Boards at the Olympics: Day Three

After the women’s racing the men came straight out, Przemyslaw, Nick, Toni and more eager to eat into the lead of the on form Dutchman Dorian. With the surprise of the first race action being broadcast on the BBC the excitement was building for all.

The first race started, or at least tried to start in exceptionally gusty winds. All the riders were pushing the line, knowing the importance of a great start. As the pushed harder and the time ticked down increasing numbers of riders got close to, and then sent themselves over the line. A general recall was called as too many were over the line to ascertain specific riders, the restart was scheduled five minutes after this and all riders brought the back to the start ready to go again.

The second start was held under a black flag, meaning if you are over, you are out. Despite this, the line was still pushed as hard as it was in the first. Again a number of riders went over and the general recall flag was hoisted shortly after the start. This meant a number of riders would be out of the race, a disastrous move for anyone but particularly for those within touching distance of a medal.

Sailors headed to the committee boat as the tension built, finally it was revealed that Santiago Grillo of Columbia, Shahar Zubari of Israel, Karel Lavicky of the Czech Republic and  Robert Willis of the USA were all disqualified.

Dorian in control in the men's fleet.

After a short wait the race finally got underway on the third attempt, Dorian, Nick and many riders seemed to struggle at the start. Dorian was one of the first to tack off onto port, as he was swamped by riders and struggling for speed. Aron Gadorfalvi of Hungary was the surprise leader at the first mark. Aron held his position well downwind, but as the sailors rounded the leeward mark a few sailors climbed the ranks. Wang of China brought himself up into fourth by hitting the far right hand side of the course and surprise, surprise, Dorian leapt from fourth to first. In the lead Dorian seemed unstoppable again, with Toni in second and Wang who moved up into third ahead of Zack Plavsic of Canada in fourth.

Nick Dempsey struggled off the line, appearing to get stuck in the middle of the line and unable to get into to clear wind and pick off any riders on the upwind or downwind legs.

But race two was a different story.

The wind filled in a little more and became  a bit more consistent, meaning the men would be full planing all the way around the course. Nick looked brilliant off the line, in a strong position upwind and near to the boat end.

Nick lead from beginning to end, shooting around the course at absolute top speed. Dorian  was a fair way back by his standards (fourth!) at the first mark, but again made is way up the fleet and into second, but not even he could catch Nick. The Polish rider, after a bad first race, came back with a third position in this race and the French man Julien in fourth.

Unfortunately the TV coverage of the racing finished mid way through the first race, there were still some cameras around so fingers crossed there is some footage of Nick’s incredible race that will appear at some point!

Going into the lay day tomorrow, Dorian is counting an almost unbelievable four firsts and one second, discarding a third, leaving him with a total of six points. Second and fourth are covered by only three points, Toni in second on 17, Przemyslaw in third on 18 and Nick in fourth on 19. With Julien in fifth, but some 11 points behind, the top four are out ahead and all in contention for the medals.

Men’s results after six races. 

Women’s results after six races. 

On the next page check out the women’s RS:X update from day three…

  1. Amy Carter - Editor

    Interviews with Nick and Dorian, plus gallery of images from today’s action will be online tomorrow.

  2. Steve Howlett

    thanks amy great coverage

  3. Bubble

    Awesome updates cheers Amy!! And if you see someone from the bbc give them a kick up the arse and tell them they are total useless !@£$’s!!

  4. Mark Dempsey

    Tell Nick we’ll see him soon

  5. Rod


  6. Mark Dempsey

    Nice one Amy. Thx

  7. Billy2

    Thanks for the coverage. Hope someone filmed that last race!

  8. Amy Carter - Editor

    Thanks for the input guys! Any questions post on facebook, lay day tomorrow. Full interview and round up will be online this evening.

  9. Billy2

    What does Nick think went wrong in the first race today?
    (and congratulations from all of us for the win)

  10. oogaloo

    Ya baby!!!

  11. Billy2

    If this carries on, it’ll all be on the Medal Race.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Will be close all trh way to the end i am sure!

