Global Freeride 104

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  1. Bill Hilow

    Bill Hilow said on April 27th, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    I have a 2010 105. I live in the SF bay area and sail mostly at Crissy and The Stik. I am 210lbs and this board replaces my 2004 Naish Enduro 105. I sail it with anything from a 6.5 Retro to a Naish 5.5 Sprint. Despite its cheaper construction this board is deceptively fast. The wood layup kills sensations of speed but GPS results don’t lie. Not as much sheer top end as the Enduro but faster across a wider range of conditions. Top speed on my garmin 205 registered 38mph in 25kts of wind, CONSISTANTLY. Keep in mind this is using a non-cambered 5.5 slalom sail with a MFC Liquid Pro 28cm, slower but still fast with a 10.5" wave blade. Handling is the best, the wide outline of this board and pin tail get squirrly on locked in off the wind runs through chop, but sheet out a touch and jibes are rewarding. @ only 8′ long the nose snaps around. Board plans up with only one foot. Times change. Free ride board design is all over the map. Am I happy, yes and no. I am stoked to ride this board but it feels like something my sister could ride. You will be pretty near the fastest board at your spot but you will yawn while doing it. Board loves getting jumped and is solid airborne. Durable construction so far. My Enduro lasted 7 years of 30+ uses a year. I recently sold it for $50! If anyone out there has an issue with Nasih boards or my review, step off!!!!

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