Boards Autumn / Winter Wave Annual 2012/13: Order Now!

Boards latest edition is now on sale at !

The magazine will hit shelves on the 19th October, so if you order online now it will arrive on your doorstep the very same day. After this the magazine will arrive within 7 days of order.

Following the success of the Spring / Summer print edition Boards are back with the next bumper magazine. 180 pages of wavesailing gold: road tripping with Levi, training with Koster, testing new gear and learning from the best, we have it all plus much much more. Check out the cover and contents page below…

As well as being available online the annual will be available in WHSmiths and through the following windsurfing retailers and centres:

Boards Autumn/Winter Wave Annual
Boards Autumn/Winter Wave Annual 2012/13
Boards Autumn/Winter Wave Annual
Boards Autumn/Winter Wave Annual
Contents close up; What are you looking for to reading?
Contents close up
Contents close up two
Robin Hood Watersports
Juice Boardsports
Puravida Boardriders
Bray Lake Watersports
Hightide Surf Shop
The Aquasports Company Ltd
Wild Diamond
FC Watersports
Polkerris Beach Company
Dave Noble’s
Andy Biggs Windsurfing
L.A.R Watersports
Jamie Knox Watersports
Quayside Windsurfing
Sail Repair
Quiver Windsurfing
Bewl Valley Sailing Club
Big Blue Watersport
Blue Chip
Board-Worx/Whitstable Windsurfing
Bristol Windsurfers World
Caley Marine & Chandlery
Carsington Watersports & Leisure
Croft Farm Leisure and Water Park
Cygnus/The Loft
Datchet Watersports
Hastings Windsurfing LTD
Haven Sports
Hunstanton watersports
Edge Watersports
Endless Summer/Brogborough Windsurf Club
Europa Holidays
Fluid Lines
H2O Sports
Lagoon Watersports
Largs Chandlers
Liquid Motion Watersports
Plas Menai National Watersports Centre
Poole Harbour Boardsports
Queen Mary Sail Sports
Rat Rigs
Reactive Windsurfing Centre
Riks Windsurfing Centre
Rusheen Bay Windsurfing
Rutland Watersports
Rye Watersports
Sail & Paddle Ltd
Seasports South West Ltd
Solent Sailboards
Spot on Water
Stithians Outdoor Centre
Surf 55 Windsurf
Surf Store
Surf Tech
Surfdock Marketing Ltd
SX Watersports
Tallington Lake Pro Shop
Ten Past Two Windsurfing
Top Mark Watersports
The Watersports Academy
Waterfront Sports DC
West Country WaterSports
West Wales Wind Surf Sail
Wet n’ Dry Boardsports
Worthing Watersports
  1. js

    got my copy today, thank you Amy, thank you Adrian

  2. Amy Carter - Editor

    The magazine is still available in shops though, so if you’re in the UK this maybe the best option for purchase at the moment.

  3. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hi All, our stock levels had run out which we have recently been informed about. Those that have still not received magazines will do very shortly, once these have been sent out and more stock transferred across there will be a couple more issues available online, so please check back again.
    Many apologies to anyone that has not received their copy, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to email myself

  4. Vincent

    Is it still possible to order this winter ’12/’13 edition? Could not find him on the site in this article..

  5. js

    45 days and STILL NO MAGAZINE IN MY HANDS!!!!!
    People, do not order anything from Boards !!!!

  6. DL

    Been waiting for one month, too! Number is 17544162

  7. js

    ordered a copy one month ago, and still don’t have it in my hands

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi js, do you have an order number you can send through to me please? Either on here on to and I will chase this up for you.

      1. js


      2. js

        ORDER: C3C406BD

        1. js

          and? will spring issue go out before i get mine?

  8. Gianpiero Bolognini

    Hallooo, do you remember of me? I have an Iphone subscription account number 470771 but no mag from months, not even now with the new issue. I have write you three times. Some days ago I have recive a mail to renew my’s a joke?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Gianpiero, I can’t seem to find an email from you in my inbox, did I or someone else respond previously? Every email I have received regarding subscriptions or magazines bought online I have forwarded to the team, but can now follow up with them to see what the situation is for you. Without knowing the details of the conversations so far it is tricky to help, would you please be able to email me again and forward your previous correspondence? Thanks, Amy

      1. Gianpiero Bolognini

        Hi Amy,
        if you look forward in this page you can find our corrispondence. Anyway, is it possible to have the issue?
        Thanks Gianpiero

  9. KenDo

    Amy – would you believe it was sitting on the doormat when I got home and it looks excellent.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi KenDo, was about to reply, but alas there is good news! Glad it has arrived safely and that you’re enjoying the magazine.

  10. KenDo

    Amy – I ordered my copy weeks ago through the factory.subscribe link, the money’s come off my card but it’s still not arrived. What can I do?

  11. Amy Carter - Editor

    Thanks for the kind words Mark D and Jimbo, will pass them on to the rest of the team.

