Boards at the Olympics: Medal Race Day

Four years after the heartache of Beijing, Nick Dempsey takes home a silver medal after a brilliant medal race.

Nick celebrated in style, being the first sailor to make a swim to the Nothe.

“I wanted to go and say hello, the boys were on there, with friends and family, these moments don’t come  around that often so being able to share it with them made it even more special.”

Nick was seen on the BBC giggling with his son Thomas on the shore.

“He said to me ‘Have you finished work now Daddy?’ which was brilliant.

I didn’t really sleep last night I was very nervous, but once the count down starts the nerves kind of go away and you concentrate on the racing and the situation.

It feels so good, it feels amazing to have won silver. It doesn’t entirely make up for four years ago, but almost.”

Ahead of Nick, Dorian who had already won gold did not hold back in the final race, taking yet another victory and showing the rest of the fleet why he deserved to win.

“It’s not been easy at all, but I have been enjoying myself a lot this week and I think when you’re enjoying yourself sometimes things look easy.”

As soon as you’re sailing on the course and everyone’s rooting for you, you cannot not laugh! So, you get a smile on your face and goosebumps a little, it’s great.”

Dorian just had to complete the final race, so did it feel like a lap of honour to him?

“Secretly a little bit! From the second lap on when I was in the lead yes, it felt good!”

Przemyslaw Miarczynski had a fantastic medal race, to overtake Toni Wilhelm and take the bronze medal.

“I am very happy, my dream has come true. It is my fourth Olympics, and probably the last in windsurfing, so that’s why I am even more happy! We’ll be celebrating for sure today!

It was not so difficult for me, the final race. Maybe for Nick or Toni it was worse, but for me I was just attacking. My plan was to start at the pin end which I did, I went to the left side and then all the race went to plan.”

In with women’s fleet it was Marina Alabau that took victory, clear of both of her competitors and finishing in style with another race win.

The medal race was super exciting, the conditions were really good. I was really with a lot of confidence going into the last race, I did all that I had to do and I am super happy now!”

Tuuli Petaja also had a fantastic medal race, which put her up into silver medal position.

“It was really gusty, shifty conditions today and these conditions probably suit me better, I am more on the technical side of the racing. It was really, really fun racing out there today. I knew that I needed to be ahead of Germany, Poland and Israel, so that was my main goal, then I think the results were changing a lot as the race went on.”

Zofia of Poland came from nowhere in the race to take the bronze medal, after the race Zofia was protested by the Ukraine but we can confirm that this has not been taken through and Zofia officially has bronze.


Dorian already has the gold secured, Nick is in a good position for silver and Toni from Germany is sitting in third.

We already know Dorian is out to race his best and finish in style, Nick is planning on racing hard and taking silver, but what is the approach for third placed Toni? Does he think he can catch Nick?

Boards caught up with him just before the race to find out more:

How was your regatta?

“It was really good, I am really happy to have sailed really consistently as well. Of course the last day was not as good as I hoped, but in the end I am really happy about it. I am in a position to fight for a medal and I think that’s the greatest thing you can achieve.”

Toni Wilhelm
Toni Wilhelm © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Are you chasing Nick or defending bronze? 

“First of all I want to sail my race, but of course I am going to have an eye on the Polish, I have to defend him. Six points is not a lot in the medal race. I’m not really chasing Nick, more concentrating on the Polish I think. It’s too hard of a mission to catch up to Nick, for that I have to go for a win and hope that he’s doing a really bad race, this in the end is risky. If it’s happening I’ll be really happy, but I think that would be too crazy!”

Views on Dorian

“Dorian’s a fair sportsman, of course he will finish the race. But most of all he will just enjoy it I think, he’s coming in first all week so I am sure he will want to do the same again. It was funny because the rest of the year at most regattas he would have one race he messed up and this sometimes put him into difficulties. It was just extraordinary how he has managed to be so consistent and that consistent in the top three, he never even got out of the top three.”


Today the top 10 men and women in the RS:X fleets will take to the water, in a final fight to take home the medals.

The men will hit the water first, at 13.00 followed by the women at 14.00, both competing on the Nothe course in front of the huge crowds lining the shore. The conditions look to be a fairly consistent 15knots with cloud, rain and then more rain towards the afternoon.

