Boards in Cornwall: Day Three Gallery and Live Ticker

Overall BWA tour results 2012:

Pros – 1st Jamie Hancock 2nd Phil Horrocks 3rd Ben Proffitt

Ladies – 1st Debbie Kennedy 2nd Justyna Sniady 3rd Sophia Gilje

Amateurs – 1st Alfie Hart 2nd Ian Ross 3rd Tom Bennett-Lloyd

Masters – 1st Davey Edmiston 2nd Dave White 3rd Stu Tilbury

BWA Cornwall Classic 2012 results:

Pros – 1st Jamie Hancock 2nd James Cox 3rd Ben Proffitt

Ladies – 1st Sarah Bibby 2nd Debbie Kennedy 3rd Justyna Sniady

Amateurs – 1st Alfie Hart 2nd Emile Kott 3rd Adam Cropper

Masters – 1st Justin Dennington 2nd Dave White 3rd Davey Edmiston

Good morning from a fairly cold Gwithian! Lightish onshore winds today at Gwithian beach, but current plan is to run the double with a first possible start at 12.00. We will follow up with further info and live ticker from all the rounds on this thread so check back for all the details soon!

The ladders from the single elimination:

  1. Nigel

    Amy, Can you remove the “Ladies single” image. This was innacurate as Sophia should say Justyna. Cheers, Nigel

  2. amy

    event over!

  3. amy

    heat abandoned!

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      what happens now? If the double doesnt complete do the results so far today get counted?

  4. amy

    wind looking even lighter now

  5. amy

    edmiston gets few solid turns on a wave

  6. amy

    light winds, tricky to get on waves. Cropper gets a good wave

  7. amy

    cropper vs kott and edmiston vs white. Bibby wins the ladies!

  8. amy

    cropper advances

  9. amy

    cropper and bennett lloyd both getting some awesome waves. Cropper getting the biggest waves

  10. amy

    think levie won youths

  11. amy

    tom bennett lloyd is about to come a cropper@

    1. Jackie Lloyd


  12. bean

    Who won the youths? good ticker guys :)

  13. amy

    ladies final. Kennedy and bibby. Plus cropper vs bennett lloyd

  14. Jackie Lloyd


  15. Jackie Lloyd


  16. justin long

    whos edmiston vs?

  17. amy

    edmiston advances

  18. amy

    light winds making it hard to get the waves. Looking close at the moment@

  19. Kat

    Come on Davie xx

  20. Jackie Lloyd

    come on big davey you can do it !!!!

  21. amy

    edmiston needs to win this for the overall title!

  22. amy

    heath vs edmiston now. Kennedy and bennett lloyd progress

  23. amy

    heat over’ tom gets a few more good waves.both girls get some strong rides too

  24. amy

    bennett lloyd gets a small wave but gets some good turns in. Barrett gets a bigger wave

  25. amy

    kennedy vs kennedy up next.and bennett lloyd vs barrett

  26. amy

    wind dropped a little now. Jump taken out again for the next heat

  27. amy

    kennedy advances. 1jump 2waves. Edmiston taking on dines now. Edmiston lands a forward a gets some good rides too.

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      Go Davey

  28. Amy Carter

    Heat over!

  29. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd gets a great wave, solid backside smacks

  30. Amy Carter

    Jumps to be included in the next heat!

  31. Amy Carter

    Getting super windy! Everyone looks stacked!

  32. Amy Carter

    Simmonds gets an awesome backside air, bennett lloyd gets a amssive aerial but cant land it

  33. Amy Carter

    Kellett gets another good wave

  34. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd gets a good wave with some nice backside turns

  35. Amy Carter

    Kellett gets an pk wave, kennedy out back waiting for a wave

  36. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd gets an awesome hit but goes down

  37. Amy Carter

    Kennedy gets on a wave one good turn then drops off the back on her second

  38. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyds gets a decent wave, as does imoonds

  39. Amy Carter

    Heat abandoned. Restarting again now as the wind has filled in

  40. Amy Carter

    Wimd looking even lighter now

  41. Amy Carter

    And bennett lloyd and simmonds heatmwill be re run. The wind has filled back in a little

  42. Amy Carter

    Kellett and kennedy heat is on!

  43. Amy Carter

    10minutes more hold time as we wait for the wind to come back. If its not picked up by 4pm the competition will be called off for the day

  44. Amy Carter

    Wind getting really light now, heat abandoned

  45. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd and simmonds both getting moremwaves

  46. Amy Carter

    Another youth fleet on too! Bennett lloyd gets a decent wave

  47. Amy Carter

    Dines progressed into next round

  48. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd vs simmonds

  49. Amy Carter

    Kellett advances

  50. Amy Carter

    Pings get a good wave too, but kellett gets another!

  51. Amy Carter

    Wind dropping a little now

  52. Amy Carter

    Kellett is killing it!

  53. Amy Carter

    Dines gets a great wave on themasters side

  54. Amy Carter

    Kellett straight on a great wave, some great front and backside turns

  55. Amy Carter

    Kellett on a mission coming through the whole ladder and absolutley ripping. Great to see Sara coming up through the fleet. At only 18 she is one to watch!

  56. Amy Carter

    Up next dines vs tilbury and kellett vs ping.

