Boards at the Olympics: Day Six

Racing starts today at 12.00 for the RS:X women and 14.00 for the men, both racing two races on the Portland Harbour course.

Conditions today are forecast to be a little lighter, approx 8knots making to racing a little more tactical as the racers are on the edge of planing winds.

Before the action hots up today, Boards brings you some shots from yesterday’s racing courtesy of Phil Holden

Full women’s results. 

Full men’s results. 


  1. Amy Carter - Editor

    Not sure exactly, but Dorian definitely has gold. He cannot be beaten now.

    1. Arjan Hiemstra

      Only the top ten (overall) compete in the medal race.

  2. andy

    If Dorian came in 19th in the medal race would that be 38 pts which would total with his 13 (after the 10 races) to make 51pts? Nick currently has 35pts, so would need to finish 7th to take 14pts and end with 49pts?
    So, does that mean if Nick comes in 12 places ahead of Dorian it could be Gold?

    1. Erwin

      Dorian only sails 1, 2 or 3 place……

      Only 10 windsurfers are on the medalrace.
      Dorian is the best…… And Nick can have the rest

    2. Duncan Adam

      There are only 10 in the medal race so maximum point Dorian could get is 20

    3. Guy Chilvers

      There are only 10 competitors In the medal race. so max points is 20

  3. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spoke with Nick, Dorian and Dorian’s coach Aaron McIntosh, interviews will be up this evening and then tomorrow.

  4. rod

    Thanks Amy. Holding breath for Medal race!

  5. Guy Chilvers

    Thanks Amy.

  6. racer

    So in medal race, if you win = 2 points? 2nd=4 points? etc..

  7. Duncan Adam

    Thanks Amy for covering what the BBC didn’t want to.

  8. Harry

    Poland wins medal race = 53 pts
    Nick finishes 8th = 51 pts => bronze (at least)

  9. Bill Short

    Yeah, brilliant Nick!
    And thanks Amy

  10. Bill Short

    So Nick has had a good day in very difficult conditions. The german guys has had a mare of a day in comparison – or maybe he’s just not good enough in light winds.
    I see the women’s 470 race has just been abandoned due to lack of wind, or because of a major shift in the wind.

  11. EVE

    Well done Nick …. And thank you Amy ……..

  12. Bill Short

    Harry, you may be right. But when you see how places changed for the Finn fleet and in the Stars today, those medal races add so much uncertainty.
    In the Finn race the french guy came from nowhere to get bronze (by winning today)

  13. billyboy

    he#ll have to try hard to come out of the medals now, and a strong favourite for silver. Absolutely no mention at all on bbc sailing coverage either :(

  14. Bill Short

    That gives Nick an 11 point lead for silver, ahead of the medal race

  15. Harry

    Doing the math…if Nick finishes 8th or better in the medal race I think he is guaranteed at least a bronze?

  16. Bill Short

    Germany got 13th in the end.

  17. Bill Short

    Poland 9th

  18. Bill Short

    This couldn’t be better from Nick’s point of view.

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    off to get interviews! be back soon!

  20. rod


  21. Bill Short

    Nick second!

  22. Bill Short

    Second is very good, if Toni Wilhelm stay down in 15th. The german will have two 15ths from today – nightmare for him. His worst day by far.

  23. Amy Carter - Editor

    portugal right on nicks tail coming up to the line!

  24. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick second.

  25. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel in the lead

  26. Duncan Adam

    Bill if it stays this way Nick will have 13 points on Germany

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel still leading, nick closing a little

  28. Bill Short

    I’m wondering where Julien Bontemps will end up in this race too.

  29. Bill Short

    What is crucial now is the number of places between nick and the german sailor

  30. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick, portuagal and israel all looking very, very close downwind

  31. Bill Short

    Germany dropping back even more! This may be his discard.

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland 9, germany 15

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick took him on the last down wind, his speed seems best downwind

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    portugal 3rd, france 4th

  35. Bill Short

    Let’s see if he can get it back on the run. Which sailor is lighter?

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    i think this is the last lap, so just down to the finish

  37. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel leading, nick in second,

  38. Bill Short

    Nick second. Even if it finishes that way he’s done well

  39. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and him coming up on port lay line.

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like israel is just ahead…

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    israeil, really pinching to make the mark!

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick looks like he’s tacked below the lay line, but israel looks good for it

  43. Bill Short

    I meant last beat.

