Complete 2013 Freewave Test

Thinking of buying a new 90litre plus freewave board but don’t know which one to choose? Or just want to know all about the latest boards on the market?

All the tests for the 2013 Freewave edition are now online on Boards, you can check out the introduction and all of the individual tests by clicking on the images below.

Freewave test 2013
Quatro Freestyle Wave.
RRD Freestyle Wave
RRD Freestyle Wave.
Fanatic FreeWave
Fanatic FreeWave.
Goya Freewave
Goya One.


Witchcraft Chakra
Witchcraft Chakra.
JP Freestyle Wave
JP Australia Freestyle Wave
Tabou 3Style
Tabou 3Style.
Starboard Kode Freestyle Wave
Starboard Kode.
RRD Freestyle Wave

Also in Tested

RRD Freestyle Wave

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