Day Two…

With sore heads after several beers at the local bars in Kirkwall we headed to Skail, a bay with a renowned surf break; Steve was first on photo duty. It ended up pretty big with mast high sets on the big waves. Slowly getting more confident on a top turn I noticed a slab sucking dry in front of me, not easy to get out of due to the light winds on the inside. Luckily I washed over it and only suffered a half hour paddle after my kit. Mark ended up jumping most of the day further down wind as he didn’t fancy the slog up to the point and after I eventually caught up with my kit I joined him. After a few hours we headed back to the Fishela area.

Where was the swell? It’s supposed to be 16ft by now? Nothing, not even worth surfing. It was back to the hostel to await the swell the next day…

Day Three…

  1. Tim Wright

    “The Orkney Islands” or “Orkney” but never The Orkneys.


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