Boards in Cornwall: Day Two Gallery and Live Ticker

Few more shots from simon crowther added from the action this afternoon. A full round up report and full results from every fleet will be online tomorrow.

Briefing set for 8.00am but this maybe pushed back as so much competition is already complete.

Results from the finals of competition today now released:

Ladies results bibby wins, sniady second, kennedy third, ping fourth. Masters results dennington wins, whitey second, heath third, edmiston fourth. Pros results hancock wins. Cox second, proffitt third, chambers fourth.

Some more shots uploading now from the action in the final earlier today.

Awesome live shots coming through from Simon Crowther, we will keep updating through the day, so keep tuned for all the latest images.

Scroll the the bottom of all the images for live heat commentary!

Today the pros will be up and ready for a 7.45am briefing at Gwithian beach, whilst the other fleets register until 9am and then are briefed ready to hit the water after this. With winds potentially dropping during the day it looks like it could be a quick start to the day, stay tuned for all of the action from the beach!























































  1. Amy Carter

    Leaving the beach now! More photos and info coming later!

  2. Amy Carter

    Alfie wins! Kott second cropper third, barrett fourth! Awesome sailing from all the amateurs!

  3. Amy Carter

    Alfie gets another wave, looking pretty good in this heat overall as it comes to a close

  4. Amy Carter

    Final looking tougher now, wind gone a little more onshore and lighter again

  5. Amy Carter

    Ladies results bibby wins, sniady second, kennedy third, ping fourth. Masters results dennington wins, whitey second, heath third, edmiston fourth. Pros results hancock wins. Cox second, proffitt third, chambers fourth.

  6. Amy Carter

    High level in tricky conditions, anyone of the riders coule take it at the moment.!

  7. Amy Carter

    All the guys getting some good waves, couple of decent hits from alfie, whilst kott and cropper also take some decent rides

  8. Amy Carter

    Alfie gets a hell hit but then dropped the second tunr

  9. Amy Carter

    Kott gets a good wave to start with a few frontside turns

  10. Amy Carter

    Final is on!

  11. Amy Carter

    Looking to start amateur heat shortly, light winds onshore, kott, cropper, barrett and hart walking upwind ready to go

  12. Amy Carter

    That heat just about finished in fading wins. Not sure whether they will go into a final, conditions looking fairly poor now

  13. Amy Carter

    Conditions looking really tough now, the wind has dropped a lot more.

  14. Clyde waite

    Emilio for the win!

  15. Amy Carter

    Simmonds has dropped down wind a little, the wind has shifted dead onshore making it even trickier to getnout and find waves

  16. Amy Carter

    Hart gets a decent wave

  17. Amy Carter

    This heat hart, barrett, simmonds and hart

  18. Amy Carter

    Kott and cropper advance

  19. Amy Carter

    Wind picks up a little and all four get some good waves, rogers almost gets an aerial but just drops off the back

  20. Amy Carter

    Mcdowell needing a good wave to keep up with the tohers

  21. Amy Carter

    Kott and croper getting some good waves, still fairly light woth the wind dropping a little more.

  22. Amy Carter

    Cropper onma wave but goes down

  23. Amy Carter

    Rogers ona wave, just falls off the back after one nice hit

  24. Amy Carter

    Hart and leach advanced from teh toehr heat

    1. Jackie Lloyd

      Go Jules! Cant believe he actually made it to his heat start!

  25. Amy Carter

    Amateurs semi up, rogers, cropper, kott and mcdowell.

  26. Amy Carter

    Cropper and kott advance from one heat

  27. Amy Carter

    Bennett lloyd and kott getting some bettermwaves, but still on the iniside, looks like theyre struggling to get on the big set waves

  28. Amy Carter

    Cropper gets a nice wave, wind a little lighter looking harder to get waves now

  29. Amy Carter

    Cropper gets some good waves as does hart in the other heat

  30. Amy Carter

    In the other amateurs heat we have hart, leach, firth and partridge

  31. Amy Carter

    Rogers and mcdowell advance from the previous heat

  32. Amy Carter

    Cropper, bentley, kott, and bennett lloyd in one heat

  33. Amy Carter

    Up next two amateurs heats at the same time

  34. Amy Carter

    Womens final over!

