down wind. Bryony sailing well in third

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    Everybody sticking to the left side of the course

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    A few girs used the pin end too far and had to sow down a to before the start

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony started fairly near the pin end in a good position

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    Italy over early has gone round the ends

  44. Amy Carter - Editor

    30 secs to the start

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Girls have the same course and still same wind direction

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    Rsx men racing on the nothe tomorrow so should definitely be fied

  47. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sorry 10 minutes. iPad auto correct is not ideal sometimes!

  48. Neal

    Thanks for the updates Amy, appreciated. Yep, lets hope we get gold and prove the BBC and the rest of the media wrong about their coverage of windsurfing

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Yes I hope so! The I’ve tracker is on the Onoon 212 site. A shame no coverage so far. Think there wine tomorrow

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    10 invites to the start of the women’s race

  50. JU

    Great work Amy on keeping the live updates coming! Seems there is no live streaming of the RS-X anywhere. The BBC appear to be covering all of the sailing events but haven’t even mentioned the windsurfing!

  51. Greg King

    Nervous….. Very Nervous!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Fingers crossed Greg! Where are you?

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    And yes looking very wet and windy tomorrow!

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    Women’s race to start very shortly

  54. Billy2

    Thanks for the coverage!
    Fourth overall is fine at this stage.
    Conditions tomorrow look very different!
    Bryony starts her race soon I believe.

  55. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick fourth overall after two races

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    They told us half metre swell out here

  57. Duncan Adam
  58. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick takes 7th

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick batting for fifth

  60. Billy2

    Can someone describe the windstrenth and water conditions for those of us with no pics ?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Have put a couple of pics at the start of the thread. 14-16 knots retry gusty winds, was slowed to pick u but has not so far. Water state fairly choppy out here

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    Close coming up to finish land takes secon

  62. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian wins

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    Slalom finish I mean!

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian coming into som finsih

  65. Billyboy

    OK, thought it was strange!?

  66. Amy Carter - Editor

    He has a massive lead. They just lee missing him. Think he is too far ahead!

  67. Meindert

    @Billyboy this was also at the first mark, there seems to be something wrong with timing.

  68. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian still leadng

  69. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nckooks I’ve he is pulling back places again

  70. Billyboy

    Dorian not in the top 15. Big shift? Did he break something?

  71. Billyboy

    blimey, bit of a change on that beat. Nick up to 6th, Dorian slipped right back!

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian has a substantial lead which he is extending on this upwind. Nick still in 9th

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    Wind dropped by a couple of knots now

  74. Amy Carter - Editor

    , updates came through below because I was in reply!

  75. co.editor

    Please bear with us if you are following Amy’s commentary – the internet connection is not the most reliable! She will post an update again as soon as possible…

  76. Amy Carter - Editor
  77. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors nearing the windward mark

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    Everyone sticking to the left side if the course

  79. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick seemed to get swamped in thE middle of the start. Nick has now tacked off looking for some clean wind

  80. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian furthest sailor at the pin end,

  81. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors flying down the line

  82. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick starting fairly near to the boat end

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    Most sailors getting their positions on the line

  84. Amy Carter - Editor

    5 minutes to the start

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    Same course again

  86. Amy Carter - Editor

    10 minutes to the next start now

  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    10 minutes to the next start

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Sorry that was 10 minutes to the 10 minute flag!

  88. Amy Carter - Editor

    Think nick wil be happy with the first results. As he said yesterday he was looking for a solid start. Nick was one of the only ones in the fleet to pick up places as the race went on, so showing great speed.

  89. James Stewart

    Why with so many digital channels and coverage of all the dinghies are the BBC not showing Nick’s race live, we have a world class competitor

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Good question james! Think the only course filmed each day is the nothe. Complain to the bbc james!

  90. Amy Carter - Editor

    We will be going straight into the next race for the men once all competitors have finished

  91. Amy Carter - Editor

    Others to watch out for JP Tobin and bontemps, neither having good races in the first race but should be further up in the next races if previous results are anything to go by

  92. Duncan Adam

    good start

  93. co.editor

    Good opening race! Well done Nick…

  94. Amy Carter - Editor

    Followed by Canada and America

  95. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick finishes in fifth

  96. Amy Carter - Editor

    Canada falls a gybe mark. Nick overtakes and goes into fifth

  97. Jim Pura Vida

    nice work amy!

