Boards at the Olympics: Day Five

Nick Dempsey recorded his best day on the water today, with a second and a third place, boosting him above Poland and Germany into second in the overall results. Boards caught up with Nick as he came ashore:

Nick Dempsey
Nick Dempsey. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Today’s Racing

“Today was better, two good results today, but it’s never nice losing a place and going backwards. I’m not happy about that, quite frustrated.”


“I was going to say today I had better starts, but at the last start I didn’t. I started on port, next to Dorian and I took him out nicely actually. I lined myself up perfectly, about to head off the line then literally these two dickheads, just crashed full speed head on, straight into each other. So I had to stop. Dorian then goes above, off the line ahead and I have to go around the back. But the race committee just keep setting these port biased lines, so I don’t know, I’ve had a word, they don’t listen to me they do what they like!

Generally, if I can just get into it, get racing and get to the windward mark well I’m away. But I’ve been struggling with the starts this week.”

Almost Two Seconds

“On the fourth lap (of the second race) I took a calculated risk, I don’t really like being beaten by the German so I was quite upset about him being in the front. Well not upset, but I was pretty determined to pass him. Really my only opportunity was to tack 100 yards before the exclusion zone, Dorian was 100 yards behind. I thought he would go all the way out there, I’ll tack here and I should be covered by him, I thought it might give me the opportunity to pass but it didn’t, I was completely shafted and lost a place. So pretty annoyed with myself for taking the risk, but then I had to really and that’s racing sometimes.”

Nick Dempsey
Nick Dempsey. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

The Chase for Silver?

“It certainly seems like that at the moment, it makes the racing harder. Dorian can just race freely and doesn’t really have to cover anyone because he’s got such a good score line. And it means, like with the first race today he can just sail away, hit the lay line and that’s it. Whereas the guys behind me dictate what I do, so it’s the game we’re in. At the moment it’s about protecting the silver and chipping away at the German and the Polish, and it will be the same again tomorrow. Then if there’s the opportunity on Tuesday to have a little play with Dorian and take him down then I will try my best to do that.

It’s the Olympic Games, it’s never going to be easy and Dorian has sailed better than I have so that’s why he’s in the position he is in. I don’t think I’ve sailed badly, it just hasn’t gone as well.”


“No, I don’t have anything against the German! I like him, I just don’t like getting beaten by him! Just some people it’s like that isn’t it.”

Predictions For Tomorrow

“I’m going to win both races. Ben (Ainsle) is going to win his race, and Bart and Perce (Andrew Simpson and Iain Percy) will win their race.”


“The Volvo boat was out there today, Sarah’s on that, so that’s quite nice. It’s always nice when you’re racing, you have to stop yourself racing. I’m thinking concentrate, concentrate! That’s the nice thing about the home Games.”

Men’s results so far – and follow the mark rounding times here. 

Women’s results so far – and follow the mark rounding times here. 

  1. Amy Carter - Editor

    Found out what happened with the girls in the last race, and why Zofia ended up so far back….full story posted very soon!

  2. Bill Short

    Yes. Great stuff.
    I hope someone got footage of those RS:X races.
    The televised racing of the 470 class (now on) looks very dull in these lighter wind conditions.

  3. Ben proffitt

    Cheers Amy… Top job! Now get down the boat park with your saw!!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      haha cheers proffitt! gonna get down the boat park with my dictaphone instead!

  4. Amy Carter - Editor

    Massive day tomorrow! Both racing on the portland harbour course. Women’s first at 12.00 then men at 14.00 wind looking a little lighter tomorrow, forecast 8-12knots

  5. Guy Chilvers

    Thanks Amy. Big day tomorrow !!

  6. Bill Short

    Well done to Nick for his best pair of results yet.

  7. Bill Short

    The polish sailor got ahead of Julian Bontemps on the last leg.

  8. EVE

    Thanks Amy …..

  9. Bill Short

    The points are: 9, 24, 24, and 29

    Dorian, Nick, Toni, and the Polish sailor in 4th overall

  10. Amy Carter - Editor

    Toni wins, Dorian second, Nick third

  11. Bill Short

    With the german guy winning and Nick in third, the two now tie on equal points for Silver at this stage overall.
    The Polish sailor, in fourth overall, has dropped a few points though.

