5 Reasons It's Better Together

Tandem windsurfing is A LOT of fun…have you ever tried it? If not, why not? Here’s five reasons why you should. (If you don’t know what tandem windsurfing is, scroll down for a full explanation).

Tandem windsurfing, have you tried it?
Tandem windsurfing, have you tried it?

1. Windsurfing can be lonely. 

Getting out on the water on your own, away from everything else maybe one of the great things about windsurfing. But sometimes it’s a whole lot more fun with someone else. Blasting next to your mate and trying to beat them around a gybe, sharing a wave or showing off your latest freestyle tricks whilst you cheer each other on, it’s all part of the fun. Tandem sailing brings you even closer, you will never laugh as much windsurfing as you will do on a tandem. Guaranteed.

2. Improve your skills.

Tandem sailing may look easy, and whilst it’s relatively simple, things like the corners can get a little tricky! You have to be in total sync with the other rider, and if you’re on bigger sails flipping the rig for a gybe or tacking the traditional way becomes a whole new skill. One after the other, duck gybes, heli tacks and more will all come into play.

3. Spice up lighter wind days.

If you’re lacking enthusiasm for another lighter wind blasting day jumping on a tandem instead could be the answer. Hire a board, blast up the coast, explore the lake, even have a picnic, it’s all possible on these big boards.

Starboard Gemini on the water, full speed and the lighter rider on the front will have a blast!
Starboard Gemini on the water, full speed and the lighter rider on the front will have a blast!

4. Fun for all the family. 

A tandem is A LOT of fun for the kids too. If you have a lighter/younger rider that’s loving windsurfing and going faster, get them on the front, get planing and they will love it! Lighter riders especially will find it tricky to keep the front of the board down, but that’s not a bad thing, it just adds to the craziness and enjoyment of the ride!

5. Beginners can blast.

If you know someone that’s just learning to windsurf why not take them out on a tandem in lighter winds? It maybe a little harder than a traditional board to learn on, and of course turning will probably be impossible so make sure you’re in safe surroundings, but someone new to the sport will love the buzz of getting up and going, and some may even prefer having someone else just there to guide them through. We would recommend that the ‘beginner’ has windsurfed a little before, let’s not totally chuck them in the deep end!

Starboard Gemini
Starboard Gemini

Read all that, but still dot know what a tandem windsurfer is? Basically, it is two windsurfing sails on one extra big board, made for two people. One of our favourites is the Starboard Gemini pictured here, check out more about this board on the Starboard website here. 

  1. Greg Stone

    First time I’ve seen theses. Great idea. Every training centre should have one.

  2. Mark Rose

    At last something on Tandems,they are out there,they do exist and they really do put the fun back into Windsurfing,since we have had our Tandem we have doubled our time on the water.

    We have raced them around Hayling Island as far back as the early 1980′s on a 22 feet long Sailboard Porsche and then Starboard brought out their wonderful wide style Gemini Tandem in 2007. Three of us clubbed together and bought one ( the equivalent price of a new sail each) that year a British team won the Gemini world championships at La Rochelle in France,that campaign did not cost a 120 million dollars and Sir Ben Ainslie was not involved.

    We have found the Starboard Tandem brilliant for taking out beginners to give them a blast on the sea with the extra stability and having someone with them to give them encouragement ,it’s easy windsurfing. They are also very good for Winter sailing as due to their size it’s very hard to fall off so you can almost guarantee to stay dry,apart from the spray of travelling at speed ,27.5 mph is our best so far.
    At a recent Starboard Tushingham North demo day at Rye lake the show stopper of the day was two very small children sailing around the lake with 1.5 & 2.0 m sails,calling out their orders to each other for manoeuvring the Tandem around the lake in almost complete control.

    If anyone out there wants to get in touch for a free ride on the new Starboard Gemini mark11 Tandem ,or fancy a race or a blast then drop us an e mail ,we are on http://www.varneboatclub.co.uk or you can find us on Project Windsurf under Romney Bay Windsurfers.
    Breaking news
    I believe that at this years Weymouth Speed Week Sat12th -18th October Starboard will have a Gemini Tandem available on the course for any budding pilots to try and blast down the course with a prize for the fastest
    Tandem time. Blue Peter will also be trying out the course and Tandem on the 15th of October,so what are you waiting for,contact Starboard for details.

    See you on the water
    Mark Rose

  3. Julian Williams

    Tandem sailing is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I have two sons that both go out with me in light wind or fully planning days. Its great for giving a newbie the taste and exhilaration of getting up on the plane and the perfect teaching tool for harness work. We love racing other people on their ‘solo’ boards, its great to have a chat and a laugh together and of course its a lot safer for taking your kids out as you are right there with them for any problems. I’ve also gone out with several of my friends and they couldn’t believe the fun to be had. Light wind, strong wind you can always have fun although I wouldn’t recommend waves!! All three of us have been on it having a laugh. Heres a clip of me and my eldest son.


  4. Mike Watts

    We find tandems brilliant, strong winds or light winds.

    Here’s a clip of us carve gybing one in medium wind in Dahab

    ..we’re still trying to get it slicker….

  5. Harvey Dawkins

    Tandem windsurfing is great – down at Hove Lagoon. They are brilliant for kids in strong winds – as shown in this short clip about 30 seconds into the video made by Lucas one of the clubs young windsurfers.


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