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The competition is set to kick off for the pros early Friday morning, with a briefing at 8.00am action could start very soon after. Boards will be there from the start giving you (as long as internet co operates a lot better than in Tiree!) up to the minute coverage of the competition right here at the bottom of this post.

Before the final leg of the BWA tour kicks off keep up to date with the latest news with these two features:

Tiree Round Ups and Chasing the Titles


Boards in Cornwall: The Build Up Begins

Phil Horrocks
Current tour leader Phil Horrocks.

Who do you think will take the win in Cornwall? Can Phil Horrocks take the title this year?

  1. Bill Short

    What time have they called tomorrow morning’s start?
    Seems to me they could in theory run a double elimination early for the pros, not least because the amateurs and other fleets have to register.
    It’s just that the forecast suggests early wind, peaking at about 10am. The direction could be more onshore than today, but still with a reasonable angle from the right, and the waves should be bigger.
    Nothing wrong with a starboard tack event of course. ‘Bout time the south coast sailors like Hancock and Coxy got a look in, haha.

  2. Amy Carter - Editor

    well I think it’s all very tight! On paper with Horrocks where he is now with a good result Jamie could take it, but all depends on a lot of other things too. For sure they will try for a double for the pros, but the single result is the most important, with this done the focus is now to get results for the other fleets first I would guess; of course this is just my opinion and final say will go to Duncan! Not sure if results will be announced tonight or held for tomorrow but we will publish as soon as possible!

  3. Amy Carter

    Winners will now be announced later as judges are confimring the results. I will announce as soon as they are announced!

  4. Billy2

    Let’s hope it’s still light enough for the head judge to read his calculator then.

  5. Jackie Lloyd

    Just lookin on bwa website and its lookin tight at the top

  6. Clyde waite

    Jamie has to win and phil come fifth for phil not to take title i think

  7. Billy2

    So, either way, it had been a good year for Tabou and Gaastra then.

  8. Jackie Lloyd

    Depends on where Hancock finishes

  9. Billy2

    So where does this leave Phil Horrocks overall.?
    And will there be a double for the pros if there’s early wind tomorrow?

  10. Billy2

    I’ll guess jamie.
    And thanks for the coverage, Amy.

  11. Jackie Lloyd

    Great work Amy great running comentary…

  12. Amy Carter

    Announcement on the beach now! Then winners announced very shortly!!!

  13. will rogers

    whats your guess on the winner?

  14. Amy Carter

    Very close as we come to the the end of the heat!

  15. Billy2

    I can’t see the cam because I’m following this on me fone.
    But I’ll take your word for it.

    I guess it’s lighter there because it’s further west.
    It was dark at 6pm here in Brighton.

  16. Amy Carter

    Proffit comes bakc with a good wave too!

  17. Jackie Lloyd

    What you on about Billy2 Double starts in 15mins!!!

  18. Amy Carter

    All getting some more good waves, loking really close, chambers getting some good hits. And hancock takes a good wave. Is getting a little dark now! Should just make the end of the final before the light goes.

  19. Billy2

    This sounds great. But where I am it’s completely dark.

    1. will rogers

      it still looks ok there

    2. Clyde waite

      Still a bit of light there on the sunset surf cam

  20. Amy Carter

    Chambers and hancock getting some good set waves after too, awesome standard as wasmto be expected!

  21. Amy Carter

    Cox amd proffitt both pulling awesome waves, cox gets a pretty decennt aerial

  22. Amy Carter

    No jumps to count, just waves.

  23. Amy Carter

    Cox kicking u loads of spray on this wave!

  24. Amy Carter

    Chambers replies with a sick wave!!

  25. Amy Carter

    Proffitt and cox getting nice waves straight away.

  26. Amy Carter

    Final is on!

  27. Clyde waite

    Coxy legend. All the carrots paid off

  28. Amy Carter

    AP down…final is one in two mins!

  29. will rogers

    NIce updates Amy – excited for the rest of the weekend now. WHOOOOP

    1. Amy Carter

      Wooohooo! Good to hear! When are you down?

      1. will rogers

        Cooking a beast of a shephards pie now, so a few hours

  30. Amy Carter

    Proffitt and cox through in previous heat. So its proffitt, cox, hancock and chambers into the final

  31. Jackie Lloyd

    Who went thru previous heat?

  32. Amy Carter

    Just ratifying the results from the previous heat, all very close for the spots in the final!

  33. Amy Carter

    Hancock and chambers advance through. Hancock winning that heat by a fair few points!

  34. Billy2

    Too dark?