  98. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland finishing now

  99. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian wins by considerable margin

  100. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nicks looking like he in fifth place mow

  101. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian approaching the finish

  102. Amy Carter - Editor

    Most sticking to the left hand side of the course down wind too

  103. Billyboy

    Nick up to 6th – go Nick!!!

  104. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian increasing his lead downwind

  105. Amy Carter - Editor

    Slalom finish on the course should bring some drama further down the fleet with the closer positions

  106. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors heading round the windward mark

  107. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors all beating up wind. Majority have gone left again.

  108. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick through the gate and heading upwind in 10th

  109. Nelis
    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Thanks that’s what I was looking for! This link gives positions and timings around marks

    2. Amy Carter - Editor

      Very close at the windward mark between the top sailors

    3. Amy Carter - Editor

      Nick currently in 9th position

    4. Amy Carter - Editor

      Dorian leading by long way

    5. Amy Carter - Editor

      Error on RYA site. Dorian leading by a good 30secs

    6. Amy Carter - Editor

      Nick in 8th

    7. Amy Carter - Editor

      Nick in 9th position

    8. Amy Carter - Editor

      Dorian leading we upwind

    9. Alfin

      Rina – Oh my!! These photos are great!! I got to admit that I coudln’t decide between which ones I like the best! I absolutely love the focus of the camera angles within photos 6 and 8. However I like them all! I thought that the sceneries used within the photos were very well chosen for the couple. Even Yoshi looks like he was having a great time! I must say that the photographer did a splendid job incorporating all the color contrasts within the photos. Whether in color or black and white, the couples were still naturally shining. Congratulations to Amy and Jimmy!!

  110. Amy Carter - Editor

    Suiss 6th. Canada 7th.

  111. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian through the gate and going back up wind, 30 secs or so later followed by Poland. Greece in third. Germany fourth. Canada fifth.

  112. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian leading by quite a distance in front of Poland

  113. Amy Carter - Editor

    First riders round the windward mark, making their way downwind. Looks like France or holland in the lead. Will confirm ASAP

  114. OTC

    Dempsey 12th, Dorian 1st

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Where abuts are you getting your info from? RYA site?

  115. Nelis

    Thanks Amy!

  116. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looking like more wind on the left hand side of the course. Won’t make the windward mark in time to see who is rounding in what positions riders are rounding. But should have positions as the come to the leeward mark

  117. co.editor

    Don’t worry you’re doing a great job! :)

  118. OTC

    Come on Amy, we want minute by minute updates!!!!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      I’m typing a fast as I can!

  119. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick relatively in the middle poking good for speed so far. Headin to the lft hand side of the course along with the majority of the riders

    1. Mark

      And Dorian?

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        Dorian has also gone left. He started fairly near the pin end and is going all the way to the left of the course

  120. Amy Carter - Editor

    Fleet split, two definite groups hitting each side of the course

  121. Billyboy

    No mention on BBC and no live video I can see on RYA so you are our only link Amy!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Aser radia are th covered on the bbc and RYA today.

  122. Amy Carter - Editor


  123. Amy Carter - Editor
  124. Amy Carter - Editor photo from the action

  125. Amy Carter - Editor

    Course will be two laps with a slalom finish. About 8 minutes to the start of the first race

  126. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors heading to the start photo from the course

  127. Amy Carter - Editor

    The televised fleet today will be the laser radials.

  128. Amy Carter - Editor

    Course is likely to be an L course (windward leeward) with a down wind slalom finish,

  129. Amy Carter - Editor

    Rsx sailors heading out to the course

  130. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heading out into the harbour, should be 14 to 20 knots for the start of the race at 12.00

  131. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi Ben,

    the sailing (which includes the windsurfing) will be streamed on the RYA website here and on the BBC. We can’t be told exactly what class will be shown and when, but I am sure there will be a good amount of RS:X coverage.

  132. Ben Game

    Any ideas were you can watch the comp live?
    both windsurfing and the sailing?


  133. Amy Carter - Editor

    if technology prevails and the internet does work as it should, we will be brining you up dates on the racing right here.

  134. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looking like a little wind already this morning, although no more sunny skies! Things set to start on the RS:X course in a few short hours. Some sailors busy preparing and making last minute adjustments, whereas some others are taking the time to relax and ready themselves for the racing ahead.


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