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Just about to hit the shore, will be there to interview nick and maybe another one or two of the guys. This will be online shortly, any quiestions or comments you have for nick?

  13. Billyboy

    Nick lead from start to finish. He needs a few of those and a bit of bother for NED if he wants gold. I suppose some lighter winds could shake it up a bit…

    1. Theo

      First race of today had lighter winds, didn’t went that well for Nick.

  14. Billy2

    Managed not to wet myself, but fingers well knotted.

  15. Amy Carter - Editor

    Great comeback from dorian, and julien took a few places to move up to fourth. Really tough to overtake in these more. Consistent winds we had for teh final race

  16. Amy Carter - Editor

    Amazing race from nick! Speed across all points of sailing looking incredible

  17. Steve Howlett

    amazing nick amazing dude

  18. Billy2

    France could yet invade Germany. That hasn’t happened for a few centuries.

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland third, france fourth!

  20. Amy Carter - Editor

    Victory for nick! Dorian second

  21. Amy Carter - Editor

    Germany fourth, france up to fifth!

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    Just the slalom finish to go!

  23. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick, dorian, poland at the leeward mark

  24. Mark

    Thx for your updates Amy!

  25. Billy2

    I hope he’s been practising his gybing.

  26. Amy Carter - Editor

    More complaints the the bbc? Haha

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    Were heading to the land, but will let you know final positions as they come through!

  28. Mark

    It’s a shame that we don’t have it on camera!

  29. Amy Carter - Editor

    15 sedond lead! Full tilt downwind! Slalom finish will look amazing, wish we could all see it! At the moment only the finsih boat will!

  30. Billy2

    Germany could yet invade Poland

  31. Steve Howlett

    go on nick son!!!!

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    Germany fourth, russia fifth

  33. Billy2

    Crossed fingers now in mouth.

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    Doian double tacks in front of poland, gets away incredibly fast with a split second lead ahead ofmpoland

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Ned around in second!

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick round in the lead!

  37. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick looks like he could just make teh mark, very close to the layline!

  38. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian coming up, down of the layline but closest to us at the moment, were now sitting at the upwind mark

  39. Billy2

    Is Nick loose covering, or just going for it?

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    Cant believe the bbc arent broadcasting this one!

    1. Stefan

      we in holland are happy with 90 sec.

      1. Tim

        Can’t remember it was as much as 90 secs yesterday… Really disappointing till now.

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sailors heading left a little then tacking and banking far to the right side of the course. Tricky to see any changes in position so far on this leg

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    Yep, upwind, downwind, slalom and finish! Nick deifnitely looking good everything crossed he will hold his lead!

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian overtook the russian whois now in fourth

    1. Stefan

      just 2 ppl to go

  44. Billy2

    Last windward leg then.
    Legs now crossed.

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland in second, dorian up to third!

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick round the down wind mark, heading back up wind

  47. Mark

    Downwind, Upwind, Downwind, Finish, DORminator GO GO GO!

    1. Tim


  48. Amy Carter - Editor

    Everybody heading the same way downwind, sticking to the left of the course. Full planing maximum speed, no pumping required any more!

  49. Billy2

    What lap are we on? How many windward legs are there in this race?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      They are on their second down wind leg now, one more lap after this one to go

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    Brillaint lead or nick, poland second, russia third then ned fourth!

  51. Mark

    Dorian the “DORminator” GO GO GO!

  52. Steve Howlett

    thats what it s all about – come on nick

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick on the lay line to the mark leading the pack!

  54. Laurens

    GO GO DORIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Tim

    Come on Dorian!

    1. Stefan

      yeah kick Nick!

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    Tell me about it! All tracking upwind very well now. Nick still in very strong position

  57. Billyboy

    Go Nick! Following the olymics is so stressful – there’s so much going on!

  58. Steve Howlett

    go nick go dude

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland third, russia 4th

  60. Billy2

    Go nick. Most important race of his life?
    I’ve for my fingers crossed again.

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick has an 18 second lead over dorian in second

  62. Rod

    Great go Dempsey!

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian chasing him in second with russia and hong kong

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick in the lead! by considerable way!!!!