  35. Amy Carter

    Bibby ripping, looking like she moght have the edge but very close between the other ladies

  36. Amy Carter

    Debbie on another good wave, as is ping

  37. Amy Carter

    In the amateurs heat rogers taking a great wave, tricky to follow both heats at the same time, so apologies fro that!

  38. Amy Carter

    Jusqtyna on a good wave

  39. Amy Carter

    Awesome turns from bibby!

  40. Amy Carter

    Ping gets a great wave in

  41. Amy Carter

    Simmonds and barrett advance

  42. Amy Carter

    Masters results will be announced later. Not unanimous decision, so needs to be double checked

  43. Amy Carter

    Debbie gets a great one too!

  44. justin long

    when masters final results?

    1. Amy Carter

      They are just being calculated. Will have to confirm with judges as to whether we can announce on here or if it will be held to announce on the beach

  45. Amy Carter

    Bibby on a great wave straight away

  46. Amy Carter

    Rogers, freeman, mcdowell and walker in the next amateurs heat plus the ladies final up too!

  47. Jackie Lloyd

    come on davey!!!!!

  48. Amy Carter

    Whitey and davery both on good waves and pulling some great turns

  49. Amy Carter

    Dennington gets another great waves but again falls just at the end

  50. Amy Carter

    Dennington on a wave, just falls off the back

  51. Amy Carter

    Heath looking a little snappier in his turns, but whitey smooth and getting on the best waves

  52. Amy Carter

    Simmonds, taylor, barret, bowden in an amateur heat running at the same time as the masters final

  53. Amy Carter

    Heath and edmiston sharing a wave

  54. Amy Carter

    Edmiston gets a decent wave too, heath on anotehr one!

  55. Amy Carter

    Bbby and kennedy advance from the womens heat

  56. Amy Carter

    Whitey shredding! Awesome backside hit then good few front side turns

  57. justin long

    how are the masters doing?

  58. Amy Carter

    Heath getting a good wave to start

  59. Amy Carter

    Whilst masters final is on!

  60. Amy Carter

    A lot of rip sending everyone downwind quickly. Jody getting on a wave

  61. Amy Carter

    Ping and sniady advance through the ladies final!

  62. Amy Carter

    Masters final will be dennington, heath, whitey and edmiston

  63. Amy Carter

    Still looking pretty onshore and tricky tomfind a way.

  64. Amy Carter

    Couple of nice turns but the wave falls away a little

  65. Amy Carter

    Debbie on a great wave

  66. Amy Carter

    Dennington and heath progress from the previous heat

  67. Amy Carter

    Heat break for the masters

  68. Amy Carter

    Up in the next ladies heat is kennedy, ward, bibby and ray

  69. Amy Carter

    Wind looking very on shore now, looks tricky to stay up wind!

  70. Amy Carter

    Justyna on a good wave getting some backside turns

  71. Amy Carter

    Heath gets a good wave, some nice cut backs

  72. Amy Carter

    Tucker staying upwind well, others girls drifting down, need to be careful they stay in the the competitioni zone!

  73. Amy Carter

    Ping on a great wave!

  74. Amy Carter

    In the masters heath and dennington on good waves, but heath goes down

  75. Amy Carter

    Justyna getting some nice back and front side turns

  76. Amy Carter

    Sophia gets some nice turns on a decent wave

  77. Amy Carter

    Ping and rachel noth getting good waves, justyna got on a good wave beofre that, sophia on the way in looking gor a wave now

  78. Amy Carter

    Masters up in this heat are heath, dennington, and tilbury

  79. Amy Carter

    Advancing form the masters heat are edmiston and whitey

  80. Amy Carter

    Next up ladies heat is ping, sophia, rachel and justyna.

  81. Amy Carter

    For the next heat the womens heat will run alongside the masters with the new set of judges.

  82. Amy Carter

    Whitey gets another great wave and goes clew first! The other two look to be struglling a little to get on good waves.

  83. Amy Carter

    Sorry, tilbruy not in this heat, overington is.

  84. Amy Carter

    Advancing from the previous heat are dennington and heath

  85. Amy Carter

    Whitey starting off with an awesome wave!

  86. Amy Carter

    Up in the next heat is whitey, edmiston, tilbury

  87. Amy Carter

    Another panel of judges have now been set up, meaning the ladies and amateurs will be running soon too.

  88. Amy Carter

    Wind looking a little lighter, 2waves only to count no jumps.