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian really catching germany down wind

  13. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany into the slalom finish, dorian second,

  14. Amy Carter - Editor

    again all downwind sticking to the left of the course, nobody gybe off just yet

  15. Bill Short

    Let’s see if Nick can get past Dorian on the downwind finish

  16. Amy Carter - Editor

    french around, then poland

  17. Bill Short

    Oh poo.

  18. Bill Short

    Nick 23secs behnd

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian ahead of nick! dorian 2nd, nick 3rd

  20. Amy Carter - Editor

    Germany round in first

  21. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian a little further back, also coming up to the mark on port with Julien catching him and just below him also on port

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    Toni tacked now to cover Nick

  23. Bill Short

    Great to see Nick find consistency today.

  24. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick tacks off early, choosing to come up the middle of the course, whilst toni stays going to the left

  25. Bill Short

    Last beat.

  26. Amy Carter - Editor

    everyone tracking to the left of the course again

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick taken 10 secs from the leader on that downwind….

  28. Bill Short

    Julien Bontemps has moved up to fouth

  29. Amy Carter - Editor

    FYI men’s and women’s results and mark rounding times are on the links above in the main body of the post.

  30. Amy Carter - Editor

    all sticking to the left downwind, nick gybed across

  31. Bill Short

    There’s anther lap and a half to go, right?
    So there’s another windward leg yet?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Yes, one more lap after this one!

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick on the lay line in second, dorian third

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    toni appraoching and round the mark in the lead

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    JP coming across on starboard lay line, looking to come through the three of them!

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick, Toni and Dorian all sailing very, very close to each other, nick just upwind of toni

  36. Ben proffitt

    Nicks got this…

  37. Steve Howlett

    amazing lets have it nick

  38. Amy Carter - Editor

    JP of NZL, only person heading to the right of the course on this upwind

  39. Amy Carter - Editor

    20 secs between first, then 20 between 2nd and third

  40. Bill Short

    Nick has reduced gap to 20secs behind leader

  41. Jim Pura Vida

    Yeeeees, Go Nick!!!

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    all going to the left of the course

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick, followed by Dorian

  44. Amy Carter - Editor

    Toni around the leeward mark in the lead

  45. Steve Howlett

    dempsey dempsey dempsey

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick pulling out from Dorian, JP tobin pulling in Dorian!

  47. Bill Short

    Nick 30secs off the lead with Dorian a further 13secs behind

  48. Bill Short

    Germany still in the lead.

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick just in second with Dorian on his tale

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany around in the lead

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick JUST in front of Dorian

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian tacks on to lay line furthest to the right. nick mid course approaching lay line, germany coming in on port lay line. All look VERY close!

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany, nzl going left. nick up the middle of the course. dorian and poland going to the right

  54. Bill Short

    Julien Bontemps is not far behind in this race too.

  55. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick, dorian, NZL

  56. Bill Short

    Nick 18 secs behind

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany still in the lead at the bottom mark

  58. Steve Howlett

    go on nick keep it up

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    new zealand up there too and catching!

  60. Bill Short

    Poland in 5th.
    So the top group are all potetntial medal winners

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick sticking left downwind, dorian and toni goig right

  62. Bill Short


  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick in second, dorian third

  64. Bill Short

    Go Nick!

    Bad news is that Germany round first

  65. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany around the top mark in the lead!

  66. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany and hong kong looking strong too

  67. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick coming up on port across the fleet, despite bad start looking in good position

  68. Amy Carter - Editor

    live race tracker just reloading, will have exact progress very soon!

  69. Amy Carter - Editor

    yeah same as last race

  70. Bill Short

    Is the windstrength much the same?

  71. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick on port, but struggled to get through the starboard sailors cleanly in what looking like a potential disaster of a start!

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like right of the course is paying too, which probably swayed more onto port

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    quarter of the fleet off on starboard, rest off to the right of the course

  74. Bill Short

    How can they set such a bad line in an Olympic regatta…?

  75. Amy Carter - Editor

    all sailors pushing the line, thought it would be general, but only individual recall

  76. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian sittin on the pin end, all flying down on port, now only one or two sailors on starboard!

  77. Bill Short

    Ah. One discard makes all the difference.

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick still on starboard, but coming down the line now at one minute to go

  79. Ben proffitt

    Thought it was only one discard! Finns only one!

    1. Guy Chilvers

      Your right Ben. How you doing these days?

