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2013 Goya Storm 3.0mt RRP £359

Posted on 02/14/2014
£199.00 Was: £359.00

New Message about 2013 Goya Storm 3.0mt RRP £359

Selling Details

Location: Kirklees, GB

Condition: Used

Postage: £10 Mainland UK

Product Spec:

Brand: Goya

Sail Area: 3.0 m

Range of use: Any

Product description

The Storm is the kids high performance interpretation of the Banzai four batten sail. This approach makes the Storm lighter than ever, incorporating the very handling characteristics of the Banzai, making the Storm as rewarding to ride as possible. Flexible and easy control along with a forward driving power delivery.

Bright colors are used, so you can see your little sailor on the water. The perimeter of the sail is reinforced with Kevlar panels.

Has never been on the water - only used as a demo rig to illustrate the bombproof construction of all Goya sails

Robin Hood Watersports

Seller: Robin Hood Watersports

Location: West Yorkshire Member since February 2013

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