  89. Amy Carter

    Dennington, dines, heath and mckay in thsi heat

  90. Amy Carter

    Competition zone moved to peters point down wind. Up next is a masters heat

  91. Amy Carter

    Awesome hear from all youths. Levie first, luke second, freddy third, great to see the kids out there. Should be more ripping it up at events with them!

  92. Amy Carter

    Leach and firth through in the previous amateurs heat.

  93. Amy Carter

    Levie getting in some incredible rides and raistrick really going to some big loops! The kids are shredding!

  94. Amy Carter

    Hart and partridge advanced from previous heat.

  95. Amy Carter

    Leive, raistrick amd freddy ike who is eleven all ripping! Big floaty jumps all round!

  96. Amy Carter

    Youth heat currently sailing. Will bring you the results from the previous amateur heats as soon as possible

  97. Amy Carter

    Sorry guys just taking a quick break from the updates to upload some great shots by Simon Crowther from the final of the pros earlier today. Will update you will full amateur results very soon.

  98. amy

    cropper and bennett lloyd through

  99. amy

    cropper looking good

  100. amy

    some good waves from cropper and bogalecki.

  101. amy

    kott and kershaw to advance. Kott looking good! Price, cropper, bennett lloyd and bogalecki in this heat. Cropper opens with a good forward

  102. amy

    kott, twibel, kernshaw, wood in this heat

  103. amy

    mcdowell and walker to progress. Kott on fire in this heat pulling a forward straight off the beach on his first run

  104. amy

    shelley, davidson, mcdowell and walker in this heat. Mcdowell looks to have the best rides so far.

  105. amy

    rogers and freeman advance from heat1

  106. amy

    second heat of the amateurs now up. Sorry updates on the phone for a few minutes, so a little less comprehensive:

  107. amy

    will rogers smashed it in the first heat of the amateurs! Sick heat looks like this boy should be in the pro fleet’

  108. amy

    ward and kennedy stand out in this heat. Ward going for loads of forwards. First amateur heat up next

  109. amy

    jamie wins’

  110. amy

    next ladies heat kennedy, ward,ronane. Awesome waves from ward and kennedy.

  111. amy

    james gets a back loop, better than before but he needs a different jump as the timer runs out’

  112. amy

    james almost gets a taka. Jamie gets a one handed pushie@

  113. amy

    low forward from jamie after a solid wave with a taka. James looking good on the riding but with two jumps to count in the final he needs some more jump to be in contention

  114. Bill Short

    As Clyde is backing Coxy on this one, my call is for Jamie to win.
    Sadly, I’m outta here so will have to catch up later.
    I’ve got a funeral to go to and tragicly it’s for a guy who was the same age as the competitors out on the water in Cornwall today.
    Remember what you live for, guys. Laters.

  115. amy

    jamie gets another gets another good back loop but so does james. James getting another great ride too.

  116. amy

    more great waves for both, incredible style

  117. amy

    bibby and ray advance. Jamie against james final is on! Some awesome riding from both so far, james behind on jumps at the moment

  118. clyde waite

    First and second from the southbourne crew! Cmon jimbo!

  119. Amy Carter

    Great wave from ray! Couple of awesome tunrs!

  120. Bill Short

    James Cox was lying 6th overall coming into this event. It’s a shame he has a relatively poor result to count from the Wales/Rhosneigr event as otherwise he have may have been in contention for the 2012 title.
    But he should now go top 5 for the year.

  121. justin long

    when are ams and masters planned for?

    1. Amy Carter

      Will be after the double has finished. Amateurs will be next up after the ladies

  122. Amy Carter

    Bibby on fire! Jump on the way out and some great turns on a wave on the way in too

  123. Amy Carter

    Womens heat up now bibby, knight, ray and ince

  124. Bill Short

    Wow. Well done Coxy.
    Ist and 2nd then to the south coast crew.

  125. Amy Carter

    Cox advances in a two to one decision! His awesomoe jumps taking him through

  126. Amy Carter

    Proffitt needs a strong jump to get him through really, very close as the heat comes to a close

  127. Amy Carter

    Great wave from proffit, hitting the section a good couple of times

  128. Amy Carter

    Proffitt and cox both getting some good turns now,mproffitt maybe having the edge on a slightly better wave

  129. Amy Carter

    Backloop off nothing from proffitt

  130. Amy Carter

    Proffitt got a a grat wave, nice turn then dropped off the back!

