Alun Edwards Crowned Sexiest Student Windsurfer 2013

This month you have been voting for your sexiest student windsurfer, check out the vote here, and Boards are pleased to announce we have a winner.

Congratulations Alun Edwards of Southampton Solent!

Here’s what Alun had to say about his incredible win:

I can’t believe I have gone and done it. It’s so overwhelming, the reality of it has not sunk in yet, but I’m sure it will do. I am extremely grateful to Boards Magazine for giving me this opportunity.

I’d also like to thank Adam (Chubsy) Chubbock for putting me up to it, and everyone at Solent Windsurf Team for being a great support through the tough times, when we thought all was lost.

I am very happy to have won this! My parents are very proud!

To celebrate the win, we have another golden photo of Alun with his Solent team mates…

Alun Edwards and the Solent team...
Alun Edwards and the Solent team…

Alun will be crowned and collect his prizes this weekend at BrUWE Wet Dreams, so more pics and news to come.

  1. McLoven

    Everyone has a slight sense of humour. Boards included. They cover the SWA events where students have a lovely old time on and off the water. Im sure this content never meant to offend. And to be honest he is rather sexy a deserved win. Im sure there was no mocking intended. Please dont be offended.

  2. Ivan

    Dear Boards,

    Since you are respectful international windsurfing magazine, I can’t comprehend how this content is published here. I really don’t care for drunk naked students mocking Jesus Christ in Who I believe many of your readers believe.

    I’m personally really offended with this picture and I plead that you remove it.

    Thank you

    1. Cliver MacGuyvest

      Ah, censorship, always a goodie

    2. Neo

      Jeez – This is just meant as a laugh, nothing more.

      I suggest you kick back with a drink and lighten up a little


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