  12. Mark D

    Really enjoying new issue :-)
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Jimbo

    Guys I’m soooo glad you still publish! The latest issue is pure joy to read, lots of material and, plus, the ONLY reliable kit tests available. All the other magazines just seem to kiss the industry’s a**. You always have to read between the lines to find what the drawbacks are… PLEASE keep up the good work with your mag, all us windsurfing nerds are in desperate need of food for our passion

  14. steve

    i orderd this for many weeks agoe, the onley thing i have seen is that the money left my account…have nevere seen any magazines

    1. Amy Carter

      Hi Steve,

      We can chase this up for you with head office if you could please email me through your full name and any reference numbers to

      Thanks, Amu

  15. Roland

    Are you sure it will be at the newsagents on the19th October?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      This is what we’ve been told by head office!

  16. oliver

    i also have a little problem with the subscription. i never heard anything and to make things (much) worse i moved to germany.

    i assume i am not paying any more for the discontinued print subscription. Correct?
    Can I order a copy of the magazin to be sent to germany too?



    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Oliver,

      best thing to do is to contact:
      Telephone : +44 (0)1795 418681
      Email :
      By Post: The Mag Factory magazine subscriptions
      Dovetail Services UK Ltd
      800 Guillat Avenue
      Kent Science Park
      ME9 8GU
      United Kingdom

      as they will be able to answer your questions straight from there.
      Thanks, Amy

  17. Gianpiero

    I have a Iphone subscription account number 470771, that I’haven’t use because you stop the magazine. Can I have this issue on my Iphone?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Gianpiero, I would have thought so. Please try your account and let me know if it doesn’t work and I will figure it out for you. Thanks, Amy

      1. Gianpiero

        At the moment I don’.t have any active download on my account.What can I do to have at least one mag more?

        1. Gianpiero

          Hallo? Any news? I have already pay tor 1 year account but no journal on my account and no answer from you. Please write me at

  18. Dan

    Where can I buy the online version ?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Dan, the only online version will be the one available for iPad through iTunes.

      1. griff

        Hi Amy,

        I cannot find this in ITunes, can you give us a link or search criteria?

        Many thanks!

        1. Tomvis

          I don’t think the Boards app from pixelmags currently carries the latest mag. The pixelmag representative explained to me that Boards is no longer publishing through the app.

          Amy, is there any other way to acquire a digital copy?

  19. Harry

    £8.50 for the mag including delivery – how much of that is p&p?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Cover price is £6.95 so that’s £1.55 p&p.

  20. tom

    looking forward to it, i still miss the monthly mag however the spring/summer issue was great and has been read more than once, will def buy this one and hope that you continue to publish them next year too

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Oh yes Tom, we’ll be around next year too!

  21. Dan Slater

    black box, that will be sick :)

    1. Mircea

      It’s a pleasure to find someone who can identify the issues so ceallry

  22. Rob Solly

    I’m really unimpressed with the new format. I used to receive monthly magazines in the post, then everything just stopped with your announcement about the new “improved” format. Nothing since the issue around last Christmas. I was quite looking forward to seeing the bumper Spring/Summer issue, but nothing ever arrived. It looks like my subscription ran out around then, but I didn’t get anything for the Spring issues I paid for in advance and I haven’t received a letter or email asking for more money. It’s as if you decided you didn’t want your subscribers any more. There was no consultation on this switch and I can’t see why you’d want to lose your subscribers’ income like this.

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Rob,
      I am really sorry for the situation, I can assure you that our subscribers are valued. The best thing to do is to contact Dovetail regarding your subscription: Boards
      Telephone : +44 (0)1795 418681
      Email :
      By Post: The Mag Factory magazine subscriptions
      Dovetail Services UK Ltd
      800 Guillat Avenue
      Kent Science Park
      ME9 8GU
      United Kingdom

      If there are any further questions you have regarding this please do not hesitate to drop me an email

  23. Roland

    Read the Spring/Summer issue a number of times and got some great equipment ideas for slalom/speed! Looking forward to get the Autumn/Winter issue! Which newsagents sell it?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Roland, it will be on sale in WHSmithst, amongst other retailers, I will share full information when it is on sale…not long now!

  24. Wayne

    This used to be a great magazine when I bought it monthly years ago. Now however it seems to have been taken over by wavesailing?

    I am looking to replace my ageing slalom kit and was hoping to get some tests & reviews from the pro’s regarding the latest slalom boards & sails.

    I will just have to check on the “other” magazine. :(

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hi Wayne, thanks for the comments.
      We now produce two issues per year – a spring summer flat water magazine, and this, the autumn winter wave magazine.
      The spring summer is currently still on sale and includes exactly what you just outlined you are looking for, and as the majority of the brands release slalom/freerace equipment early in the year it is all in there.
      We will also be release further testing online (on Boards and Boardseeker) which will include a range of equipment.

  25. Arf

    Good stuff, been looking forward to the wave issue :-)

    1. quatro

      me too! 1 big wave bible is much better than a few magazines

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