  131. Amy Carter

    Nice stalled forward from the master james cox!

  132. Amy Carter

    Cox looking ahead on jumps, proffitt ahead oin waves at the moment, very close

  133. Amy Carter

    Cox whips around a backie and just sticks the landing

  134. Amy Carter

    Cox gets a good ride too, but it doesnt seem to ramp up as much as it did for proffitt

  135. Amy Carter

    Proffitt on a nice wave.

  136. Amy Carter

    Pushie from cox

  137. Amy Carter

    Proffitt on a wave almosqt goes down, but just about pulls it back

  138. Amy Carter

    Backies and forward from both to start off!

  139. Amy Carter

    Cox and proffitt up in the next heat now

  140. Amy Carter

    Justyna looks in trouble witha very sore foot and heading down towards the rocks, lets hope she is still ok

  141. Amy Carter

    Great heat from tucker, tucker and sniady advance

  142. Bill Short

    Good to see Justyna back on the water.
    And she’s probably leading the UK women’s 2012 title race, right?
    (Or can she not do so, under the rules, if she’s a foreign national? Does anyone know?)

  143. Amy Carter

    Tucker gets a great floaty jump!

  144. Amy Carter

    Tucker gets a good one too, looking close between thse three

  145. Amy Carter

    Sniady gets on a a great wave too! Some good turns

  146. Amy Carter

    Wright gets on another solid wave

  147. Amy Carter

    Wright gets on a good sized wave

  148. Amy Carter

    Sniady gets a wave on the inside, needs a bigger wave on the outside

  149. Amy Carter

    Proffitt advances

  150. Amy Carter

    Tucker gets a good wave, sniady too

  151. Amy Carter

    Up in the next womens heat tucker, wright, sniady, wood

  152. Amy Carter

    Some solid backies coming through proffitt

  153. Amy Carter

    Proffitt looking in a stronig position heat at the moment. Chambers has some strong rides but looks like proffitt mighthave the edge in the tricky onshore conditions

  154. justin long

    who are the pictures by?

    1. Amy Carter

      All by Simon Crowther.

  155. Amy Carter

    Proffitt vs chambers are up now. Proffitt starts with a backie crash!

  156. Amy Carter

    Sophia gilje and ping advance!

  157. Amy Carter

    Sara gets a better wave but very far upwind.

  158. Amy Carter

    Sophia has a floaty jump and a wave ride. Sara has a wave ride in but needs to get on a bigg wave.

  159. Amy Carter

    Ping getting a good few waves already in this heat. Getting on a good wave and riding really well.

  160. Bill Short

    Bill Short
    Ooops. That’s wrong then. Well done Ben.

    Presumably Ben now faces Bubble in his next heat.

  161. Bill Short

    So Amy, are you not sailing then?

    1. Amy Carter

      Nope, couldnt quite manage to be in two places at once today!

  162. Bill Short

    Ooops. That’s wrong then. Well done Ben.

  163. Bill Short

    Oh wow. Go Timo! And let’s hear it for the south coast (starboard tack) sailors! 1st 2nd and 3rd at this event.

  164. Amy Carter

    Ladies heat up now ping, gilje, Kellet and carter. Although i am obviously on the beach!

  165. Amy Carter

    Mullen advances.

    1. Amy Carter

      Sorry, correction, my mistake. Proffitt advances.

  166. Amy Carter

    Good waves from noth, looking pretty even at the moment, mullen looking ahead a little on jumps, but proffitt looking good on the waves, very close indeed!

  167. Bill Short

    I’ve found the scores on the BWA site, and I think Jamie Hancock has the title already in the bag – unless a further double elimination is held. Jamie has a 5th and a 2nd and either a 2nd or a first from today. So even if ben Proffitt could work his way up to a supfinal and theh knock Jamie into second here, he still can’t win the title because he has a 3 and a 5.5 score. First place here gets 0.7 points and a second gets 2 points.
    So with Ben winning he would have 3 + 5.5 + 0.7 = 9.2 , but jamie would then have 5 + 2 + 2 = 9 , so Jamie still takes the overall win.
    If John Skye had been here he would have been in with a chance too.

  168. Amy Carter

    Proffitt on a nicer wave, getting a few more turns

  169. Amy Carter

    Mullen starts with an ok wave, needs to find a bgigger set wave to rack up some more scores

  170. Amy Carter

    After thos heat the ladies heats will start alternating with the pros

  171. Amy Carter

    Mullen vs proffitt are up!

