Vector 88

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  1. Bill Hilow

    I sail in windy San Francisco. I have the 2006 Vector 88. It is the smallest board of my 3 board quiver. @ 210 lbs, this board feels more like 82lt, carves and handles smaller than it is, plans like a small board. With a heavy rider you want to rig big. But you will be rewarded. This board handles being sailed overpowered like it was made to. The standard fin box is what limits the use of this board to higher winds. I stuffed a 28cm bump and jump fin in it. The stock/supplied fin kills planning (too narrow and soft)but would work in the swell. Board is blistering fast. Off the wind it is a joy, chop does not bother you. Jibes tight like it was on rails, confidence inspiring. Cannot think of any negatives. Only the use of a standard fin box is a drag. If you could use a 32cm fin in this thing I would get lots more use from it. There you have it. This board is a high wind gem!

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