  57. Amy Carter

    Youths ltris wins, luke second, freddy third

  58. Amy Carter

    Thigsreally hotting up in ths heat! With the stronger winds everyone getting a lot more waves

  59. Amy Carter

    Wind picking up a little. Looking powered up port tack now!

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      Looks good for big Davey to move up position in the masters then :-)

  60. Amy Carter

    Colclough getting a good ride too

  61. Amy Carter

    Simmonds gets some nice turns on a wave too

  62. Amy Carter

    Rogers gets a great wave

  63. Amy Carter

    Along with amateurs heat with lloyd, simmonds, price, rogers

  64. Amy Carter

    Youth fleet up now!

  65. Amy Carter

    Kellett advances for the girls and dines and tilbury on the masters

  66. Amy Carter

    Kellett tacks onto a wave in the closing second! Anotehr great one!

  67. Amy Carter

    On the masters sie looking close too!

  68. Amy Carter

    More decent waves from tucker and kellett, looking fairly close!

  69. Amy Carter

    Overington, dines and tilbury mens heat on too

  70. Amy Carter

    Tucker and kellett both getting good waves, solind turns from both

  71. Amy Carter

    Ladies heat up now tucker and kellett

  72. Amy Carter

    Rogers and price advance

  73. Amy Carter

    Widn looking very light and has turned crossshore from the left now

  74. Amy Carter

    Leach, bennett lloyd, simmonds and colclough up in the other amateurs heat

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      Come on Julian!

  75. Amy Carter

    Mcdowell, price, rogers and firth up in this amateurs round

  76. Amy Carter

    Competition has started again.

  77. Amy Carter

    Everyone moving upwind to peters point where the competition took place yesterdat afternoon

  78. Amy Carter

    Tucker and kellett advance from the ladies heat

  79. Amy Carter

    Overington and dines go through from the previous heat

  80. Amy Carter

    Heat break now on the womens side of the draw

  81. Amy Carter

    Ince and tucker progress

  82. Amy Carter

    Awesome ride from tucker

  83. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd and colclough go through from the amateurs

  84. Amy Carter

    Bowden, price, bowell, firth up in the amateurs heat

  85. Amy Carter

    Kellett and ward advance from the ladies

  86. Amy Carter

    Next womens heat ince, tucker and ronayne. Gilje has hurt her hand so at hospital not sailing.

  87. Amy Carter

    Heats over!

  88. Amy Carter

    Freddy who is 10 absolutely killing it! Go freddy!

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      OMG 10 years old! Wow! Impressive

  89. Amy Carter

    Youth heat also going on at the same too! Freddy, luke and tris all shreddy it up furhter upwind too!

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      Fair play that they all get another shot!

  90. Amy Carter

    Bowell firth, bowden and price all advance

  91. Amy Carter

    Kellett gets a good wave but falls

  92. Amy Carter

    Emmerson, shuttleworth, bennett lloyd and colclough

  93. Amy Carter

    Ladies going to be up on the water, ray, kellett, ward and wright will be up and sailing alongside another heat of the amateurs

  94. Amy Carter

    In the other heat, bolwell, firth and lukasz

    1. Amy Carter

      And partridge

  95. Amy Carter

    Up in this heat, bowden, price, taylor and bogaleckie, bowden again looking like he is getting some strong waves

  96. Amy Carter

    As do emmerson and shuttleworth

  97. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd and colclough advance.

  98. Jackie Lloyd

    Amy, Will they run a masters double after the ams?

    1. Amy Carter

      Yes jacke, theyre going for doubles for all fleets. The women will be on the water soon too and i would preume the maters too after this.

  99. Amy Carter

    Wind looking a little stronger now

  100. Amy Carter

    Price and bogalecki advance

  101. Amy Carter

    Along with bennett lloyd, farmer and colclough

  102. Jackie Lloyd

    Hi Amy, Will they run a pro triple if enough wind and waves? Go Lukaz

    1. Amy Carter

      Not sure, i would be surprised if this would be possible.

  103. Amy Carter

    Up in this heat, bennett lloyd, who starts off with an awesome wave

  104. Amy Carter

    Bowell and lukasz go through

  105. Amy Carter

    Almost the end of this, bowell definitely looking good on this side of the heats

  106. Amy Carter

    Bowell gets another great wave!

  107. Amy Carter

    Aweome wave from bowell, good few turns, clew first riding and hitting the lip

  108. Amy Carter

    Up now in this heat, price, bogalecki, twibell, wood. With the other heat having shelley, davidson, bowell and trazaskowski.

  109. Amy Carter

    Shuttleworth and emmerson advance, as do farmer and colclough from the other heat.

  110. Amy Carter

    Farmer getting a couple of waves, looking very tciky to get a wave in theseheats.

  111. Amy Carter

    Wind very onshore and light today

  112. Amy Carter

    With farmer and colcluogh in the other heat looking like the only two on the water from that heat. 2waves only to count

  113. Amy Carter

    Emmerson, underwood, shuttleworth in one amateurs heat

  114. Amy Carter

    10minute heats with two minute transitions

  115. Amy Carter

    Heats starting in two minutes!

  116. Amy Carter revised womens draw as there were some mistkes in the precious one.

  117. Amy Carter

    12.30 possible start for the first fleets, they are running two or potentially three heats side by side to get through the doubke quickly for all.


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