Boards at the Olympics: Day Two

Bryony Shaw posted two more good results today, putting her in sixth overall going into day three of racing.

Boards caught up with Bryony for a run down on her day on the race course:

“Fourth in the first race was a bit of a comeback! I did a 360 on the start line because myself and the French girl knocked boards on the start, it wasn’t really much of an incident but she hailed protest at me and I was windward board so I had to exonerate myself. This meant I was last off the line and managed to claw my way back to fourth and that it wasn’t a total disaster, in fact it is my best result so far!

Bryony Shaw
Bryony Shaw. Image credit Richard Langdon/Skandia Team GBR.

I managed to get myself into about tenth at the first leeward mark, so I had a pretty good downwind section and had played the shifts reasonably well up the first beat. My board speed I think really carried me through and got me into that position. Then on the second beat the wind did a big shift to the left, to the other side of Portland, and created a big hole which a lot of the girls that were ahead of me sailed into. I tacked away before I went into it, stayed in the pressure and came across on port and actually got into third at the windward. The Finnish girl passed me on the final downwind, again due to another almost helicopter gust that she got and I didn’t.

It was kind of snakes and ladders out there today. 

Ninth in the second was a bit average, a couple of girls managed to sneak in front of me due to a shift to the right on the beat. It was a pretty light and tricky day, the wind kept flicking inside of Portland so it was very, very tactical and tricky.

Now I am just hoping for a couple of races inside the top three which will really help my cause and I think I am sailing well enough to do that for sure.”

Check out an interview with Nick Dempsey here. 

Check out an interview with men’s RS:X  leader Dorian.

  1. Simon B

    Am I the only one to comment on NDs tactics at the end? He bore away, drew the Greek downwind to cover, then pumped upwind… Byron tried to cover him again, lost speed in his unplanned turns and a nose up chop moment and ND slipped through below him. Brilliant racing… stick that up your kiting shorts and smoke it!

  2. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina absolutely showing her dominance again today, extending her lead against the others after two brilliant results.

  3. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony finishes in 9th

  4. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina wins!

  5. Amy Carter - Editor

    very close between these two with a little gap before the pair chasing in third and fourth

  6. Amy Carter - Editor

    gybing arournd the slalom marks with the israel rider on her tail

  7. Amy Carter - Editor

    she is through the gate in the lead

  8. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina with a good lead coming down to the leeward mark

  9. Amy Carter - Editor

    and finally I can see the live race tracker again!

  10. Amy Carter - Editor

    now ESP, ISR, GER, FIN, POL

  11. Amy Carter - Editor

    ESP, ISR, FIN, GER, UKR with Bryony in 9th

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Slightly off topic, but whilst I struggle to get RS:X results Bradley Wiggins takes gold!

  13. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony looks just in the top 10 at the moment.

  14. Amy Carter - Editor

    heading for the gate, ESP still in the lead, ISR, FIN, GER, UKR

  15. Amy Carter - Editor

    BEL over the line early. She has now realised and has left the course area

  16. Amy Carter - Editor

    around the mark, ISR, ESP, FIN, BEL

  17. Amy Carter - Editor

    currently ITA, FRA, ESP, CAN, BEL

  18. Billy2

    Yes, on the results site they were logging 19knots for the start.
    Dunno how accurate that is for that course or just an average for the bay.

  19. Amy Carter - Editor

    Having trouble with my race viewer at the moment, hopefully will be back asap!

  20. Amy Carter - Editor

    top mark, RUS, BEL, CAN, GRE, GBR

  21. Amy Carter - Editor

    RS:X – ESP leading the way again, GRE, GBR, BEL

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like maybe a little stronger on the course than I first thought, tricky to estimate from here! sources saying app rod 16-20knots

  23. Amy Carter - Editor

    Race underway!

  24. Billy2

    Thanks Amy. Shifty winds make racing very tactical but also subject to some luck. Let’s see who still gets consistent results here.

  25. Amy Carter - Editor

    our information still saying RS:X race yet to start. Not sure the reasons for the delay as not on the race course today, will be tomorrow though I hope!

  26. Billy2

    Go Bryony!
    What’s the windstrength on the course?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Billy from here (on land at the sailing venue!) I would estimate the wind is between 10 and 14 knots on the course. Very tricky and gusty today, and no where near as windy as expected

  27. Amy Carter - Editor

    still not into the start sequence on the women’s course.

  28. Amy Carter - Editor

    Women’s race due to start in one minute. Just waiting for information to go live!

  29. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony now in fourth position overall after race three. Race four starting soon.

  30. Jem Hall

    awesome footage on the iplayer and great to catch up on all the commentary, very exciting .. well done to Nick and keep charging Bryony

  31. Amy Carter - Editor

    final racer just coming to the downwind mark, so I would estimate 15 minutes until the next start for the women.

  32. Amy Carter - Editor

    Next women’s RS:X race due to start approximately 10minutes after the last racer finishes.

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    Duke of Edinburgh just walked past, think he’s been enjoying the action out on the water! Wonder if he’s been watching the windsurfing?!?!