Nick Dempsey
Nick Dempsey fights Poland and Germany for the silver medal. © Boards Magazine / Adam Duckworth

Dorian van Rijsselberghe has already secured gold in the men’s fleet, only having to go out and complete the race, however knowing Dorian he will want to put on a show and finish in style. Nick Dempsey is determined to take silver and is in a brilliant position, 11 points clear of Germany in third, and a further six points ahead of Poland in fourth.

Marina Alabau of Spain is in a commanding position in the women’s fleet, with a 14 point lead ahead of Lee of Israel in second, who in on joint points with Tuuli of Finland in third. The points gap behind them is incredibly tight, with Bryony Shaw in 7th just 11 points behind silver. This means in the women’s fleet it really is all to play for.

All of the racing will be televised live by the BBC, plus we will bring you interviews and images of the sailors before and after racing.

Full women’s results.

Full men’s results.

  1. Mark van Osch

    Thx for the great coverage Amy and crew!

  2. Steve Howlett

    just got home from the nothe with the overcombe crew – massive congrats to Nick and Bryony great regatta… pleased for Nick we hope you could hear us on the water…….amazing days and one not to forget……thanks amy for great coverage…..great stuff all round…..why not RSX for RIO!!!!

  3. Mike Simpson

    Well done Nick & Bryony, fantastic effort!

    Congratulations Dorian – Awesome!

    When Dorian was Formula racing we used to look forward to meeting him and his family at International events, superb competitors and lovely people.

    At one World Championships Dan Simpson broke his sail and despite the fact that they were representing rival nations, Dorian swiftly allowed Dan to borrow a sail and quickly helped him to rig it up, to keep Dan competing!

    Nice things happen to nice people – well done Dorian!

    1. EVE

      I agree Mike, just such a lovely family ….. Well done Dorian, well deserved GOLD ….xxx

      1. Amy Carter - Editor

        I saw Adrian and a very proud Mum and Dad after the ceremony, they send their love to all the racers/family from back in the day!

  4. Amy Carter - Editor

    Confirmed by ISAF protest regarding insurance

  5. Amy Carter - Editor

    Official protest between ukraine and poland rule NOR 22.1 as far as we can see this is about insurance on the water, thats what it says in the rule book but we are double checking. Could be disastrous for poland! 

  6. Amy Carter - Editor

    Overheard olha is protesting zofia! Dont jnow why yet

  7. Billyboy

    Well done Bryony and expecially Nick. With lots of planing racing over the week it almost looked like good fun :)

  8. Amy Carter - Editor

    Final results updated. Bryony came seventh. Congrats to marina who wins, tuuli in second and zofia in third.

  9. Guy Chilvers

    So now to the high court to get windsurfing back In the Olympics

  10. Billy2

    Bad luck and not the best week for Bryony.
    Despite some good results, she’s ended up 7th overall

  11. Billy2

    The website I’m looking at on my phone says Bryony has dropped back to 5th.
    She needs a better result than that.

  12. Amy Carter - Editor

    Bryony looking in fantastic position. Nick coming ashore!

  13. windsurf4ever

    Byrony 2nd around top mark

  14. Guy Chilvers

    Thanks Amy… Now bronze for Bryony

  15. Amy Carter - Editor

    Women’s race due to start at 14.00 may miss the start whilst am in the interview zone with the guys, fingers massively crossed for Bryony!

  16. Amy Carter - Editor

    Hand shake from Albeau for Nick too!

  17. Amy Carter - Editor

    Legend! Nick jumps ashore to celebrate on the Nothe!

  18. Luka

    Aqwesome to watch the BBC and Nick’s with crowd!!

  19. windsurf4ever

    Well done to the guys on the Nothe with their banner: Windsurfing for Rio 2016 !

  20. Billy2

    I hear it’s pouring with rain in Weymouth, but that’s not stopping them lighting flares on the Nothe.

  21. Billy2

    So pleased for Nick.
    I’ve also got my lucky socks on today for Bryony.

  22. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland takes bronze by four points!!!

  23. Luka

    Polska Bialo Czerwoni!! Polska Bialo Czerwoni!!
    Fianly Przemek wins an Olympic Medal…
    well well done!!!