  44. Bill Short

    This is the last eat, right? Then it’s just two downwind legs to the finish.

  45. Bill Short

    The marker points are logging even less wind now.

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick still looking in strong position, now tacked onto port

  47. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel and nick just crossed, neck and neck

  48. Bill Short

    With Germany still in 12th he’s not moved through the fleet at all. If it finishes this way then Nick has an 11 point lead over him. Wow.

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick headed right up the beat, portugal covering him, both now tacked off onto starboard

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    greek in 9th

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland in 20th!

  52. Bill Short

    Duncan, all the medal races will get televised.

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany in 12th!

  54. Bill Short

    This is just what Nick needs, a good result to give him a cushion, going into the medal race. Early days though, in these fickle conditions. Is it still two laps and a finish leg? Or will they shorten?

  55. Duncan Adam

    If he takes this then TV might look in for the medal races.

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany looking in 9th

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    portugal, israel then argentina

  58. Bill Short

    Nick in lead

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick comes through in the lead!

  60. Bill Short

    All Dorian had to do was start and then head in for a DNF. I don’t know how Olympic sailing rules work, but I’m surprised he even started

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian DNF, he’s in and already looking to the medal race

  62. Harry

    Double edged sword…it’s been great to follow/watch all of this full-planing sailing but you do wonder if Nick would be challenging for gold if there had been more light wind races.

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    no planing down wind, so sailors heading straight down the middle of the course with big scooping pumps

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick absolutley storming it down wind! should be in the lead, or at least second by the downwind mark!

  65. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian started, but now no sign, tempted to say he’s gone straight in!!!

    1. Tim

      it seems he actually has a DNF…

  66. Bill Short

    Poland back in 20th at the first mark

  67. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick brilliant speed down wind! looks like he is taking a few places

  68. Bill Short

    Where’s Dorian?

  69. Bill Short

    germany in 12th

  70. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry, not spain Nick is in fourth!

  71. Bill Short

    Nick 4th

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    portugal, israel, then spain

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    argentina around in the lead!

  74. John Skye

    Good job Amy. Keep those updates coming!

    1. VM


  75. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland not looking too high up in the fleet at the moment

  76. Bill Short

    TV coverage has switched to the women’s 470 class.

  77. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany just behind Nick

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick now tacked onto port lay line, dorian below him

  79. Amy Carter - Editor

    NZL and ukraine gone all the way to the right

  80. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick now right next to dorian heading far left

  81. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick, poland and germany all looking top third of the fleet and very close to each other at the moment

  82. Duncan Adam

    How is Nick in relation to the German?

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian heading out far left

  84. Amy Carter - Editor

    bit more wind still out to the left, some of the sailors far left just about planing now

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    yeah that’s approx what we have on the course

  86. Bill Short

    Forecast is for 8-10mph for the rest of the afternoon

  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    am sure they will shorten this course, nobody planing up wind even with a lot of pumping!

  88. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick off the line in the middle of the fleet, dorian also mid but a little higher upwind already

  89. Bill Short

    Thought that sounded optimistic. And I meant to type SSE

  90. Amy Carter - Editor

    another light wind start, sailors slowly drifting down the line, one minute to go

  91. Amy Carter - Editor

    no way it’s 11knots!!! 6-7 if we’re lucky!

  92. Bill Short

    The wind has backed further to SE and they’re logging 11 knots at the start. Or so it says here.

  93. Amy Carter - Editor

    princess Anne watching the windsurfing again!

  94. Amy Carter - Editor

    four minutes to the start

  95. Amy Carter - Editor

    yes wind would certainly be very tricky for kites at the moment!

  96. Amy Carter - Editor

    ALOT of pumping off the line, general recall!

  97. Harry

    Would it be too light for kites? If so what would they do – cancel the race???

  98. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick reversed back, a third of the way down the line now

  99. Amy Carter - Editor

    all waiting at the starboard end, nick furtherst down the line

  100. Bill Short

    I almost hope they don’t film this or broadcast it live. Those Beijing pumping races made for depressing viewing.

  101. Amy Carter - Editor

    very light wind start, all sailors on the line already jostling for position

  102. Amy Carter - Editor

    still looking light, this is going to be a full on pumping race!!

  103. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the start

  104. Amy Carter - Editor

    ben aisle coming up through the harbour past us now, surrounded by boats!