  80. Amy Carter - Editor

    massively port biased line! half the fleet over at the pin end

  81. Amy Carter - Editor

    FYI they only get one discard

  82. levi

    Where are you guys watching??

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      I’m on a press boat, don’t think it’s televised anywhere at the moment

    2. Harry

      No online stream for these races AFAIK. We are indebted to Amy’s fantastic updates…
      Also here

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the start of the next race

  84. Amy Carter - Editor

    7, 21, 23, 25 the points. So still very close between the top four

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    overall dorian first, nick second, germany third, poland fourth

  86. Bill Short

    OK. There are three more conventional races, plus the medal race which counts double. If Nick won a few of the three, with Dorian down the fleeet a bit, then he could still get Gold after the medal race.
    But after ten races, they get a second discard, and Dorian’s worse place so far is a 3rd. So he has an unbelieveable cushion already, and could effectively bin two out of the next three races

    1. Harry
  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    Definitely don’t think we can hang the gold medal around Dorian’s neck just yet! OCS or kit breakage or similar in a race combined with bad result anything can happen. 3 more races plus medal race, all to play for!

    1. jeroeNed111

      thats well spoken! but go dorian!!

  88. Guy Chilvers

    Dorian could still lose but unlikely. Still 2 normal races to go. He was the flag bearer at the opening ceremony because the Dutch team thought he was a sure bet for a gold. They were rIght.
    My house is full of cloggies!!

    1. Mark

      3 races to go with one discard. After that top10 in medalrace counting double for overall result.

  89. Bill Short

    Bill Short
    I think we need to acknowledge that Dorian Van Rjisselberge has already won gold. He doesn’t need to sail the next race and only has to finish the medal Race.
    His worst result is a 3rd. Unbelieveable consistency.

    Actually that’s not quite right, is it.?
    (Gets out calculator)

    1. jeroeNed111

      yeah there is a chanche to lose for dorian but keep in mind his worst race was 3th so if he might end op lower he can discard that one ;)

  90. Bill Short

    Nick’s second overall and needs another good race today.
    Tomorrow is then critical because of the expected lighter wind.

  91. Rod

    Does anyone know where this puts Nick now?

    1. Harry
  92. Bill Short

    I think we need to acknowledge that Dorian Van Rjisselberge has already won gold. He doesn’t need to sail the next race and only has to finish the medal Race.
    His worst result is a 3rd. Unbelieveable consistency.

    1. Mark

      Don’t think so, 3 races to go + medal race and only 1 discard!

  93. Guy Chilvers

    And thanks to Bill

  94. Bill Short

    Poland is close too, a further 2 points adrift and now in fourth overall.i

  95. Guy Chilvers

    Thanks Amy. Have a great day.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      My pleasure Guy, glad to have you all following! Hope you’re well!

  96. Amy Carter - Editor

    thanks Bill!

  97. Amy Carter - Editor

    back to back. 10 minutes after last racer finishes. last rider still to come down wind so approx 15-20minutes until the next start

  98. Bill Short

    Germany has got back up to 6th. That puts him close but just behind Nick on overall points.

  99. Bill Short

    Yes thanks.
    How long until the next race? It’s back to back right?
    Half an hour?

  100. Amy Carter - Editor

    greece third brazil fourth

  101. Erwin

    Thanks Amy!

  102. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick takes 2nd

  103. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick on last gybe, coming to finish, greece just on second gybe mark

  104. Bill Short

    Nick 1.08 behind

  105. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick onto the slalom too, looking pretty quick but no way of catching!

  106. Amy Carter - Editor

    full plan in lay down gybes, pretty impressive, think he’d rival most of the slalom guys even on his RS:X!

    1. jeroeNed111


      1. Erwin

        Wie anders?

        1. jeroeNed111

          hij was natuurlijk 1e in de slalom xD

  107. Bill Short

    Hope somebody filmed this.

  108. Amy Carter - Editor

    doiran on slalom leg

  109. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian coming right down the downwind mark

  110. Bill Short

    The greek sailor is 30secs behind Nick, so Nick should get second

  111. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick second, good lead over greece in third now

  112. Bill Short

    Nick’s a minute behind

  113. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick looking strong for second place into the mark

  114. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian around the windward mark

  115. Amy Carter - Editor

    upwind dorian is going pretty slow but a lot faster, nick choosing to pinch higher but with less speed

  116. Bill Short

    Last windward leg.