  65. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick on perfect lay line to the mark

  66. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick in a brilliant position! looks like he could be top two at the windward mark

  67. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick in a brilliant position on the left hand side of the course

  68. Amy Carter - Editor

    fleet split with half going to each side of the course

  69. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind even stronger now, about 22 – 25 knots. full power on the 9.5s!

  70. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick and dorian both with great starts. dorian near the pin end, nick furterh up but definitely in contention

  71. Goldstien

    come on nick!!!!

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind looking better. 20 ish knots on the courser

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    one minute to go

  74. Amy Carter - Editor

    3 and a half minutes to the next start of the men’s race

  75. oogaloo

    Can’t get anthing here in Toronto. Waiting for Nicks brother Mark to come to the pub after the race.

  76. Mark

    Is this a new livelink to BBC for outside UK? Previous one is now showing football.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      BBC aren’t showing windsurfing anymore unfortunately! at least I don’t think they are correct me if I am wrong!

  77. Amy Carter - Editor

    fingers crossed my live tracker wil see me though and I will be able to keep updating you for as long as possible, if it goes down head to to follow the mark roundings and results

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    for this last men’s race we will be watching the start then tracking with them upwind, watching the first mark rounding or two then heading in so we are in time to catch interviews from the guys on the land.

  79. Amy Carter - Editor

    Egypt gybes around last mark and gives us a great smile and thumbs up! even got a pic of it thanks to Adam Duckworth! will be online later!

  80. Amy Carter - Editor

    egypt on the slalom finish!

  81. Amy Carter - Editor

    polish rider who has been up there in every race so far finishes 13th.

  82. Amy Carter - Editor

    canada fourth, france fifth.

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    Germany 2nd, China 3rd

  84. Goldstien

    is there a quick turnaround for the next race

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      yes, mandatory 10 minute break after the last finisher. Egypt coming down wind now, so probably just over 15minutes until the next start

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    yes, Nick confirmed in 10th place. Not the best race after a win yesterday

  86. Amy Carter - Editor

    yes, Nick confirmed in 10th position

  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick we think finishes in 10th.

    1. Stefan


  88. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick we think finishes in 10th

  89. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany approaching the finish

  90. Bubble

    BBC website not working either!! Pretty shocking really! Cheers for the updates Amy!

  91. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian takes an incredible win, considering such a bad start!

    1. Stefan


  92. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian flying down the slalom finish!

  93. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick up to 11th position

  94. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany, china, then canada

  95. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian ruond mark 5 in the lead

  96. Amy Carter - Editor

    my race tracker is running now though! will keep you up to date as best as I can

  97. Stefan

    no live stream any more…………..

  98. Amy Carter - Editor

    we THINK Poland had right of way and Nick should have got out of the way, don’t think anyone did penalty turns. But we caught it out of the corner of our eye. If this is the case then Nick could be on tricky ground

  99. Rod

    Oh no that is the end of the tv coverage.

    1. peter

      strange moment to quit….

  100. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick currently 13th

  101. Billy2

    Who had right of way? Did either do a penalty turn?

  102. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like Nick should have given Poland room at the mark from what we could see

  103. Amy Carter - Editor

    collision between poland and nick! did you get that on TV?

  104. Rod

    Looks windy but they are pumping like crazy

  105. Rod

    I think he is lapping the Egyptian.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      haha yes he is!

  106. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian heads off the chasing the egyptian whilst germany heads to the right!

  107. Billy2

    Why oh why did they schedule this men’s RSX race so late in the day with the forecast they had?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      the schedule of the racing has been set for a long time. It seems a massive puzzle and tricky to change any courses or times of races unless absolutely necessary

  108. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian flying down wind towards us now. pulled out a brilliant lead!

  109. Rod

    Dempsey not using dagger. Others seems to be. Dempsey looks about 13th. Dorian 1 Germany 2 Canada 3 so far.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      thanks again Rod was just going to ask how it was going, race tracker still not playing ball!