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    Great result for Bryony, coming back very well on the second up wind leg

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony just edged into fourth in a very close race

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    Finland just ahead, but Bryony is right on her, any mistake from Finland and Bryony will take third

  37. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony battling with Finland for third, very close between these two going into the final stretch

  38. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina going through the slalom section with confidence looking good for the win

  39. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina almost at the downwind gate, still with a relatively comfortable lead over the second placed german

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    all racers so far choosing to gybe off fairly soon and hit the right hand side of the course (looking out from the start line) winds looking a little lighter now

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony rounds in third, with the finnish rider on her tail

  42. Amy Carter - Editor

    german rider around and on her way downwind

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina around, looks like the german racer will be in second. Bryony may have to double tack to make the mark also

  44. Amy Carter - Editor

    marina missed the lay line and having to double tack to make the mark, which brings the chasing riders a lot closer to her

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony tacking onto the lay line, she could be up into second or third position

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina now just over 100m from the windward mark

  47. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony is a positive position, looking like she may have a gained a few places on this upwind, but tricky to see until places are established around the windward mark

  48. Amy Carter - Editor

    then back onto her starboard course to carry her up to the windward mark

  49. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina tacked onto port to cover the fleet

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    most sailors going to the left of the course as you look out from the startline

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony exceptionally close to finland and ukraine riders, definitely pushing them on this upwind and her speed is looking good. She should be able to gain a place or two here.

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony still in 8th as she approaches the bottom gate

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    france just through the bottom gate followed by germany still

  54. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina around the leeward mark in first with an ever bigger lead of the next sailor

  55. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony round the windward mark in 8th position

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    bryony on the lay line to the first mark now

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    france around the mark, swiftly followed by germany in third

  58. Amy Carter - Editor

    She has a long lead over the next riders

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    Marina around the windward mark

  60. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like Marina is in the lead, less than 100m to the first mark for her

  61. Billyboy

    ND interview on BBC now…

  62. Amy Carter - Editor

    Race started at 14.30. Just getting full race info through, will have updates very, very shortly!

  63. Billyboy
  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi Guys, just back from interviews and finding out the latest on the women’s RS:X

  65. Billyboy

    Doesn’t look like they will be showing the womens RSX on BBC :(

  66. Bill Short

    Schedule says the Women’s RS:X race 3 now starts at 14.30hrs.

  67. Bill Short

    Nick is now third overall.
    (Loud cheers)

  68. Amy Carter - Editor

    Brilliant result! Off to catch an interview with Nick. Will hopefully be back in time to report on the women’s RS:X due to start just after 14:00.

  69. co.editor


  70. Billyboy

    Dempsey won it! What a great finish for the TV!!

  71. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick Dempsey takes the win!

  72. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian takes third

  73. Amy Carter - Editor

    looks like greek rider just defended his position, but absolute photo finish!

  74. Amy Carter - Editor

    exceptionally close finish between nick and greek rider

  75. Amy Carter - Editor

    last down wind leg of this race

  76. Amy Carter - Editor

    Greek sailor around the upwind mark, with Nick just after him. Dorian around just a couple of seconds later and now chasing Nick down. Will be a close finish for the top three

  77. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick now in a great position just upwind of the greek rider. If he can maintain his speed he will reel him in

  78. Amy Carter - Editor

    very close between germany and poland for fourth and fifth. just two second separating the two

  79. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick looks like he has great speed on the upwind leg. Catching the Greek sailor in front of him

  80. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick looking good on the down wind leg. Great board speed downwind, drawing away from Dorian in third

  81. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick still in second, behind the greek sailor who now has a good lead.

  82. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick dempsey up to second place, overtaking Dorian, looks like his risk didn’t pay off by taking the opposite side of the course

  83. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian taking a risk, heading to the opposite side of the course than Nick and Greece

  84. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick now in fifth place, just behind NZ chasing them on the down wind leg

  85. Amy Carter - Editor

    Looking close at the top of the fleet. Greece still in the lead with Dorian just behind around the upwind mark

  86. Amy Carter - Editor

    nick dempsey up to third, overtaking Poland and NZ on the down wind leg!

  87. Amy Carter - Editor

    greece still in the lead at the end of the first down wind, but looks like dorian is closing

  88. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dempsey currently in fifth position

  89. Amy Carter - Editor

    conditions looking a lot flatter and lighter on the Nothe course that yesterday.

  90. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian in second, followed by Poland, New Zealand and Nick Dempsey

  91. Amy Carter - Editor

    Greek sailor around upwind mark

  92. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick looking good up the first beat. Sailors starting to pump a little more as the wind is dropping a little

  93. Amy Carter - Editor

    Spainish sailor over early on the start. Should go round the end but don’t think they have as yet.

  94. Amy Carter - Editor

    Winds a little bit lighter than yesterday. Just planing conditions, hopefully set to increase later in the day.

  95. Amy Carter - Editor

    Or keep up to date with our comments and following of the course right here on Boards.

  96. Amy Carter - Editor
  97. Amy Carter - Editor

    next race for the RS:X due to start at 13:00

  98. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian wins again in the first race, with incredible board speed in these winds. Egyptian racer about to finish, then minimum 10 minute wait until the start of the next race.

  99. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi All, back in the media centre now. Watching the RS:X men racing LIVE as I hope most of you are too! Will be bringing you commentary for the second race.

  100. co.editor

    Simon Bornhoft commentating currently

  101. rod

    Hi Amy, your on water commentary yesterday was almost more exciting than watching a video stream, worked really well.

RS:X Men's start.

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