  117. Bill Short

    Nick actually caught Dorian a bit on that downwind leg. This means he’s either faster than him or ad better wind.

    1. Erwin

      I think Nick is faster..

  118. Amy Carter - Editor

    brazil through in fourth

  119. Bill Short

    Somebody had better say that, effectively, the Gold has just been awarded,

  120. Amy Carter - Editor

    nicks already passed greece! amazing downwind speed

  121. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick comes round, straight onto the right had side of the course

  122. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick secnd!

  123. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian tacked, now heading across on port

  124. Bill Short

    Nick got past Kokalanis in this situation before, Remember that slalom finish?

  125. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian around the leeward mark, heading off the the left of the course with a clear lead yet again!

  126. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and greece have a good lead over brazil now

  127. Bill Short

    Greece now 2nd

  128. Bill Short

    Yes, Dempsey is now 3rd and nearly a minute behind Dorian.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      dorian leading greece second, nick in third by 3 seconds

  129. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick tacked under the lay line so has had to double tack, now closer to the greek and brazilian

  130. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian clear in the lead

  131. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick tacked under dorian, he’ll have to out point him and keep the speed to challenge him

  132. Bill Short

    Long way to go yet, and it’s a patchy wind by the look of it.
    (Very up and down where I was sailing this morning)

  133. Amy Carter - Editor

    brazil and greece coming on the middle of the course on port

  134. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and dorian hitting the far right side, tacking onto the lay line to the mark

  135. Bill Short

    Not as quick as Nick.

    Amy Carter – Editor
    you’re too quick!

  136. Amy Carter - Editor

    4 laps to this course, with a slalom finish

  137. Amy Carter - Editor

    greece third, brazil fourth, both going to the left!

  138. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian leading at bottoms mark, heads to the right up wind, nick follows

  139. Amy Carter - Editor

    good news for nick is that poland and germany are down in 12th and 14th…

  140. Bill Short

    The better news is that Nick’s other rivals are relatively well down.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      you’re too quick!

  141. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick going left downwind, dorian heading right….

  142. Bill Short

    This is more like it.

  143. Amy Carter - Editor

    greece then brazil

  144. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorain 1st, nick 2nd around windward

  145. Amy Carter - Editor

    they have both passed in front of greece and brazil

  146. Bill Short

    A 4th position here puts Nick into Silver medal position, if the places in this race stoy the same (which they won’t). Just saying.

    1. Erwin

      Good for nick “follow the leader leader”

  147. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick slightly upwind of dorian, but dorian loosk like he will make the mark

  148. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian and nick on the far right very close, brazil and greece far the left close together too. Which side will pay?

  149. Bill Short

    The course must be pretty short. It took the leader just 2 and 1/2 minutes to get from windward mark to leeward mark.

  150. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian tacked over to cover nick

  151. Bill Short

    This is better.

  152. Amy Carter - Editor

    others in front of him have gone left

  153. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick in fourth heading right up the beat

  154. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian leads around leeward mark

  155. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick looking like he could be gaining some places downwind

  156. Amy Carter - Editor

    hong kong and estonia off the right left

  157. Amy Carter - Editor

    most of the fleet heading off down wind to the right of the course

  158. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick around in sixth

  159. Bill Short

    Nick in 6th

  160. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian, estonia then greece around first mark!

    1. Erwin

      is there a link to see it all live?

      1. Luka
  161. Amy Carter - Editor

    hong kong pinching to the mark might make it….

  162. Bill Short

    Go Nick!

    1. Erwin

      HIHI Go Dorian!

  163. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick coming up to starboard lay line, looking in strong position

  164. Rod

    Fingers crossed for Nick

    1. Erwin

      Finger crossed for the champ (Dorian)

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        fingers crossed for both of them!

      2. Luka

        Dajesz PRZEMEK!!

  165. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick tacked over onto port now, all tracking well up wind, majority of the fleet heading to the right of the course now

  166. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick tacked over onto port now

  167. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and dorina off on starboard, both mid way down the line, away in clean wind so decent starts for both

  168. Amy Carter - Editor

    large bunch going for the port end

  169. Amy Carter - Editor

    plus the sun is shining! should be a good race!

  170. Amy Carter - Editor

    conditions still looking 12-14 knots on the portland course

  171. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony in 7th after that race.