  110. rod
    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      thanks Rod

  111. Guido Trampe
  112. Amy Carter - Editor

    wind so much lighter now in parts. pumping a lot to keep planing upwind. thanks a lot for the input everyone! the more the better! fantastic to have it on the TV again!

  113. Bubble

    Where are people watching it?? I can’t find it anywhere!!

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      it is on bbc Bubble, not sure exact link but if you go onto the live section it’s an option at the bottom

  114. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian in third. nick looks to be in 14th

  115. Amy Carter - Editor

    yes guys sorry tracker is down! watching them come around the leeward mark now

  116. Rod

    Looks like solid wind, but very shifty.

  117. Stefan

    very good news!!!! Go Dorian!!

  118. Guido Trampe

    yes it is :-)

  119. Billy2

    Oh that’s not good news

  120. Guido Trampe

    go dorain

  121. Rod

    Dorian in the lead again. Dempsey about 15th

  122. Billy2

    Thanks Rod, I think Amy has no signal.

  123. Rod

    Hungary, Canada and France all round the mark first. Dempsey still not round yet.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      thanks rod! my live tracker has gone down! good timing as at least you’ve got it on the tele now!

  124. Amy Carter - Editor

    the guys that have hit the right hand side of the course are looking a little higher in comparison, maybe they’ve got a good lift out on the side

  125. Rod

    Looking very fast. Great coverage.

  126. Amy Carter - Editor

    guys to the left tacking into a good wind line now

  127. Amy Carter - Editor

    how’s the action looking on the TV?

  128. Amy Carter - Editor

    they are heading out the right of the course with approx a third of the fleet while the others head to the left

  129. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian had a terrible start, tacked off mid line, so has nick

  130. Amy Carter - Editor

    croatia, ukraine, france, belruise all at the port end with 20 secs to go

  131. Amy Carter - Editor

    just over one minute to the start

  132. Amy Carter - Editor

    six minutes to the start

  133. Mr C

    also live on BBC- web and interactive

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Thanks Mr C, thought it would be. Internet out here won’t quite handle live streaming too! Bit up and down on the 3G in the middle of the harbour!

  134. Amy Carter - Editor

    another short wait until be go into the start sequence again now

  135. Amy Carter - Editor

    none of the top racers out then, good to know! sailor all left the committee boat area now and at the coach boats preparing for the next race

  136. Rod


  137. phil

    Is that ‘Us’ as in ‘US’ or ‘US’ as in GBR?

  138. Rod

    Columbia. Czech. Us. Israel. All out

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      thank you Rod!

  139. Guido Trampe

    i can faal asleep watching swiming and still see it live when i wake up :-(

  140. Amy Carter - Editor

    still waiting to hear who is over early. if you get told on the TV please let us know!

  141. Guido Trampe

    its a shame all the effort we have to put in to watch nicest sport on earth

  142. Guido Trampe

    Live coverage @ dont click on ads

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      thanks guido!

  143. Billy2

    Why have I crossed my fingers…

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      i do too! makes typing tricky!

  144. Amy Carter - Editor

    any number of sailors on the line could be over, looked very close from our perspective

  145. Amy Carter - Editor

    short break, while the sailors over are defined. these sailors will be disqualified,

  146. Amy Carter - Editor

    another general recall

  147. Amy Carter - Editor

    estonia and another sailor going for port end start only

  148. Amy Carter - Editor

    one minute to the start now

  149. Amy Carter - Editor

    course LS3 – upwind downwind with slalom finish and three laps

  150. Amy Carter - Editor

    conditions looking very gusty on the startling as the sailors line up

  151. Amy Carter - Editor

    black flag! if anyone is over in the last minute they will be disqualified

  152. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the restart

  153. Amy Carter - Editor

    general recall!

  154. Phil Plume
    1. Stefan

      not for the dutch ppl

      1. Amy Carter - Editor
  155. Amy Carter - Editor

    off they go!

  156. Tomek

    it looks like it is live here:

  157. Amy Carter - Editor

    they may well cut the racing occasionally within the other coverage

  158. Amy Carter - Editor

    four minutes to the start

  159. Amy Carter - Editor

    six ish minutes to the start of the next men’s race

    1. Phil Plume

      does any one know if this is being shown on the BBC web site? where is it????