  105. Amy Carter - Editor

    still looking windy enough on the course, non planing but 10 minutes to the start of the race

  106. Bill Short

    At the moment they are showing Ben Ainslie being congratulated by Princess Anne.

  107. Amy Carter - Editor

    or maybe, maybe the might even head over live soon???!??!

  108. Bill Short

    Is there a wind minimum for the next race to be held – or will they bin it or postpone? Better postpone than recreate Beijing conditions LOL.

  109. Amy Carter - Editor

    they are filming on the course so hopefully some action will be shown later

  110. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and toni on 33. nine points ahead of Poland in fourth

  111. Phil Plume

    Nice to see live coverage on the BBC, NOT!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      i know! at least we can look forward to two fantastic races on the BBC on tuesday!

  112. Amy Carter - Editor

    overall results updated on links above

  113. Rod

    Fingers crossed for Nick

  114. Amy Carter - Editor

    yep one more race for the men

  115. Amy Carter - Editor

    a lot of guys getting DNFs because they have been timed out

  116. Rod

    Is there another race for the men today?

    1. Tim

      Yes, in about 10 minutes from now.

  117. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind has really dropper bow, the last finishers struggling to come through at all. looking about 4knots on the course!

  118. Guy Chilvers

    Congratulations To Dorian. Started on a Bic techno!!!
    Now silver for Nick.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      All the great windsurfers come through Techno don’t they Guy!

  119. Erwin

    Nice to see it live….. 2012

  120. Tim

    Dorian actually won gold! He just has to finish the next two races.
    Concrats Dorian! :-)

  121. Duncan Adam

    Germany and UK on 33 points but Nick silver on countback

  122. Amy Carter - Editor

    byron finished in fourth so will have closed the gap on the top three

  123. Amy Carter - Editor

    they’ll update the overall results after everyone finishes this race, but both poland and germany behind him so i would have thought so!

  124. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany coming through in 15th

  125. Rod

    Is Nick still in silver position?

    1. Tim

      He still is. Both Nick and Toni have 33 points.

  126. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland 13th

  127. Peter

    Dorian already won the gold. Can finish last in both 10th and medalrace.

  128. Bill Short

    Nick in 9th

  129. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like nick has finished 9th

  130. Bill Short

    The Greek sailor, Kokalanis did well to get up to 4th today

  131. Mark

    YES, Dorian has GOLD! :-) :-) :-) Note: he only has to finish the medal race!

  132. Bill Short

    Respect to Ainslie. What a week that was.

  133. Guy Chilvers

    Ben wins

    1. Erwin

      Ben van der steen?

  134. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick chasing france along the slalom finish

  135. Bill Short

    Nck down in 9th

    Ainslies wins gold!

  136. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick looking approx 10th

  137. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry, internet’s gone down! dorian won by massive margin, spain second

  138. VM

    Stephan in 1984, Dorian in 2012; great to be dutch and windsurfing all these years :-)

    1. Tim

      The best thing… Stephan won gold when RS-X was introduced in 1984. Dorian might win gold on the last RS-X event :-)

  139. Bill Short

    Can anyone do the maths? Has Dorian now got gold?
    His worst result is a third, so he can discard the next race if he needs to.
    So if he was last in the medal race, what points would he have?

    1. Stefan

      depends on the next race

    2. Tim

      Dorian needs a 19 point lead before the medal race. Currently he has a 22 point lead so he can lose 3 points in the next race.

  140. Bill Short

    Nick has lost places, in 8th

  141. Peter

    Ow the terror. He’s playing with the rest of the field. He’s can be drinking champaign on the beach and the rest still has to finish!

    1. Tim

      Based on the current ranking Dorian has a 22 point lead… Wow!

      1. Stefan

        going for gold

  142. Amy Carter - Editor

    greece fourth

  143. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian coming down slalom finish. italy in third

  144. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain in second, dorian haas a lead of 2 mins 30 second!!!

    1. Erwin

      Alvast een patatje eten

      1. Tim

        Hehe :-)

  145. Amy Carter - Editor

    nobody else around the upwind mark, and dorian almost at the bottom gate!

    1. Stefan


  146. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian arund upwind mark with a massive lead

  147. Amy Carter - Editor

    looking very light up many parts of the course, lots of hole and lots dropping off the plane

  148. Rod

    Great for Nick!