  172. Amy Carter - Editor

    i take that back, 5 minutes to the start!

  173. Amy Carter - Editor

    10-15 monutes to the next start of the men

  174. Luka
  175. Luka

    Why Zofia (POL) droped to 22ndplace in race 8 ??

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      sorry Luka I didn’t see why, just the result will investigate for you!

  176. Amy Carter - Editor

    first possible start for the men 14.30, wind forecast to drop a little more to approx 8-12 knots, maybe more later in the day. Could make for some interesting racing, right on the edge of planing conditions!

  177. Amy Carter - Editor

    current leader marina finishes 8th

  178. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony takes sixth

  179. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland fifth

  180. Amy Carter - Editor

    canada fourth

  181. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland, ukraine,

  182. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel wins!

  183. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony still in sixth

  184. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland, ukraine, canada

  185. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel around up wind mark with fantastic lead

  186. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony heading to the left hand side of the course with the leading pack

  187. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony coming through in sixth

  188. Amy Carter - Editor

    fnland, ukraine, canada

  189. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel around the bottom mark

  190. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony around in sixth

  191. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry, ukraine ahead of poland

  192. Amy Carter - Editor

    followed by canada and poland

  193. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland aournd too and heading down wind

  194. Amy Carter - Editor

    israeil coming up to the mark on port, around and heading down wind

  195. Amy Carter - Editor

    isreal, finland, canada, bryony up to fourth!

  196. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind due to drop more as the day goes, on probably about 8 knots this afternoon for the guys racing

  197. Amy Carter - Editor

    all the girls pumping downwind through the wind holes

  198. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland, spain and bryony in sixth

  199. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel, canada, finland

  200. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like bryony is struggling a little for speed in the gusty winds

  201. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel coming up to the top mark in a great lead

  202. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony in a great position, covering canada on the right hand side of the course going upwind

  203. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel, canada and bryony up to third!

  204. Amy Carter - Editor

    all gybing in and taking the right hand side of the course

  205. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel, spain, canada, bryony in fifth

  206. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry for the delay! women away cleanly, Bryony has a great start. almost up to windward, from laps

  207. Amy Carter - Editor

    next race to start in approx 10-15minutes

  208. Amy Carter - Editor

    great result for the ukraine!

  209. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony finishes 7th

  210. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain in third

  211. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine wins israel second

  212. Amy Carter - Editor

    byrony 7th neck and neck with poland

  213. Amy Carter - Editor

    australia and italy around, byrony looks in 8th place

  214. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain looking good for third followed by germany

  215. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel iin second

  216. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine around the mark in first

  217. Amy Carter - Editor

    followed by germany and spain

  218. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine and israel taking onto the port lay line

  219. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony and italy have headed to the right

  220. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel reeling in the ukraine a little more on this upwind, both going to the left

  221. Amy Carter - Editor

    sorry, course is LS4 – one more up and down wind to go!

  222. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony around in fifth

  223. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine, israel, spain around the top mark, last downwind

  224. Amy Carter - Editor

    most now tracking to the left hand side of the course

  225. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony now in 7th

  226. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain 2nd, israel 3rd, germany 4th

  227. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine round with a good lead, heading to the right of the courser

  228. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony still in sixth position

  229. Amy Carter - Editor

    one more lap to go after this

  230. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine, israel, spain around the top mark

  231. Amy Carter - Editor

    closely followed by italy, span and israel

  232. Amy Carter - Editor

    urkaine and germany tacked onto the port lay line

  233. Amy Carter - Editor

    all heading to the left of the course, except for brazil and canada

  234. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony up to sixth

  235. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine, germany, israel, spain at the leeward mark

  236. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony in ninth

  237. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany1st, ukraine, israel

  238. Amy Carter - Editor

    very close race on the small course!

  239. Amy Carter - Editor

    france and russia out the the right

  240. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony tacked up the middle of the course. nothe course a lot smaller so most really go to the edge s of the allowed zone

  241. Amy Carter - Editor

    away cleanly, bryony near boat end of the line away in clean wind

  242. Amy Carter - Editor

    One minute!

  243. Amy Carter - Editor

    3 minutes to the start!

  244. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind looking good, Byrony press reach interview on the BBC now!

  245. Amy Carter - Editor

    just over five minutes to the start of the first women’s race of the day

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