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        i don’t think it’s being shown live. But i believe it’s being recorded to be shown later

  160. Amy Carter - Editor

    Men are due to start in approx 15 minutes after the last woman finishes. conditions looking similar still, windy (12-18knots) gusty and shifty with big holes in the wind and sporadic patches of wind coming through

  161. Amy Carter - Editor

    next race up will be the men’s as the women head into the beach.

  162. Amy Carter - Editor

    another win for Poland as Zofia takes the second win of the day, with Marina of Spain in second and the Ukraine in third. Bryony Shaw takes 8th position

  163. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony takes 8th just ahead of italy and canada

  164. Amy Carter - Editor

    france sixth, china seventh

  165. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany fifth

  166. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland fourth

  167. Amy Carter - Editor

    zofia wins! marina in secodn and ukraine in third

  168. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony currently in ninth

  169. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland, spain, ukraine through the slalom leg coming up to the finish

  170. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony still looking around 7th position

  171. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain second, ukraine in third

  172. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland round in first

  173. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland tacked on top of ukraine giving her dirty wind, looks like she won’t take the line to the mark now

  174. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland and spain tack off, ukraine could be on the lay line to the mark already

  175. Amy Carter - Editor

    both coming up to the mark on starboard but below the lay line

  176. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland and spain absolutely neck and neck

  177. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryonny tacks early, looking to cover the fleet in front of her

  178. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony heading off the the left of the course, the first rider in the fleet to do this, risky choice!

  179. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony still looking around 7th place

  180. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine coming through in third, also heading to the left

  181. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland through the leeward mark and heading out to the right of the course, closely followed by spain

  182. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks lie the BBC will be filming the men’s RS:X I don’t think to be shown live, but will be shown later today

  183. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony round in 7th

  184. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony heading up to the mark on port

  185. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine around in third

  186. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland leading and coming down wind, closely followed by spain

  187. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain just misses the mark and has had to double tack

  188. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland just crossed in front of her and tacking on top of her

  189. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain tacking onto the lay line for the mark

  190. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony gone to the far right of the course, just tacked onto starboard now

  191. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain tacked back onto port too now sailing under but slightly ahead of poland

  192. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain and poland looking very close to each other, about to cross with poland on port

  193. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland, ukraine and italy all heading to the left

  194. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain, china, and bryony heading upwind up the right of the course

  195. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine in third, china moved up to fourth. chinese girl one of the few to head to the right of the course

  196. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony round in 8th position

  197. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland around the windward mark, followed by spain

  198. Amy Carter - Editor

    downwind all sticking to the left hand side of the course

  199. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland with good lead over spain, and even bigger lead over the ukraine in third

  200. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony around n 8th position

  201. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland around with spain in second

  202. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland and spain got headed as they come up to the windward mark both double tacked

  203. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks tight for poland and spain to make the upwind mark, they may have to double tack

  204. Amy Carter - Editor

    italy on the lay line too a couple of hundred metre behind, with byrony just behind her

  205. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland coming from the right and onto lay line to the mrk closely followed by spain

  206. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain leading a group coming up on port into the mark, with bryony involved in this group

  207. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony looking around top 6

  208. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain looking in a very strong position coming upwind

  209. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony has gone far out to the left of the course, will be interesting to see which side of the course pays in these shifty and gusty winds

  210. Amy Carter - Editor

    looking less wind to the left of the course, a few girls coming off the plane on this side. a few have taken to the right into the stronger winds

  211. Amy Carter - Editor

    italy and spain at the pin end on starboard. Bryony has a good start, mid way along the line heading off above a lot of the fleet.

  212. Amy Carter - Editor


  213. Amy Carter - Editor

    estonia, france, bulgaria, canada and norway all the pin end, with the rest of the fleet at the boat end with one minute to the start

  214. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony showed in the last race she is capable of a race win as she lead around the second lap, if she performs to her best she can definitely take a better result in this race.