    1. Amy Carter

      Not yet!

  35. Amy Carter

    Will go into postponement at the end of this heat beofre we go into the next one

  36. Amy Carter

    Very close on this one! Hancock looking awesome, but as are all the ohters!

  37. Amy Carter

    Awesome heat this one! Backies, forward, aerials, takas, all coming out now!

  38. Jackie Lloyd

    Cant be much Light left

    1. will rogers

      going to be tight for the final – just need abouth 25 mins

  39. Amy Carter

    Previous heat looks closes, depends whether the jumps are to count or not…

  40. Amy Carter

    Hancock, merrony, lewis, chambers in this heat. Good forward from chambers and good ride from hancock to open.

  41. Jackie Lloyd

    Go Phil ……..

  42. Amy Carter

    1minute to go, horrocks gets a good wave

  43. Amy Carter

    Still confusion on the jump front seems some are goigng for jumps some arent.

  44. justin long

    is there a someone taking pictures for the event? when will they be online?

    1. Amy Carter

      Yes justin, dave white for the bwa, si crowther and a couple of other photographers around too. These will be online asap tonight ot tomorrow depending on what time we get finished today!

  45. Jackie Lloyd

    Lookin like coxy thru

  46. Hunty

    Go on coxy!!!!

  47. Amy Carter

    Horrocks gets a wave but it doesnt quite sit up for him

  48. Amy Carter

    Hell hit from coxy on am awesome bowling wave

  49. Amy Carter

    Awesome backie from cox! Some confusion on waves, riders think there was one jump in so they are now to count

  50. Amy Carter

    Mullen gets a good wave

  51. Amy Carter

    Standard in this heat absolutely incredible, all scoring some awesome waves.

  52. Amy Carter

    Horrcosk goes down on a wave

  53. Amy Carter

    Looks like cox might still think a jump is needed as he pulls a forward and goes for a backie!

  54. Amy Carter

    Proffitt working the waves, throwing up buckets of spray

  55. Amy Carter

    Horrocks and mullen getting good rides too. Mullen startsnoff with one awesome turn

  56. Amy Carter

    Coxy awesome style, really working a good wave

  57. Amy Carter

    Horrocks got a good wave too

  58. Amy Carter

    Proffitt starts off the heat with a great wave

  59. Amy Carter

    Judges just working out, very close between neal and chambers. Chambers advances by half a point!

  60. Amy Carter

    Proffitt, mullen, horrocks and cox up in the next heat!

  61. Amy Carter

    1minute to go!

  62. Amy Carter

    Looking very very close as we come to the end of this heat…

  63. Amy Carter

    Neal gets a good forward!

  64. Amy Carter

    Massive backie crash from bubble!!!

  65. Amy Carter

    Good wave from bubble now too! Looking close on waves, but neal really needs a jump in the bag

  66. Amy Carter

    Bubble pulls a super clean forward, now neal definitely needs a jump!

  67. Amy Carter

    Neal still needs a jump, bubble has a crashed forward but thats it for jumpsmat this stage. Jumps taken out of the heats after this heat, so the next one will be back to two waves only

  68. Amy Carter

    Neal and bubble share a wave, neal almost gets a taka!

  69. Amy Carter

    It just fades out, bubble gets an ok turn but not too great just yet. Bubble looked awesome freesailing earlier, lets hope he can pull it out in the heat!

  70. Amy Carter

    Bubble onto a great wave

  71. Amy Carter

    Neal gets a great wave, nice little cut backs!

  72. Amy Carter

    Neal gets an ok wave, bubble gets a forward…and a half crash!

  73. Amy Carter

    Neal vs chambers in this heat now

  74. Amy Carter

    Lewis and merrony advace

    1. Luke Green

      Unlucky George!

      1. will rogers


  75. Amy Carter

    2waves and 1jump in the next heat

    1. will rogers

      what was it before?

      1. Amy Carter

        2waves only

  76. Amy Carter

    How much can you see?

    1. will rogers

      pretty much nothing…

  77. Amy Carter

    Waves a bit up,and down in this heat, looks really hard to read which ones are going to ramp up. All sailors still getting more god waves!

  78. will rogers

    Is there a pic of the ellimation ladder available. Sunset surf is working as very average live feed…. :S

    1. Amy Carter

      Yeah below and on facebook amd instagram

  79. will rogers

    Shillito surely…

    Amy Carter
    Looking close this heat!

    1. Amy Carter

      Wonder why you say that will! Couldnt call this one!

  80. Amy Carter

    Looking close this heat!