  172. Amy Carter

    Heat break now then proffitt vs mullen

  173. Bill Short

    Timo faces Ben Proffitt next, right?

  174. Bill Short

    Sounds like Timo is on fire this morning. What size board is he on?

  175. Amy Carter

    Sorry, needed two minite break! Mullen beats king in that heat. Both had good backies but mullen shone through on the riding.

  176. Bill Short

    If the Judges finish this double this morning then I guess the starboard tack sailors have the edge. But there’s an OK forecast for tomorrow now, possibly setting up port tack, depending which beach they choose.

  177. clyde waite

    I think he might. Although if ben wins here then can he take it? We all want coxy to win this one. Right!

  178. Bill Short

    So Jamie Hancock now leads the 2012 wave title race. But if he gets beaten in a super final of this double, and ends up second at this event, does he still win?
    In other words, has Jamie got the title in the bag yet?

  179. Bill Short

    Phil will be gutted. But well done Timo!

  180. Amy Carter

    Mullen advances. Looks like horrocks title has slipped away

  181. Amy Carter

    Very close heat, mullen sailed a really great heat, results coming soon

  182. Amy Carter

    Tweaked tabletop from timo

  183. Bill Short

    I’m guessing Timo is just a little bit more comfortable jumping on starboard tack than Phil.

  184. Amy Carter

    Biig pushie from mullen

  185. Amy Carter

    Looking close, mullen ahead on jumps and horrocks with the beqtter waves at the moment

  186. Bill Short

    By my dubious calculations, to win the 2012 title, Phil Horrocks has to beat Timo, then Andy King, then Ben Proffitt. Busy day then. Not sure I’ve got that right though.

  187. Amy Carter

    King beat lewis to advance to the next round

  188. Amy Carter

    Horrocks on a good wave! Some good hits then few smaller ones at the end

  189. Amy Carter

    Mullen opens with a massive backie

  190. Amy Carter

    Mullen and horrocks man on man in the next heat!

  191. Amy Carter

    Mullen and horrocks advance from the previous heat

  192. Amy Carter

    King looking in a strong position in this hear with a minute to go

  193. Amy Carter

    King and lewis but outting in some awesome turns

  194. Amy Carter

    Change again! 16ladies now! Record entry!

  195. Amy Carter sorry make that 15ladies! Wooohooo!

  196. Amy Carter
  197. Amy Carter

    Draws up up! 32 amateurs 14ladies!

  198. Bill Short

    Well done Jamie!. Phil Horrocks now has to work his way up the double to still win the year’s wave title.

  199. Amy Carter

    King vs lewis up in the next heat.

  200. Amy Carter

    Hancock, cox, chambers, proffitt, are the final results from the single elimination!

  201. Amy Carter

    Crashed backie from mullen

  202. Amy Carter

    Neal gets an awesome wave!

  203. Amy Carter

    Huntnalmost gets a back loop, but just crashes it!

  204. Amy Carter

    Neal crashes a pushie and hunt gets a small wave

  205. Amy Carter

    Clean forward kfrom mullen

  206. Amy Carter

    Low but clean backie from horrocks

  207. Amy Carter

    King and lewis go through from the previous heat

  208. Amy Carter

    Mullen ann nealp both get backeis, neal doesnt quite land his

  209. Amy Carter

    Great wave from neal too, mullen and hunt on waves too

  210. Amy Carter

    Horrocks gets a forward

  211. Amy Carter

    Horrocks straight on a good waves, get three or four good hits good scoring wave to start him off

  212. Amy Carter

    Mullen vs hunt and neal vs horrocks up in the next round

  213. Bill Short

    Go Muzza!

  214. Amy Carter

    Murray gets a great forward, could see him having the edge now….looking very close!

  215. Bill Short

    Noooooh. We can’t have Adam beating Muzza on starboard tack!! Boo.

  216. Amy Carter

    Merrony gets a wet forward

  217. Amy Carter

    Lewis looks like he could have thenedge over murray with two minutes to go

  218. Amy Carter

    King lands another backie whilst merrony gets onna decent wave

  219. Amy Carter

    Merrony still to score a jump, he really needs one to be in with a chance

  220. Amy Carter

    Overrated for pward from murray then a crashed double from king!