  24. Amy Carter - Editor

    Who spotted Antonie Albeau in the crowd on the BBC????

    1. Luka

      I did!!!

  25. Amy Carter - Editor

    fairly sure Poland takes bronze and Toni 4th

  26. oogaloo

    Congrats to Nick!! Well done.

  27. EVE

    Well done Nick …… Brilliant ……..

  28. Billy2

    Poland in 4th?
    Does that give him bronze?

    1. Luka

      POLAND has Bronze!!!!!!

  29. Guy Chilvers

    Fantastic Silver

  30. Amy Carter - Editor

    Woooohoooo! Congratulations to Nick! Brilliant silver medal!

  31. Billy2

    The news is already on Five Live

  32. Billy2

    Silver for Nick!

  33. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian wins!!!!!!!

  34. Amy Carter - Editor

    Reckon Dorian will go all out to take the lead in the final downwind! Nick coming down, almost to the finish!

  35. Amy Carter - Editor

    Toni only just around leeward mark, not looking in a good place

  36. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian coming back on this beat, Nick strong in third

  37. Amy Carter - Editor

    Julien seems to have been doing well in the tactical races, when it’s more about speed he’s seemed to have struggled this week

  38. Amy Carter - Editor

    germany need to claw back a few places to be in contention for bronze still, poland looking in a strong position

  39. Billy2

    I guess Julien Bontemps, world champion, has something to prove after his mare of a regatta.

  40. Amy Carter - Editor

    one more lap after this one

  41. Amy Carter - Editor

    france leading now! dorian second, nick in third

  42. Billy2

    Gold for UK in triathlon!

  43. Amy Carter - Editor

    Sorry I don’t know exactly, I am sure they will be doing another beat. They’ll be aiming for 30minute race and its’ only been 15 so far!

  44. Billy2

    How many more beats? One more after this?

  45. Amy Carter - Editor

    Julien in second. Nick coming round now in third, massive cheers!

  46. Amy Carter - Editor

    I’m sure they are! Dorian round the bottom mark still in the lead

  47. Billy2

    Apparently the crowds on the Nothe are cheering Nick on.

  48. Amy Carter - Editor

    Yeah Nick looking good still, very close for bronze though!

  49. Billy2

    Go Nick!
    I’d like to say he’s got it, and the battle is now for bronze between the German and Polish sailor. But i’ve still got fingers crossed. No big windshifts please!

  50. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland in 5th, Germany 9th

  51. Amy Carter - Editor

    Dorian extending his lead in the race. Julien 2nd, Nick 3rd

  52. Amy Carter - Editor

    Brilliant position for Nick, Toni at risk with the bronze going to Poland if he can get enough places between him and Toni

  53. Amy Carter - Editor

    Poland 4th, Germany 9th

  54. Amy Carter - Editor

    Julien 2nd, Nick 3rd

  55. Guy Chilvers

    Go nick>>>>>>>>>>

  56. Amy Carter - Editor

    dorian in the lead!

  57. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick looking good, Dorian seeming to generate a bit more speed by pumping just with his back foot

  58. Amy Carter - Editor

    and looking lighter as they come up to the top mark

  59. Amy Carter - Editor

    Nick ahead of the german, with the polish sailor just ahead

  60. Amy Carter - Editor

    all of the line with great speed just about planing on the upwind leg of the start, now full planing

  61. Amy Carter - Editor

    couple of minutes only to the start! Good luck Nick!

  62. Billyboy

    good luck Nick!

  63. Amy Carter - Editor

    Think Dorians going to race hard and finish in style. Interview just uploading with third placed Toni.

  64. Amy Carter - Editor

    Should be planing conditions all through the race. I’m not on the boat today, as if I was would miss all interview opportunities on the land. So following on the TV and with our tracker system on land. Got fingers well and truly crossed for Nick!

  65. Guy Chilvers

    Go Nick… Silver it is.
    Will Dorian cross the line and go in? or stay out and influence the result!

  66. Billy2

    Planing conditions? Or daggerboard down for the beats?

  67. Amy Carter - Editor

    Male sailors ready and on the water, just over half an hour to the start of the men’s medal race !

Nick Dempsey

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