  149. Bill Short


  150. Mark

    And for Dorian! :-)

    1. Erwin

      Dorian is sailing his own race

  151. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany 17th and poland 19th! brilliant news for nick!

  152. Bill Short

    The Finn race is painful to watch but Ainslie still in Gold position.

  153. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick sneaks ahead of canada as they both now head upwind

  154. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine and canada coming through now lots of pumping downwind, left had side of the course still has more breeze

  155. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain around in second, hungary coming through into third

  156. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick was around top mark in sixth

  157. Rod

    Where are Germany and Poland?

    1. Stefan

      they are a little late

  158. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian through the down wind gate with an even bigger lead

  159. Bill Short

    Nick round in fifth but the gaps have opened up

  160. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian in the lead, one minute ahead

  161. Bill Short

    Dorian has a huge lead at the top mark
    Ivan pastor second

  162. Amy Carter - Editor

    upwind looking very tricky, sorry tracker still down so can’t see at the moment who is going which way!

  163. Harry

    I’m surprised they are fully planing…it looks very light on the Nothe course for the Finn medal race

  164. Amy Carter - Editor

    definitely looking like more wind to the left of the course, the ones to the right struggling to plane a little, but those on the left looking fully powered up

  165. Guy Chilvers

    Watching Ben…. Reading about Nick

  166. Amy Carter - Editor

    all away left upwind

  167. Bill Short

    Nick took 3 places on the downwind leg.

  168. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick in fifth around that bottom mark, goo lead around poland and germany who are both way back

  169. Bill Short

    So Nick up to 5th !

  170. Bill Short

    Ben Ainslie has just moved into gold medal position for the first time this week

  171. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain, then ukraine, hungary, then canada, then nick just behind pumping down to through the gate

  172. Bill Short

    Yes, Poland down in 18th

  173. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian through and heading up wind, the rest still to come down

  174. Joost

    Gooooo Dorian take those 4 points from Nick and Toni!!!!!!!!

  175. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian pulling out massive lead!

  176. Harry

    Not looking good for gold :( but germany and poland having a shocker

  177. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine third

  178. Amy Carter - Editor

    norway second

  179. Bill Short

    Dorian was round first

  180. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian leading

  181. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry guys! tracker down! trying to see who’s in the led but pretty tricky, they’re coming down, not too far from first downwind mark

  182. Bill Short

    Nick in 8th

  183. Amy Carter - Editor

    leaders approaching the upwind mark

  184. Amy Carter - Editor

    leaders marking their way quickly up the beat, hard to see positions at the moment

  185. Amy Carter - Editor

    due to the boundaries all having to tack now, which ever side they went and heading back across to the middle of the course

  186. Lindsey

    Not here I’m afraid, I’m in US
    NBC is covering the Olympics, not even mentioned windsurfing.

  187. Amy Carter - Editor

    most planing comfortably upwind

    1. Joost

      dutch tv just mentioned they were filming, but were unable to do live broadcast. they’ll probably broadcast later on dutch tv channel

  188. Amy Carter - Editor

    they’re both heading to the right hand side of the course

  189. Amy Carter - Editor

    they are filming, not live but hopefully will be showed later!!!

  190. Amy Carter - Editor

    clean start. Nick and Dorian both off on port

  191. Peter

    Shame on IOC for not setting up a camera feed for RS:X. Dorian FTW!

  192. Bill Short

    Go Nick!

  193. Amy Carter - Editor

    one minute to the start

  194. Mark

    DORminator go go go! :-)

  195. Harry

    Booo to tall people with long levers :(

  196. Amy Carter - Editor

    despite dorian being heavier he has long levers and still seems to be one of the earliest planing

  197. Amy Carter - Editor

    course back to LS3

  198. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind filled in a little, a8-10knots now, more comfortable planing

  199. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the men’s start

  200. Lindsey

    Why isn’t it being filmed?

  201. Guy

    Hopefully the light conditions should suit Nick, but also at least 10 other sailors!!

  202. Rod

    Shame it won’t be filmed. Fingers crossed for Nick

  203. Harry

    Nick is 10kg lighter than Dorian so these conditions should suit Nick better?

  204. Amy Carter - Editor

    incredibly tricky in these up and down, conditions. Guys just about planing across the wind and downwind, but they will be tracking upwind with daggerboards down too if the wind stays like this.

