8 Riders Under 18 That Will Blow Your Mind

Whilst us mere mortals might never reach the technical heights of the likes of Koester and Fernandez, it’s incredible to watch what windsurfers at the top of the game can do.

But who will be next? Koester’s not exactly over the hill just yet, but who’s out there that’s even younger and could be pushing for the podium over the next few years?

Boards has found 8 riders that might just manage it.

For sure there are many more youngsters out there including some incredible British groms, but to continue our kids series this week we’re looking outside of the UK to get inspiration from some of the best kids in the world. 

Here’s our pick of the most inspiring under 18 year olds…

  1. Amy Carter

    Moritz Mauch takes the win! Congrats Moritz! Stay tuned for a full feature with him very soon.

  2. Chris

    This seems to be a tough fight for the first few places… Is there anything to gain for the winner? How about an interview or a detailed presentation of the young rider? And another question: How long will be the vote open? When shall we know,who is the winner? Thanks…

    1. Amy Carter

      Hi Chris, yes we posted on facebook earlier the vote will close when we reach 500 votes and we will be doing a special feature with the winning rider!

  3. Secret Surf Travel

    Moritz Mauch !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jessica

    Moritz Mauch !!!!

  5. Freg

    Justin & Arthur!

  6. Chris

    Good idea – and cool riders! Most impressing to me: style and variety of the young Moritz Mauch (even though the waves of Hookipa look better – but it shows much more, if you have style in Pozo waves). Of course also high respect for all the other riders, at least the videos show good talent!

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