Adam and the Omega Boom

Point7 catch up with British wave talent Adam Lewis to find out more about the boom that is taking him through numerous insane backies.

Adam Lewis. Image credit PWA/JC.
Adam Lewis. Image credit PWA/JC.

Many people still don’t know about the Omega boom. It was just like last year when we presented Adam Lewis by saying that he was going to go for his first full year of PWA wave tour. Someone asked who IS Adam Lewis. So Adam filmed some sick video footage to show his skills in waves which was viewed by a lot of people. Then he went on proving his skills once again at the PWA wave events, where he climbed the elimination ladder to finish 7th at the last event in Sylt in Northern Germany.

Adam is now once again with us to give some quick feedback on the OMEGA; this new wave boom generation which he has used to get these top 10 results. Adam, is no talk, he goes for the action, so as he has proven himself all the time we cannot NOT trust when he says..that the Omega is the way forward!

Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis, in Western Australia.

P7:How many years is it that you have been using the boom?
A:I’ve been using the boom for about 3 years now, I can’t imagine using anything else anymore!

P7:How many did you break till now? How long have you been using the oldest one you have?
A:I think so far I have only broken 1 in four years, I think that’s pretty impressive considering I was going through around 5/6 booms the year before! In fact I’m still using the original prototype as a spare, there hardly any grip left but it’s still going! I’m sailing everyday an average 2-4 hours, where I’m landing all sorts of jumps from 10m heights. So nothing to complain about.

Omega BoomOmega BoomOmega BoomP7: How do you think the boom gives you an advantage?
A:I think the sail feels a quite a lot more reactive, and you seem to get a much better idea of what the sails doing, that’s because of why the boom joins directly at the mast. Another thing that I’ve noticed is I seem to be able to get a much better wind range out of the boom, you can get going earlier and hold on for longer.

P7: What are the main differences/advantages you feel compared to a traditional boom?
A: For me personally I feel the main advantages are the extra range you get from the sail, The shape as it comes directly out from the boom and straight down to the clew, this means you’re always holding on to a straight line, you don’t have to change the angle that your holding the boom when sliding it up and down the boom during manoeuvres or even jibing! Holding onto a straight line gives you a much more powerful grip on the boom. The Suspension system is brilliant in choppier water and for landing jumps, I’m sure the boom has saved a few of my boards by now!

Find out more about the Point7 Omega boom and other products either on the Point7 website or through UK importers Zero Gravity. 

Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis. Image credit Windsurf Tenerife Jochen.


  1. Bush Tucker

    Forget about the boom, did you escape from the teeth of that fat WA grrowler? Or did your boom rescue you…ha!! Awesome pic dude.


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