  205. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain in third, poland fourth, bryony fifth

  206. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland wins! then germany

  207. Amy Carter - Editor

    shortened course, straight to the finish! bryony looks in fourth

  208. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany, poland then spain around the bottom gate

  209. Amy Carter - Editor

    coming into the bottom gate, france got good speed. girls dropping off the plane a fair bit and lots of taking over and then falling back

  210. Amy Carter - Editor

    most heading left, then coming across the main park of the course. just about planing downwind with a lot of pumping!

  211. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel in 11th

  212. Amy Carter - Editor

    then greece, spain and poland

  213. Amy Carter - Editor

    then france, bryony in third

  214. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland around in first!!!

  215. Amy Carter - Editor

    guys all out now warming up and getting ready for their race

  216. Amy Carter - Editor

    still light winds on the course, daggerboards pretty much all down now upwind

  217. Amy Carter - Editor

    majority of sailors, heading up the the left of the course

  218. Amy Carter - Editor

    then spain, italy and israel

  219. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland, then germany,

  220. Amy Carter - Editor

    france through in the lead bryony second!

  221. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony looking in the lead coming down wind! she’s about to gybe losing speed, finland and germany closing behind her

  222. Amy Carter - Editor

    leaders coming down the right hand side, one or two gybes away from the bottom gate now.

  223. Amy Carter - Editor

    Girls all plan in down wind, so this wil be a quick leg

  224. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland, then france, then australia

  225. Amy Carter - Editor

    aus miss it too! finland first, bryony 2nd!

  226. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony taken away from the mark too. australia looking good for the lead

  227. Amy Carter - Editor

    france getting headed, she might not make it! bryony just behind france looking approx 2nd, but may get the knock too!

  228. Amy Carter - Editor

    france looks like she is in the lead, on the lay line to the mark

  229. Amy Carter - Editor

    italy and russia not going to make the mark at all, the sailors coming up on port looking in stronger position

  230. Amy Carter - Editor

    italy and russia gone far to the right of the course, now tacking on to the starboard lay line as the approach the boundary

  231. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony headed far left of the course, only just tacked now onto port

  232. Amy Carter - Editor

    lots of holes in the wind up the course

  233. Amy Carter - Editor

    most of the fleet heading to the left of the course, with some now tacking onto port heading over to the right

  234. andy holmes

    i’m following the action thanks Amy

  235. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony pulled away from Marina a little, now in clean wind and in a good lane

  236. Amy Carter - Editor

    clean start, bryony mid way of the line, marina just upwind of her, dagger boards down, tracking upwind now

  237. Amy Carter - Editor

    oneminute to the start

  238. Amy Carter - Editor

    results for men’s and women’s links are above in main body to the text

  239. Amy Carter - Editor

    just over 3 minutes to the next start, conditions looking similar, tricky, gusty, shifty and a little lighter 8-12knots

  240. Bill Short
  241. Duncan Adam

    Thanks Amy.

  242. Amy Carter - Editor

    yesterday, marina got a slight penalty of 5% added onto her score after going out of the boundary. Making things even closer at the top between for Marina and Lee!

  243. Bill Short

    Class. What a well-sailed race.

  244. Amy Carter - Editor

    next race in apprix 15minutes

  245. Amy Carter - Editor

    brazil 2, germany 3, poland 4

  246. Guy

    excellent!! Thanks Amy.

  247. Duncan Adam


  248. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony wins!!!!!!

  249. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland 5, spain 6

  250. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany third, poland fourth!

  251. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony pulling out her lead again the brazilian!

  252. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony the brazil bryony leading into the slalom finish!!!

  253. Bill Short

    Fingers and legs now crossed.
    A couple of good races today and Bryony is mathematically back in with a chance for a medal

  254. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony heading right down wind, showing good speed

  255. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony, finland then brazil in third

  256. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony leading!

  257. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony should be in the lead!