  221. Amy Carter

    Murray and lewis both getting more waves, king gets a better wave too and merrony onna wave too now

  222. Amy Carter

    Lewis gets a good ride, as does murray

  223. Amy Carter

    King lands an incredible back loop

  224. Amy Carter

    All get waves on the way in, nothing incredible just yet, theyre all warming up it looks like

  225. Amy Carter

    Green flag!

  226. Amy Carter

    Merrony vs king and lewis vs muzz starting in 2minutes

  227. Bill Short

    Thanks Amy.
    Any news from the re-run final?

    1. Amy Carter

      Results will be announced on the beach shortly

  228. Bill Short

    The live stream camera at the cafe is down this morning. Is the wind still from the right? – Still starboard tack jumping, or is it a lot more onshore?

    1. Amy Carter

      Yes stil wind from the right, was cross shore but not gone a little more onshore as it dropped a little

  229. Amy Carter

    Hunt meets timo in the next round!

  230. Amy Carter

    Hunt advances.

  231. Amy Carter

    Merrony vs king and lewis vs murray are up in the next heat.

  232. hunty

    if Jack loses to Gorge he is disoned…

    1. Amy Carter

      He is safe for now!

      1. hunty


  233. Amy Carter

    Heat break now beofre the next round of the double.

  234. Amy Carter

    Shillito lands a very very low forward. Hunt gets on a wave as the buzzer goes.

  235. Amy Carter

    Shilito just pulls a forward, hunt gets a slightly better one!

  236. Amy Carter

    Shillito gets a wave! Some good hits in there too!

  237. Amy Carter

    Hunt gets a decent wave, and king another too. Shillito needs a wave!

  238. Bill Short

    Just to help out here, I’m going to be Andy King’s imaginary competitor in this heat. And I reckon he’s in trouble, ‘cos I just landed a perfect backie.

  239. Amy Carter

    Shillito big forward crash!

  240. Amy Carter

    Hunt on a good wave, awesome snaps

  241. Amy Carter

    Pushloop from king

  242. Amy Carter

    King starts off with a good wave. Man on man within these four man heats. So hunt takes on shillito and king takes on dixon, well he would if dixon was on the water.

  243. Amy Carter

    Double starts, king, hunt and shillito. Dixon should be in this too but isnt out yet!

  244. Amy Carter

    Most sailors on around 5.0s

  245. Bill Short

    I see Newquay airport is logging just 14mph – and 4degrees, Brrrr.

    1. Amy Carter

      Yup, its windy enough but very very cold!!!

  246. Amy Carter

    Final over! Cox on a wave as the flag come down

  247. Amy Carter

    Proffitt goes for another backie but deosnt quite make it, chambers gets a good backie and lands it well

  248. Amy Carter

    Massive forward from cox but he doesnt quite land it, mthen massive backie from hancock!

  249. Amy Carter

    Nice floaty backloop crash from proffitt!!!

  250. Amy Carter

    Chambers gets a good wave

  251. Amy Carter

    Hancock gets an incredible wave, big wave for today thenon the way ut hancock gets a pushloop

  252. Amy Carter

    Hancock gets a good wave, as does chambers but he falls

  253. Bill Short

    What size sails are they on this morning?

    1. Amy Carter

      I would guess still big 5.2s or maybe a size down, but some now changing up with flukey winds. Will go and ask once the final is done!

  254. Amy Carter

    Cox pulls a good forward too

  255. Amy Carter

    Some more good forwards, now proffitt on really solod wave putting in some great turns

  256. Amy Carter

    Shot of the judges view instagram makes them seem pretty far away though!

  257. Amy Carter

    Hancock rips up a wave, but then goes down!

  258. Amy Carter

    Conditions looking tricky, gusty winds just dropping a little but waves looking bettter than yesterday

  259. Amy Carter

    Proffitt gets an early back loop with all getting rides too. Chambers pulls a nice forward too.

  260. Amy Carter

    2 jumps amd 2 waves 15minutes for the final. Then straight into the double afterwards in which heats will be 12minutes

  261. Amy Carter

    The red flag is up so in two minutes proffitt, cox, chambers and hancock will battle it out once more in the single.

  262. Amy Carter

    Good morning! We are kicking straight off this morning with a re run of the pros final from last night as it was run in fading light

BWA Cornwall 2012. Day One. © Simon Crowther/Boards Magazine.

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