  81. Amy Carter

    Hunt get a good wave too, and lewis gets another too

  82. Amy Carter

    Good wave now from shillito!

  83. Amy Carter

    Merrony and lewis on waves, both looing fairly good

  84. Amy Carter

    Lewis gets an ok wave to start the heat

  85. Amy Carter

    Merrony, hunt, lewis and shillito up in the next heat

  86. Amy Carter

    Cox advances

    1. Luke Green

      Sounds like Muzza was robbed!

      1. Amy Carter

        Haha dont think so! Muzz got some good waves, but cox had most waves a little better than his. He almost had it though!

      2. Clyde waite

        Sounds like he couldnt match the might of cox

        1. Amy Carter

          Coxy fears no one in starboard tack!

  87. Amy Carter

    Wind has definitlely built, with some good set waves coming through, not ideal but some pretty good riding conditiond

  88. Amy Carter

    Muzz on a wave as the heat ends,

  89. Amy Carter

    Cox goes for a taka but cant quite make it

  90. Amy Carter

    Heats are two to go through from a heat of four from now on, NOT man on man within a four man heat.

  91. Amy Carter

    Cox on another wave but falls

  92. Amy Carter

    Mizz gets on a brilliant wave with a good few awesome turns, sounds like the judges liked that one!

  93. Amy Carter

    Cox is now looking in a strong position in this heat, with 7good scoring waves

  94. Amy Carter

    Great wave selection from cox, he is on yet snother set wave

  95. Amy Carter

    Coxy gets an awesome wave. Muzz now way downwind!

  96. will rogers

    go muzz!

  97. Amy Carter

    If murray can get another wave like his first this could be tight!

  98. Amy Carter

    Cox gets another goood scoring wave, some good slashy top turns

  99. Amy Carter

    Murrays was a long nice wave, should be a good scorer!

  100. Amy Carter

    Murray on a good wave, a lot further downwind than cox

  101. Amy Carter

    Cox gets another great wave with some solid turns

  102. Amy Carter

    Coxy has a good wave already in this heat

  103. Amy Carter

    Mullen and horrocks through in previous heat

  104. will rogers

    Whoop keep up the commentary Amy – awesome job

  105. Amy Carter

    Cox and murray in this heat

  106. Amy Carter

    Horrocks and mullen share a wave, more slick turns from horrocks, mullen gets an aerial but doesnt quite make it

  107. Amy Carter

    Mullen on another wave but gybes off

  108. Amy Carter

    Mullen, horrocks and king all on waves, awesome turns from all taking them all into the beach. Looking close in this heat!

  109. Amy Carter

    Dixon is out on the water now! Last minute change of mind and he gets a wave!

  110. Jackie Lloyd

    Come on Phil….

  111. justin long


    1. Amy Carter

      Sorry frozen hands on ipad and trying to type quickly to get the most info possible out!

  112. Amy Carter

    Mullen gets a good wave too now

  113. Amy Carter

    Another good wave forhorrocks. Timo stoll sewrching out nis first wave

  114. Amy Carter

    Mullen gets oin a wave, but then gybe off. King sitting out back waiting it out.

  115. Amy Carter

    King and mullen heading out looking for waves

  116. Amy Carter

    Horrocks gets another wave, getting some more snappy turns now!

  117. Amy Carter

    Kings get a wave, goes for an aerial but cant quite pull it off properly.

  118. Amy Carter

    Horrocks gets a good ride early in the heat, good few turns

  119. Amy Carter

    Heat one is on!

  120. Amy Carter

    Still 15minute heats with 2 waves to count.

  121. Amy Carter

    Dixon now not sailing in the first heat, so its a battle between king, mullen and horrocks. Correction this heat starting in 2minutes!

  122. Amy Carter

    AP down, start to the first heat in 15mins!

  123. Amy Carter

    Still on hold. Waves looking a little better, judges still assessing the conditions.

  124. Amy Carter

    Alll guys on their big gear, 5.7s or 5.3s with 80litre plus boards. Planing on and off but the waves are not quite playing ball and ramping up properly.

  125. Amy Carter

    Waves not looking good enough at the moment so start delayed, hopefully when the tide drops back a little ,ore the waves will get better.

  126. Amy Carter

    Sorry guys waiting for adecision. No heats run yet

  127. Bill Short

    If they haven’t yet started then they’ll struggle to complete a single elimination now as day light will disappear fast, soon enough. That said, there are plenty of windsurfers to be seen planing on the cam, so maybe heats are already underway. Let’s hope the tide times haven’t scuppered this, what could be the windiest day of the BWA 3-day weekend.