  258. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony ont hé lay line, finland tacked underneath her

  259. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony goine to far right of course, now tacked onto starboard heading toward the mark. finalnd gone the opposite way and is now coming up on the port lay line

  260. Amy Carter - Editor

    fleet splitting, some daggerboards down upwind some still managing to plane and heading up without

  261. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind up and down, just about planing coming upwind but dropping down below planing speed downwind

  262. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland 1, bryony 2, brazil 3,, poland 4

  263. Amy Carter - Editor

    all going right upwind, poland and now israel then germany heading to the left instead

  264. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland with a good lead, bryony in second

  265. Amy Carter - Editor

    all heading right down wind

  266. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain 9th

  267. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland 5, israel 6,

  268. Amy Carter - Editor

    10-12knots so comfortable planing conditions at the moment

  269. Amy Carter - Editor

    most planing, due to bryonys angle upwind she must have been daggerboard down to pinch up

  270. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine third, brazil fourth

  271. Bill Short

    Are they planing upwind off the fin or are they putting the daggerboard down?

  272. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland in first, bryony makes it and is second!

  273. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland in on the port lay line

  274. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony pinching up to the mark, looks like she might might make it!

  275. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine and brazil looking on the starboard lay line, whilst Bryony and finland looking a little under it also on starboard

  276. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony, finland and poland tacked off onto starboard, whilst those two are still on port

  277. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine and brazil head to head

  278. Amy Carter - Editor

    leaders heading to the right of the courser upwind

  279. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain up to 9th

  280. Amy Carter - Editor

    then brazil, israel and poland

  281. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry, finland, ukraine then bryony

  282. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukaine first, bryony second!!!!

  283. Amy Carter - Editor

    course LS3, three laps with slalom at the end

  284. Duncan Adam
    1. Luka

      Cheers Dunc, Finding it quite slow on the official site…

  285. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland 8th around the upwind mark

  286. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony storming down wind! catching the leaders!

  287. Luka


  288. Amy Carter - Editor

    all the riders going to the right downwind, others behind heeding left (as you look out from the start boat)

  289. Amy Carter - Editor

    isreal 7th, spain 13th!

  290. Bill Short

    Go Bryony!

  291. Amy Carter - Editor

    aus second, brazil third, bryony in fourth

  292. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland around in the lead

  293. Amy Carter - Editor

    aus coming up on port just behind her

  294. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland on course for the lay line, looking in the lead

  295. Amy Carter - Editor

    all looking very close as a lot of sailors having to tack again

  296. Amy Carter - Editor

    all getting pushed way below the lay line, think they had to tack at the boundary before

  297. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland just ahead of bryony, with israel jus underneath them

  298. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony now looking in great position, leading the fleet on port who are approaching the starboard lay line

  299. Amy Carter - Editor

    sailors coming in on starboard crossing behind leaders on port

  300. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony coming up on port, crossing some of the fleet.

  301. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland, russia and israel looiking in strong positions

  302. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony furthest to the left, tacking now onto port

  303. Amy Carter - Editor

    fleet split, half going right, half going left

  304. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony clean start, on starboard but pin end of the course, furthest board down. individual recall, cannada around the end

  305. Amy Carter - Editor

    she comes along the line and tacks back onto starboard

  306. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony heads to the port end at one minute to go!

  307. Amy Carter - Editor

    Princess Anne on the boat next to us, getting asked to move back by the marshals!

  308. Amy Carter - Editor

    most sailors on starboard now, just a couple up the port end

  309. Amy Carter - Editor

    four minutes, line looking a little fairer now

  310. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the restart

  311. Amy Carter - Editor

    conditions today looking 10-12 knots, maybe dropping a little below this at times, but VERY shifty. Wind all over the place, should shake up both the up and down wind legs

  312. Amy Carter - Editor

    postponed! wind switched massively, sailors on starboard wouldn’t have made it across the line!

  313. Amy Carter - Editor

    around a third of the fleet on port, could be a tricky start!!!

  314. Amy Carter - Editor

    line again looking fairly port biased, quite a lot of the girls around thep pin end including, spain, and bryony

  315. Amy Carter - Editor

    First women’s race starting in five minutes

  316. Bill Short

    I suspect the BBC TV coverage will mostly be of the medal races in the Star class and Finn, with their races starting at 1300 and 1400hrs respectively.

  317. Ian Palacio

    Great shots and let’s hope we get better BBC coverage. It would seem that the BBC have already forgotten about Windsurfing and Nick’s efforts, even before it’s been taken out of the olympics. They are so far up Ben Ainsley’s chuff they are forgetting about our other very real gold medal prospect (the Flying Dutchman aside of course – let’s hope he makes a balls of it today!!).

Nick Dempsey

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