  215. Amy Carter - Editor

    sailors checking their transits and beginning to line up for the start

  216. Amy Carter - Editor

    five minutes to the start of the next women’s race

  217. Amy Carter - Editor

    same course again for the girls. Wind looking even gustier, we’ve recorded anything from 8-19knots here on the course

  218. Amy Carter - Editor

    10 minutes to the next start

  219. Amy Carter - Editor

    incredible race with a lot of movement in the top positions, the shifty tricky winds delivery some interesting racing. we will have a short break now before the next start for the women

  220. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina overtakes bryony who is coming up to the finish in 6th

  221. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony falls at the gybe mark! one rider has passed her

  222. Amy Carter - Editor

    Zofia wins!!! Lee of israel in second

  223. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony in fifth, pushing for fourth on the last leg

  224. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine looks just ahead of bryony as the come into the slalom finish too

  225. Amy Carter - Editor

    sofia into the slalom finish, followed by Lee from israel

  226. Amy Carter - Editor

    sofia having incredible speed in these conditions

  227. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland not far away from down wind gate, with a commanding lead

  228. Amy Carter - Editor

    all sailors so far hitting the left hand side of the course (as you look out from the start line)

  229. Amy Carter - Editor

    finland next, followed by spain

  230. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine just around windward mark followed by bryony

  231. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony in fourth

  232. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel had to double tack as she just missed the lay line

  233. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland round the windward mark

  234. Amy Carter - Editor

    cananda went out to the right hand side of the course and coming through in a strong position, should be looking at a top five position

  235. Amy Carter - Editor

    this will be the last upwind leg, they will then come down wind and through the slalom finish

  236. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland and ukraine tacked onto port now and are coming up to the mark on the port lay line, few hundred metres away

  237. Amy Carter - Editor

    getting some incredible shots of the racing too!

  238. Amy Carter - Editor

    most sailors heading right a little to tack into a section of strong wind, then banking out to the left hand side of the course

  239. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony, ukraine and spain a little behind and then very close.

  240. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland and israel first and second

  241. Amy Carter - Editor

    spain and finland behind and in hot pursuit

  242. Amy Carter - Editor

    ukraine in front of bryony who is chasing her in fourth now

  243. Billy2

    Brilliant to hear this live.
    What wind strength are they racing in?

    1. JU
    2. Amy Carter - Editor

      16 to 18 knots on the course

  244. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel and poland around and neck and neck on the upwind mark, heading down wind

  245. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony looking in a good position, top riders approaching the windward mark now

  246. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony, zofia and lee all looking very close to each other

  247. Amy Carter - Editor

    all heading up wind to the left, bryony tacked to cover the fleet

  248. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel third, marina still in 7th

  249. Amy Carter - Editor

    she’s taken an impressive lead over the polish girl zofia who has taken second

  250. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony takes the lead on the downwind!
    through the downwind gate

  251. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel couple hundred metres from down wind mark

  252. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina in 7th position

  253. Amy Carter - Editor

    poland in third place

  254. Amy Carter - Editor

    israel first around the first mark

  255. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony in second position

  256. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony looking in a strong position up to the upwind mark

  257. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony keeping to the left hand side of the course

  258. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony chosing to start fairly high, near the boat end of the line. off in clear wind and tracking well

  259. Amy Carter - Editor

    clean start, russia at the pin end

  260. Amy Carter - Editor

    all the other girls tracking down the line

  261. Amy Carter - Editor

    estonia looking for a port flyer

  262. Amy Carter - Editor

    one minute to the start

  263. Amy Carter - Editor

    just a couple of minutes to the start now

  264. Amy Carter - Editor

    Got our star photographer Adam Duckworth on the boat today too, so expect full gallery of the RS:X action on Boards this evening!

  265. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heading out onto the course. scheduled start 14.15 for the women

  266. Amy Carter - Editor

    Heading out on the press boat very soon. Will bring you live updates and progress as soon as we’re on the water and set up.


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