  128. Jackie Lloyd

    Whats happening!!!!

    1. Amy Carter

      Sorry jackie, internet blip amd waiting for response from judges!

  129. Amy Carter

    Almost start time!

  130. Amy Carter

    First heat to start at 15.30. 15minute heats 2 min trasistions. 2 waves only to count.

  131. Amy Carter

    Proffitt on the water

  132. Amy Carter

    Horrocks getting ready too!

    1. Amy Carter
  133. Amy Carter

    Timo heading out and proffitt going on the water too!

  134. Amy Carter

    Timo, proffit, horrocks amd others getting themselves ready!

  135. Amy Carter

    Duncan coombs “conditions are looking a little better now, we could potentially look at running a heat fairly soon, but its getting tricky now as the tide is coming up. Winds looking a lot stronger now! “

  136. Amy Carter

    Waves looking a litle better now. A few sailors out enjoying the conditions but still very light winds, judges just investigating further spots so will have an update for you from them very soon.

  137. finbolt

    Strange ladder top seeds all on one side of the draw..? What size waves are coming through Amy – can the competition move to anywhere else?

    1. Amy Carter

      Think the seedings are a little different due to events riders have an havent done. Waves still small. Waist high on average i would say.

  138. Amy Carter

    Still no official announcements to start competition, more freesailors are heading out though and the waves pushing in a little more all the time. When the heats do get started it will be big gear for all the guys, were talking 85, 92 or even 110 litre boards in coxys case!

  139. Amy Carter

    Andy king “wind looks like it will veer more to the north east this afternoon, its a little too east at the moment. Im looking forward to my heat, i dont fear anyone bar James Cox in starboard conditions! There are no easy heats as everyone is at a high standard now. ”

    Andy Chambers “i wanted to compete this morning but still waiting now, i really hope the wind swings round or it may not come through.”
    Chris Murray “im up against cox and im gonna beat him coz im sailing the rocks! Im gonna turn around him, spray him in the face, its gonna ground him! He should go back to the south coast where you found him!”

    Phil Horrocks ” it would have been nicer to have an easier draw for sure, but at the end of the day you have to beat everyone to win the event and thats what i am aiming for.”

    Ben Proffitt “im not even thinking about the title now, theres a very slim chance i can still get the title, but it relies on too many results for others so i am just here to enjoy the event and do as well as ican.”

    Whippy Dixon “i last competed in waves in tiree three years ago, im feeling pretty cold and nervous, love the seeding up against current tour leader horrocks, love it!”

  140. Bill Short

    If anyone wants a visual on what’s happening down at Gwithian, check out the cam here:

    Not a lot, then! Still looks flat and not that windy.

  141. Bill Short

    justin, if you go on the boards facebook page and look at the pics, the ladder is the next one along.

  142. justin long

    the picture of the ladder is the wrong picture

    1. Amy Carter

      Sorry justin, this should be the correct link

  143. Amy Carter
  144. Amy Carter

    Conditions looking a little better, still light but a few little waves rolling through now

  145. Amy Carter

    Looking at the draw, things have really mixed up now. Horrocks was in a very strong position going into this event, but now find himself in a first heat with king, mullen and dixon. Horrocks needs to make it through this very tough heat to keep his title chances alive, whereas Jamie Hancock and Proffitt are automatically put through to the next round putting them at an immediate advantage.

  146. Amy Carter

    James cox “my foot is still sore after hurting it in tiree, but i am feeling about today, i think the conditions will continue to improve through the day and i am looking forward to getting some jupms in!”

  147. Amy Carter

    Pros elimination ladder

  148. justin long

    we going to have any better updates than this? little interviews with pros? and who is competing? come on if there isn’t anything happening makes your life easier to do things…..

    1. Amy Carter

      Yes Justin, goong to get the ladders up soon. Couple of the pros tempted to head out at the moment to test the conditions so will have updates from them and the tohers very soon.

  149. Amy Carter

    For anyone that doesnt have facebook i will post the images in links here too, not looking much better yet as the rain has come in too, but looks good for later in the day!

  150. Amy Carter

    Conditions not improved just yet, we now have lighter winds, rain and colder temperatures! Many sailors staying warm in the cafe, announcements now every 30minutes, so we will have a further update at 11.30am

  151. Amy Carter

    At gwithian beach,relativly flat so looks unlikely for competition just yet waves could ramp up as the tide comes in. Follow pics from the day at

Ollie Acton. One handed funnell.

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