The Future of Boards Magazine Testing

For the past 30 years Boards Magazine has conducted product tests within most of the monthly printed magazines.  For 2012 the format of Boards Magazine will change and so too will the way that tests are delivered.

The quality and volume of tests provided over the year will remain unchanged, but the delivery will be focused online (although some will still feature within our Bi-Annual publications).  The tests will become more interactive, will be free of charge to read, more accessible (everything will be archived) and more up to date.

Testing will continue in 2012 with Adrian Jones remaining the test editor and as always, he will be assisted by his Clone test team.

For the time being, we have uploaded a selection of the main tests that were covered over the past 18 months in Boards Magazine printed and linked through to our sister site Boardseeker, where the full test can be read.  In the future, all new tests will be available right here on the Boards website in a new and improved online format.

We will continue to deliver regular group tests, but will also be increasing the number of ‘first impressions’ and ‘new concept’ reviews that we do.  This style of review will allow you to get more up-to-date reviews on the very latest kit to hit the market as well as more niche and specialist products.

As always, we will continue with the same methodical, unbiased and honest approach to testing that both Boardseeker and Boards Mag have become renowned for.

  1. redsurfbus

    What testing have you done this year then?

    1. Amy Carter - Editor

      Hey, all of this has been outlined in the forum, I can find you the link shortly if you can’t see it. But A LOT, test reports are due out in October.

  2. discoguy

    Fantastic move.

  3. Juckky

    I wonder what boards will come out tops this year. Simmer?

  4. Martin

    Keep up the good work. Best tests around. Glad to hear you will continue online. Any hints of when you will be testing Tabou Quadster and 2012 Goya Quad, Simmer Freewave? Cheers, Martin

  5. john batchelour

    I love the clones way of testing , to the point and giving me only the information i need to know .Well done and thanks .


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